Chloe’s story

Chloe, our busty escort girl was pleased to find that the waters had begun to recede. She was excited and couldn’t wait to tell her husband. She brought him to the bedroom and told him she had a special surprise for him. He was anxious to know what surprise awaited him. Chloe lay down on the bed and took off her panties. She could feel the G-spot waking up, and this new sensation and the pleasure it gave her made her even more excited. She was anxiously waiting for him to penetrate her, and impatience she had never felt in her entire sex life.

He took a deep breath, remembering that he had to temper the rhythm and taste every sensation. At the same time, she was curious to see what would happen. “I must be very excited at first,” she whispered, and he gladly devoted himself to this occupation. “I like the feeling I feel in my vagina,” she moaned with pleasure and moved, showing him what movement she liked best. Curious, excited, and excited at the same time, he played for a long time with this erogenous zone that seemed to satisfy her so much. And she understood that he had introduced her to “her erotic map.”

“How good I feel”

And when he penetrated it, the sensation was so pleasant! “Please move very slowly,” she told him in a hoarse voice. “How good I feel.” He got even more aroused and began to pay attention to the movements that stimulated her as well. And she was amazed to find that as he became more careful and attentive to her, the G-spot became more excited. He played with his clitoris to produce a single orgasm, and after he succeeded, he ejaculated a stream of liquid that spread on his penis and thighs. He was pleasantly surprised and had a more robust erection due to the extreme arousal caused by her ejaculation. After that,  the busty escort girl from Platinum Escorts felt a pleasant sensation and kissed her husband passionately, happy that they had ejaculated together for the first time.

Let him know that you will ejaculate

This article discusses the ways in which you can let your partner know that you want to ejaculate with him and how to present the outline of your erotic map. Couples can have a much more confident first night when a woman will ejaculate if they learn the most appropriate sexual positions to stimulate a woman’s ejaculation. Here are some practical tips on how to understand and approach the torrent of femininity, as well as some of your partner’s places to ejaculate without hesitation. Your partner will probably be pleasantly surprised to find that female ejaculation has entered your love life. In any case, it will do one of the following:

  1. He will change with you.
  2. He will be happy to reveal this new side to you. How long has he been waiting for you!
  3. He will oppose the change.

The following section will help you reduce and eliminate the problems posed by the situations mentioned in points one and three and optimize a case in point two.

“Honey, I want you so much I might splash you!”

It’s a great idea to warn your partner that you can and want to ejaculate. The ad may shock you, and you don’t need to be rejected or catch your partner on the wrong footing or look silly. If you talk about this new event, you can take the towels out of the closet, which seems to excite the men even more. Before confessing to the man that you are ready to ejaculate together, determine what knowledge he has on the subject and whether he is interested.

Be direct. Ask him naturally, “Have you heard of female ejaculation?” He might know all about it. However, the question may put him on the line because he will ask if you want to see if he knows in general or has any experience in this regard. If he knows what female ejaculation is, but he hasn’t had a chance to talk to you about it, he might think he’ll be forced to tell you in what context he heard her talk, and maybe he doesn’t want you to know. Therefore, pay attention to any hesitation and immediately add: “I read about it, I tried to ejaculate, and now I want to try with you. “This kind of statement will relax him, but he may be curious to know where you tried and why you didn’t tell him. (Even if she doesn’t ask the question, she’s probably thinking about it.)

So tell her that you’ve read about it and practiced on your own to make it a pleasant surprise, but that the same book recommends that you tell her before trying the experience together so as not to take it all by surprise. At this point, he will relax entirely and participate with the utmost interest in what is to come.

Only you can decide to do this

He might even run to the bedroom right away to see what it was all about. Because you, and not him, have opened this discussion, only you decide if you are willing to show him what it is about, without expecting him to take the initiative. He may not know what to do, he may even wonder if he needs to change his technique completely, or if he needs to do something else, so it’s a good idea to tell him, “On the way to the bedroom,” I want to do something different than usual, I’ll let you know. ” This type of open communication will allow him to relax. If he has experience with female ejaculation, he may be able to smile. Tell him you don’t know if you’ll be able to ejaculate on the first try, but you want to try it together.

Although most of our contemporaries have limited experience in this regard, some even none, it is pretty rare that they do not gladly accept this challenge. Boys like this cake which is sex, as we will explain in a future article. So don’t worry, girls! That’s the beautiful thing about boys and sex. By their very nature, men are much more open to sex than women, and they are always ready to do so, and most men have waited a lifetime for a woman to whisper to them in a sexy tone: “I want to do it. something you will surely like!” So get ready for this event! Taste the impatience and curiosity of your partner.

