Almost everyone knows this: In long-term relationships, the air runs out at some point. If the partner used to be exciting and thrilling, his presence soon became a matter of course. Above all, the sex life then threatens to fall asleep slowly. However, the following six tips will also help long-term couples lead exciting life again. Some of these are advice from our escort girls.

Honest attention

The first tip is somewhat complicated, but it is essential for the health of the entire relationship. A lack of conversation and a lack of interest in the other person are often the reasons why partners withdraw, and not much happens between the sheets. Exciting: According to a survey, 24 per cent of escorts working with our Escort Agency would like their partner to talk about feelings more often, and 31 per cent of men would like their partner to be more sexually active. In some cases, the two probably go hand in hand.

Couples should therefore take the time for joint conversations and lively exchange. If you know what occupies or inspires others, you will automatically be able to participate more actively in their lives. This, in turn, leads to the feeling of being accepted and wanted by the other person, which can positively affect the libido. Silence is anything but “gold” in relationships.

Sexy clothing with style

The visual impression is also essential in long-term partnerships. All too often, partners let themselves go and pay less and less attention to their appearance. Usually, only a vague memory remains of the woman with the sexy clothes or the man with the well-fitting jeans. However, taking time for personal hygiene, clothing, and a stylish appearance can be essential for the success of a partnership. If you are good to yourself and feed your own self-esteem, you will also be able to devote yourself more open to the other person.

Shopping excursions or browsing online shops together can offer a way back to the old attraction. We recommend that partners show each other which clothes they are likely to particularly like on the other. If you find what you are looking for, you can save a little with the help of various discount campaigns and vouchers and then look forward to your new wardrobe all the more. An atmospheric fashion show is, of course, a must!

Lots of free space

There are few things more uncomfortable in a relationship than feeling trapped or trapped. Sometimes, however, a golden cage can develop over the years from which partners no longer like to break out. They meet their friends less and less, neglect personal interests and have long stopped pursuing the hobbies they once loved. This can be deadly for sex life because when couples practically merge with each other, the desire to discover the further person decreases.

For this reason, a relationship should always have a lot of freedom. Partners should pursue their interests and not spend time together all the time. Those who meet their own needs and continue to enjoy an exciting life outside of the relationship life feel much less oppressed and can also enjoy sex more again.

Permitted Adventures

This tip is for particularly open-minded couples. This is where they breathe life into their relationship with the help of deliberately allowed adventures. The experiences and how far partners are allowed to go should be precisely defined in advance. After all, it doesn’t have to be a completely open relationship. Installing a flirt app and correspondingly sexy chats with other people can also have a very stimulating effect. However, the desire that arises is then satisfied in your bed.

Couples who would like to go further and move more in the direction of the open concept should discuss this in detail beforehand. Natural flirts and dates with other people can shake even the most stable partnerships. It is, therefore, important that both parties agree on this.

Exciting toys

Of course, sex toys are also among the potentially practical means of keeping a long-term relationship going erotically. This is where joint shopping evenings come in handy again. Making yourself comfortable together on the couch and browsing through erotic online shops can already arouse the desire.

The whole thing gets exciting when couples suggest to each other and order toys they want to try out on themselves and on the other. If you like it, toy shopping could even become a regular activity that stimulates sex life again and again.

Special movie nights

No question: Many couples spend much of their evenings together on the sofa. There’s nothing wrong with that, but inevitable boredom can set in. Anyone who always watches the same series or documentaries, perhaps even falling asleep while doing so and then later only exchanging a quick kiss goodnight, will sooner or later experience little erotic pleasure.

But it can look very different if erotic films are deliberately on the schedule instead of the usual formats. There are lists of the hottest erotic movies online, from which couples can choose their favorites. And if you like this, you might want to watch a jointly selected porn long-term. There is nothing disreputable about this; on the contrary: erotic films often offer a lot of inspiration, and the strange faces on the screen provide a particular variety.

 9 Things you should know about relationships

  1. All successful relationships require a lot of work. You can’t lie on your back thinking that everything is fine. Moment by moment, you have to fight for the love of the person next to you.
  2. Most of the time, you get what you get. If you want love, then give love, if you wish to be friends, then choose to be friendly, if you want them to understand you, learn to listen.
  3. You should never fight for a place in someone’s life. Never force anyone to make space in his life for you because if he knows how valuable you are, he will create it for you.
  4. There is a purpose for which people enter your life – some will test you, others will use you, and others will learn from you. But most importantly, some will bring out the best in you.
  5. We all change, and that’s okay. Our needs change with time; feelings change, problems change…everything in this world changes. It is essential to be open and sincere and say what is on your mind.


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