The need to connect is vital for each of us. In The Power of Vulnerability, a book that I highly recommend, Brené Brown said, “we are wired for connection”. We cannot live without connection, no matter how hard we try. How do you know if you have genuine connections in your life? How do you know if a link is actual or not? How do you know if your relationship with your partner, girlfriend, or mother… is real?

It’s pretty simple. Superficial connections lead to a life lived only on the surface, without depth, without feeling that you are truly living. Your only function like a machine – perfect maybe – but according to some rules that are not yours, but that you learned when you were little or that society dictated to you.

You don’t talk much about how you feel; you’re concerned about how you’re perceived, don’t want to disturb, and do everything in your power not to be judged. Most of the time, without realizing it, you are what others want and how you imagine you should be in order not to disappoint.

But the truth is that most of us are searching, unconsciously or not, for an authentic connection, and that’s because we feel that something is missing from our lives, even if we don’t know exactly what. Many, over time, got used to it. Some are still looking for it, but only when they find it do they not dare to stay in it.

Others flourish when they find it

To enjoy such a connection, you need courage because it involves taking off all the masks and shields that protect you and giving up the need to control what will happen.

The other day I was talking with a colleague from the Escort Agency I always considered extremely analytical about everything and everything, who rarely shows his emotions. In a moment of vulnerability, he told me he would do anything to feel and have that genuine connection that I kept telling him about. I couldn’t believe it because, for years, I had tried – without success – to take all our discussions to a more emotional area, feeling that he needed it.

He admitted to me that he was always afraid to do it, especially with me, because he thought that he must always be intense and not emotional, which does not help us to have a profound connection.

I love people who can be authentic, but unfortunately, most people’s fears don’t let them be like that. Now, more than ever, we need real connections. Because of social networks, many of us feel more connected than ever when reality is the exact opposite of what we think. Many likes or appreciative comments do not make us better or more beautiful, let alone connect with those who write to us.

Why is it essential for me to have a relationship where I feel there is a real connection:

  • I feel like I’m living
  • I can be vulnerable, and I dare to be all that I am in the most challenging moments without being afraid or ashamed to show the parts of myself that maybe I am not the most comfortable with
  • I feel seen, heard and felt
  • I know you can say anything without being judged
  • I know someone is always there for me
  • I feel happy and full of life
  • I feel safe and protected
  • No matter how stressed or anxious I am, it all goes away when I feel that real connection
  • I have gained incredible strength, and I know that, regardless of everything, everything will be fine
  • I love unconditionally
  • I have more confidence in myself

How to have a real connection:

  • Be authentic, show yourself as you are, and say what you feel
  • Be vulnerable
  • Be open to new people and situations
  • Say YES more often
  • Be present in the interactions with those around you
  • Do not judge
  • Empathize and be there for those important to you
  • Avoid always seeing the empty side of the glass or creating negative scenarios about the future.
  • Listen
  • Allow yourself to take risks

The secret of beauty differs from one woman to another

I don’t know what the secret of beauty is, but to feel beautiful, I need a little mascara, a pair of earrings and perfume. They give me more confidence in myself, although I don’t think it changes the overall picture much. Over time, however, I noticed that there are days when these “accessories” are no longer enough for me. I’m missing the essential factor: the sincere joy that can be read on the face. A woman is beautiful when her eyes sparkle when she has a zest for life, and when she infects those around her with her cheerfulness. Otherwise, it’s just a doll in the shop window… inert, void of the soul…

What makes you feel beautiful every day?

It is known that escort girls time is somehow compressed, and the 24 hours sometimes seem to be only half. And then, when you have so much on your mind, what can you do quickly to be beautiful? Next, several escort girls reveal to us what their beauty secret is and how they manage to feel beautiful every day, despite the lack of time.

Charlotte, glamorous escort girl in Bayswater, 22 years old: “I don’t do anything special; I remove my makeup every morning and evening, no matter how late it is, even if I’m wearing makeup or not! And to feel beautiful, I wear a little mascara; I see the hottest girl, and I wear my favorite perfume!”

Katie, friendly escort girl in Bayswater, 24 years old: “I wear clothes that suit me, that is, fitted trousers, loose blouses with low necklines and a little makeup. Of course, I don’t forget to give myself a little perfume too”.

Anda, educated escort girl in Bayswater, 21 years old: “I don’t have any beauty rituals. If I have time to comb my hair, brush my teeth and put on a little perfume, it’s like saying I’ve prepared for the wedding…”

Kaz, dedicated escort girl in Mayfair, 23 years old: “The secret of beauty for me is to feel good in my skin! To look in the mirror and feel like me, to feel good when I look at myself and not be someone else.

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