The sexual act with foreplay

The sexual act represents a union between two individuals, an escort girl and a client, conditioned by a certain social context, by their psychological and reproductive needs.

Although there are cultures where foreplay is considered unnecessary, for most people, it must exist and be as pleasant as the sexual act itself. The manifestations during the foreplay can be more restrained or apparent and are all the more refined the more the partners are trained and more concerned with mutual satisfaction.

The erotic kiss is essential in the foreplay with different intensities, as is the manual stimulation of the genital areas. Some couples use stimulation through pain during foreplay, with slight tendencies toward sadistic manifestations of men being described as confident female passivity.

Also, oral-genital stimulation is used by many couples as a prelude to the affective situation and the existence or not of various reserves depending on the social and religious context. Oral-genital stimulation can be applied only by one of the partners to the other, or it can be mutual. In well-welded couples, it can sometimes replace sexual intercourse with penetration.

The sexual act itself

Sexual intercourse is the act by a client and an escort from our Escort Agency, a feat that allows fertilization and, therefore, reproduction. But sexual intercourse is not practiced; it serves not only to have children but also for the pleasure it produces. Today, more and more people are talking about the need to give their partner pleasure, without which personal satisfaction cannot be obtained.

What attracts a girl and a boy to each other is the emotion of love and the sexual motivation that combine and dominate each other due to the senses, but also the ideas, imagination, culture and feelings of the two partners. They all represent the desire to have sexual intercourse; the passion is led and controlled by several factors of a nervous and hormonal nature.

In men, the penis suddenly increases its volume under the influence of desire.

It changes its position, from the position parallel to the thighs, to the position perpendicular to the thighs. This phenomenon, the erection, is due to the influx of blood into the penis, as previously presented.

In women, the desire produces less visible but equally important effects: an influx of blood to the vagina and tiny drops of liquid eliminated to facilitate sexual intercourse. The vagina changes; its upper part becomes oval while its lower third narrows to hold the penis during intercourse.

Sexual intercourse, specific to each person, takes place in four phases, each of which has its duration:

  • the excitement phase;
  • the penetration phase;
  • the pleasure phase;
  • the relaxation phase.

The phase of excitement or desire is when the man and the woman prepare for sexual intercourse. Next comes the penetration phase, the penetration of the penis into the vagina, which lasts until orgasm.

Orgasm, or the pleasure phase, is of short duration but great intensity, the climax of sexual pleasure. It is followed by a relaxation phase, which returns to the normal state from before the sexual act. It is not the duration of the sexual act that is important, but its success, i.e. the mutual satisfaction of both partners.

Oral sex

Oral sex stimulates the female or male genital organs with the mouth or tongue and is an ancient and widespread practice. A study shows that more than 90% of married couples under 25 have this practice, and there is evidence that older couples also try it, some even for the first time.

Oral sex is an excellent way of foreplay or arousal to the orgasm of the partner. The scientific names for oral sex are cunnilingus and fellatio for the oral stimulation of the female and male genital organs, respectively.

Couples who practice oral sex see it as a normal and enjoyable thing, a reliable method of arousal for men and a tender and slow method for women. Oral sex is very regular; some studies show that about 9 out of 10 people accept it while making love. Not every couple takes, but no one is forced to practice oral sex.

Specialists prove that oral sex involves the exchange of fluids, and there is a risk of contamination with sexually transmitted diseases. Some American authorities in the field have declared that as long as neither partner has open wounds in the mouth, oral sex is risk-free. Men and women may not like oral sex for different reasons: women may be worried that the penis could cause suffocation, or they do not like the taste or appearance of semen, just as some men do not like the taste or smell of vaginal and vaginal fluids.

Oral sex is enjoyable, but it can create problems if only one of the partners accepts it. The solution consists of discussions on this topic between the partners. Some fears may be completely unfounded.


It is relaxing for your partner if he lies down, but you can also sit on your knees, and he stands or on a chair. During the act, you can caress the rest of his body, thus increasing his arousal. First, she kisses and licks the penis, holding its base in her hand. Use your tongue to explore the body of the penis, going to the top, gently licking his frenum. If you feel ready, you can insert the penis into your mouth and slowly move up and down. If he moves his thighs, try to “accompany” this movement.

Hold your hand at its base to control how far the penis enters the mouth. If the stimulation continues, your partner will probably get closer to orgasm. If you don’t want him to ejaculate in your mouth, tell him that you can continue stimulating him only with your hand or move on to vaginal penetration. During fellatio, your fingers can easily touch other parts of the body or the genitals to increase your pleasure.


– for women:

– go from kissing to sucking the penis;

– do not blow because this can cause infection;

don’t bite him and try not to touch his penis with your teeth;

– don’t swallow sperm unless you want to if you don’t tell him to withdraw his penis before ejaculation;

– if it bothers you that your partner ejaculates in your mouth, but you don’t want to swallow a pack of napkins and get rid of the seminal fluid as quickly as possible;

– for men:

– do not penetrate the partner’s mouth too much;

– if the partner wants to take a break, don’t insist;

– don’t force your partner to ejaculate in her mouth or swallow sperm.

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