In the context of a pandemic, sex and COVID-19 are not accessible. Those who enjoy broken relationships have managed to continue fucking and survive. Do you know the “coronasutra”? The solution to face sex and COVID-19 The risk of exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus led to much thought about minimizing it in sexual encounters. Thus, the “coronasutra” was born, an infographic with seven sexual positions with a distance of more than five feet or more is maintained—two between the mouths.

They are purely genital practices, without preliminaries, so lubrication and balance must be considered in some cases, but very useful for reducing sexual tension and effective for a mere physiological discharge. Sexuality is essential for a healthy society. Therefore, you have to follow all the hygienic recommendations without stopping practicing sex, or would someone be satisfied with a vir-sex Demolition Man style? If you follow the recommendations, you can book an escort girl from our Escort Service, and have fun together!

Positive and satisfying sexuality brings many physical and psycho-emotional benefits, so it is essential to resolve doubts related to sex and COVID-19 during this time of uncertainty to continue enjoying full sexuality.

Sex in times of pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has had repercussions on sexuality around the world as it has modified and complicated romantic relationships between individuals, whether they are confined together or separately, whether they are in a relationship or single.

Also, the restrictions imposed (confinement, travel ban, curfew) and barrier gestures (wearing a mask, social distancing) intended to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Finally, the fear of contagion also had a noticeable effect. This is the observation made by two Italian psychologists. Their review of the medical literature covers specific aspects of sexuality in the time of Covid-19 in Western countries. Twenty articles out of 337 were selected for their analysis published on January 2, 2021, in the journal Sexologies.

Don’t ask us if they continue to do sexual services like oral French, if they keep kissing on the mouth or the girls do like Júlia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Whether you have a stable partner, as if your thing is occasional sex, or hiring the services of escort girls, I am going to give you the most important tips to lead an active sexual life and avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Continuous presence of children at home

“The obligation to cohabit permanently with his partner, the limitation of space, tensions, conflicts, and differences of opinion have weakened the couples. In addition, all negative emotions have also had an unfavorable impact on sexual intercourse and therefore on sexual health, which is part of emotional and social well-being.

During this period, the sexual relations between cohabiting people were severely altered “, indicate two psychologists from La Sapienza University and the Academy of Social and Legal Psychology (Rome). He added that for couples with children, “the negative impact was reinforced by the continued presence of children at home due to the closure of schools, which made it difficult to have moments of privacy.” In total, “the psychological impacts reduced the sexual desire, and the logistical problems reduced the sexual relations,” summarize the authors.

COVID-free semen and vaginal fluids

Although remains have been found in feces, saliva, and mucus, COVID-19 is not transmitted through semen or vaginal or genital fluids.

Extramarital affairs made complicated

These authors argue that the situation was different for unfaithful spouses. Indeed, “it was difficult for them to have casual sex, and those who had extramarital affairs (at work or elsewhere) did not have the possibility of maintaining their sexual relations, first of all, because of the lack of marriage. Drastic decrease in professional activities and then due to forced coexistence and exit restrictions”.

Always use a condom

Condoms or any other plastic barrier are ideal to reduce the risk of infection if you want to practice oral sex or anal sex. It’s not just about COVID-19. You will also prevent the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. All are advantages.

Wash your hands very well

It is essential to wash your hands very well and if possible, the ideal would be to take a shower both before and after sexual practice. Personal hygiene is essential, since before Covid-19, and some people really need it.

Importance of the internet

Regarding couples not living under the same roof but who maintained a stable relationship, confinements, movement limitations, self-isolation, and physical distancing could have resulted in the two partners not satisfying a common solid desire. In this case, however, sex could have been experienced thanks differently to the use of the internet, even if not all couples are willing to share virtual sex, say Stefano Eleuteri and Giulia Terzitta. According to them, “the practice of online sex with the stable partner not living under the same roof has helped some people to maintain their desire and to satisfy it and to keep it intact for the end of the pandemic.”

A British epidemiological survey assessed the impact of self-isolation and social distancing for ten days or more on a sample of 868 adults. Results published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine show that 40% of them engaged in sexual activity at least once a week. In contrast, 60% of participants reported not being sexually active during this period.

The social distancing impact

A study conducted by Italian gynecologists among 89 women of childbearing age reported a decrease in their sexual function and quality of sexual life during social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, this study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that the proportion of women who had an average of six sex per month before the restriction measures decreased to reach two monthly reports afterward. According to the authors, the negative impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on women’s sexual function and quality of life shows how acute stress can affect the psychological state.