You’re ready; you’ve piqued his interest. So what are you waiting for? Take him by the hand and show him what it’s about! Make this event a pleasant and sensual experience! Remember that it is very likely to be his first experience with female ejaculation, so it is up to you to make it a unique, unforgettable experience. Even if you fail to ejaculate, it will not affect him as long as he knows that the failure is not due to him. After all, you are going to have an exciting time together.

Using the erotic map


In previous articles, we have discussed how to map erogenous zones. So far, you’ve identified the places on the G-spot that cause pleasure and the types and duration of caresses that excite you. The erotic state you are in every day revolves around these places, the types of caresses, and the sensations you have during orgasm. But drawing the erotic map assumes that you know the places where you like to be caressed and how you like to be stroked. You don’t have to explain to your partners or draw them where those places are or what sensations each one produces. Most men lock themselves in if a woman gives them instructions for use. Tell your partners as simply and clearly as possible, in a way that is as exciting as possible, where you like it when it caresses you.

The best positions for ejaculation with your partner

Armed with the knowledge you have gained about ejaculation, you will share this experience with your partner, and the communication will be even more exciting. As you develop your sensitivity and ability to ejaculate, you will find that ejaculation is not a matter of mechanics, technique, and position, but rather an experience of losing yourself in G-spot sensuality and an act of love. However, until you have developed your sensitivity and skill to this level during the learning process, it is advisable to try a few optimal positions for ejaculation, with or without orgasm, during sex with your partner.

1.Modified position of the missionary

It is ideal if you want to have a clitoral orgasm, but also one of the most pleasant methods with which you can start to build the orgasm at the G-spot. Lying on your back, lift your legs to your partner’s shoulders. He will control the G-spot stimulation activity from this position, primarily through the vaginal orifice. All the while, you can play with your clitoris if you want to have an orgasm. Concentrate so that you can feel every pleasure the G-spot gives you, but don’t push too hard trying to excite your clitoris; use the method only to keep things at the same high level. Notice how the G-spot fills up and keeps your arousal in a slow-motion and without rushing so that you spend the proper time stimulating the G-spot. When you want to orgasm, and the G-spot is complete, he pushes hard and ejaculates. The direct target can be his chest or face. And he’ll like it!

3.Face to face, on a stool.

Using a high kitchen chair without a backrest is ideal for facilitating communication and gradually building direct contact from soul to soul through the eyes. If during sexual intercourse, you usually close your eyes and put your face in the pillow, you will find that, in this position, you are more present on an equal footing with your partner. Neither partner should physically support the other; you are face to face (he is standing and she is sitting on the chair, and the man is at an ideal height). You can sit on a towel, and most of the ejaculation will drain on his penis and thighs. And if you’re in the kitchen, it won’t be a problem to clean the floor tiles. All the while, you can look at his penis, and he will know exactly what movements to make after the expression on your face and the sounds of pleasure you will make.

As this position provides an intense stimulation of the G-spot and an apparent direct communication path, it is also the best position for both partners if you want to learn how to wake up and stimulate the G-spot. Also, the clitoris is easy to enable. As the G-spot sensitizes, you will experience pleasant or painful sensations from this position, or, if penetration occurs before your partner is ready, a blockage of the G-spot sensitivity may occur. Suppose you are the kind of woman who wants or likes to ejaculate without her vagina penetrating. In that case, you will find it difficult to move your pelvis from this position to remove the penis when you want to ejaculate, although it is not impossible. It is, however, an excellent position for deep penetration – if the stool is solid – and for determining the intensity and depth that penetration movements must have to trigger the sensation of uterine orgasm. It is very likely that you will not have an orgasm at first and will not be able to ejaculate, but it is worth studying how to stimulate uterine orgasm.

3 Standing, from behind.

The position is known as the “doggy style,” The woman kneels, resting on her hands. He penetrates her from behind, and indeed, this remains the best method of ejaculation; many women succeed in doing so successfully in this way. Especially for women with sagging muscles, I recommend standing up, slightly bent forward. In this position, the pressure exerted on the G-spot is higher than in the traditional knee position. The partner’s movements will press the G-spot, perfect for a successful stimulation and accumulation of ejaculation. It is also easier for a woman to move her body to push the man out before ejaculating. The standing position is also the most common position that women adopt when they learn to ejaculate to be suitable for them. I remember once ejaculating so abundantly from this position that I felt like I couldn’t stop. Then I was glad I was in nature, and no one saw me. It had started and stopped, flowing in waves. I stopped just because I was surprised and tired.

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