Published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, a study of Polish gynecologists reported that women with sexual dysfunction, which was around 15% before the pandemic, rose to 34% during full containment. In addition, a decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse was observed compared to the previous period. Over 40% of women said it could be related to isolation from their partner, 39% felt a lack of desire caused by stress, and 16% spoke of misunderstandings with their partner. Finally, only 3% of women feared being infected with SARS-CoV-2 during sexual intercourse.

Precautions to have sex with people outside your circle

Remember that COVID-19 is practically only transmitted through the air by droplets and suspended particles from one person to another. If the spaces are ventilated, the correct hygiene conditions are maintained. Believe me, and the Apricots girls are the main stakeholders in that you do not hit them, therefore to have a most satisfactory meeting, you have to take these measures into account:


  • If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, it is better to postpone the meeting.
  • Use the mask in closed spaces and / or whenever you consider it appropriate.


  • Have a previous conversation, it can even be a sexual game, and comment with the other person about health care and the practices or games that you want to do, you will see that it will be a lot of fun.
  • Remember that all people deserve respectful treatment of themselves, their body, and their decisions about their own health, and that includes COVID-19.
  • Respect the agreed limits, but also remember that everyone has the right to change their mind.


  • It’s important to notify your sexual partner if you notice symptoms (or if, even if you don’t have symptoms, you get a positive COVID-19 test result) within 48 hours of meeting.

Use sex-toys

Published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, an Australian study conducted via an online questionnaire assessed the impact of confinement on the sexual practices of 965 people, 70% of whom were women. The majority of respondents (53%) said they had more petite sex during confinement than during the same period in 2019. Regarding sexual activities, around 14% of participants said they used sex toys more often, and 26% masturbated more. The use of dating sites has logically fallen, from 42% to 27%. Conversely, messaging and chat services increased slightly, from 89% to 94%. A total of 98 participants (11%) said they bought a sex toy while in lockdown, and of these, 24% said it was the first time they had done so.

On the subject of masturbation, it can be recalled that the New York Department of Public Health has said most seriously: “You are your safest sexual partner. Masturbation does not spread Covid-19, especially if you wash your hands (and sex toys) with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after. ”

In September 2020, Canada’s public health official recommended that sexual partners avoid kissing and having their faces close to each other. “Consider wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth,” she said. Similar advice had been given in Canada by the BC Center for Disease Control.

Consequences on sexual desire

Several studies have looked at sexual desire. For example, in an online survey, Spanish researchers assessed sexual behavior during Spain’s 99 days of confinement. This study, published in the journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy, found that sexual life was affected, especially women. Those who reported a decrease in their sexual activity were three times more likely (37%) than those who reported an increase (14%). Regarding sexual desire, psychologists have noted significant differences between men and women. In particular, a higher proportion of women (37%) than men (29%) experienced more desire than usual. Still, the opposite is confirmed with those who felt less sexual desire (39% among men and 34% for women). Thus, in general, men had less desire while it increased in women.

An Italian study confirmed that there might be gender differences in confinement effects on sexual desire. Published in Frontiers in Psychology, this study reported that 18% of men and 26% of women experienced decreased sexual desire. Conversely, about 15% of men and 21% reported increased arousal during confinement.

Significant impact on adolescent sexual health

Regarding adolescents, an American study carried out between the end of March and the beginning of May 2020 reports that 10% of them (aged 14 to 17) had masturbated more often in the past three months. The same proportion was found for the use of webcam dating (video chatting) and sending erotic SMS (sexting). Young people also use pornographic videos more often, as this Journal of Adolescent Health indicates. In this regard, the authors of the article published in Sexologies recall that a famous website for streaming pornographic videos. They offered free access to its Premium version during the confinement.

Italian psychologists also point out that young people who continue their studies outside the family home have had to return to their parents and renounce their independence, which has reduced social relations with their peers. And psychologists point out that the long-term effects of this deprivation of intimacy and physical contact are unknown.

For most young people, social distancing has led to a reduction in sex. Raised in the digital age, young people interacted through the internet, “this medium offering various types of interactions, including conversations, online dating, sexting, virtual sex, and other activities. online”, note the Italian researchers, who however point out that it can be difficult for young people to have a certain degree of privacy in the family home…


In conclusion, the authors stress one point: inside or outside isolation, the need for social relationships, love, flirtation, and sexual expression remains. To achieve this, they fear “the important role of the internet,” which they see as “a tool to improve sexual health, especially in this new Covid-19 scenario“. Hoping this one doesn’t last too long. To finally, stop thinking about Covid, which separates us.

We hope that this blog helped you! We want you to know that you are not alone in this, we all face difficult times. Let’s hope it will end soon!

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