Working as an escort girl can be an exciting and rewarding career, but before appreciating the benefits, it is essential to be aware of the security issues. As with career firefighters, there are some well-known risks in this profession. However, there are also ways to make sure you stay safe. Let’s talk about it!

Always inform yourself about your customers

There are several ways to sift through clients: requesting photos, chatting on the phone, searching for their social media profiles, and even asking for referrals. Getting a little idea of ​​who you are meeting ahead of time can help you have peace of mind. However, it is imperative to remember that while this customer inspection is helpful, some may view the process as an invasion of their privacy.

In other words, escort girls place a lot of importance on their privacy, and so do clients. Show respect and try not to be too intrusive, but just enough to make you feel more comfortable when you meet them. If the customer refuses to send you pictures or chat on the phone, question their integrity and do not meet with them. Also, let the Escort Agency know.

Have safe sex

Safe sex is a must when working as an escort girl in order to prevent disease and infection. Do not rely on customers, and keep a certain amount of condoms in your bag at all times, which will ensure that you never risk your health and will prevent you from uncomfortable situations.

If a client refuses to put on a condom after you tell them that all clients must wear one at all times, turn around. Some men complain that condoms make it difficult to feel what is going on, but that’s not your problem. In addition to using condoms, contraception can help prevent unintended pregnancies. The more protected you are as an escort, the better. Another part of having healthy sex is getting regular checkups. Customers will be more comfortable knowing that you are regularly tested for sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Choose a safe place

Meeting a client for the first time can be a little scary since you don’t know them. Choosing a safe place can help you be more comfortable. For example, a bustling hotel is a good place if you need to leave the room if the guest is rude or weird. However, it would be best to change hotels from time to time to avoid attracting attention.

Try to meet the customer at the hotel bar to drink with them first. This little chat time, along with a drink, can give you enough time to get a feel for who this customer is and if they appear to be a good man. Dressing differently or using false names can help you. Never meet a man in a distant place. Some escort girls prefer to meet clients at their homes to find out where they live if they need to contact them later. Although some escort girls in London prefer clients to come to them, it is pretty risky, especially if you ban a client who still knows where you live.

Know how to get out of an uncomfortable situation

Being a professional prostitute means knowing how to get out of awkward situations. Often, local escorts feel like they’ve been thrown into a lion’s den during the first months or year on the job. This is a familiar feeling, especially for escort girls who work independently and not for an agency. For those who work for an agency, security is generally assured, and escorts can call someone as needed, 24/7.

If you are an independent escort, make sure you have at least two trustworthy people who you can call at all times if you need assistance. While you may never need to call them, it’s essential to know that someone is watching over you while you are working. One suggestion is to use a code word to call or text if you need help. Plus, letting a close friend or loved one know where you’re meeting your client is a great way to make sure that if something goes wrong, they’ll find you.

Hide your money

Visitors should never see where you put your money, especially those who look a little dodgy. While it’s an excellent idea to want to trust all of your customers, the truth is, you can’t. When a man pays you before having sex, exit the room and put your money away. For example, you can hide your purse under the bed or in a wardrobe or even roll your money in a stocking or jewelry case. The escort girls are generally used to foreign clients, who may have different views on personal space and privacy.

As a sex worker, it is essential to set rules that clients should not follow when leaving the room. It is also necessary to understand that some clients are not familiar with sex with prostitutes and may need to be reminded that your privacy is a must.

Get them to sign a contract

This does not mean that escorts must submit a five-page document requiring ten client signatures. Instead, it just means that the escort can prepare a short contract of a few sentences saying, “In order to protect my safety and yours, please hand me this document with your signature to confirm that you are who you say you are.” Obviously, the details can be changed, but the idea is to have a signed document that only takes a few moments for the client to sign. If something goes wrong, you have a contract handy that holds the customer accountable.

Be specific about expectations

Defining your expectations for your visitor before meeting them is an essential step for your safety. You need to determine how you expect to be treated during sexual activity, as well as your services. Often, when a man asks for a service that the escort did not expressly agree to provide, it can create frustration for the client. Clients who cannot cope with disappointment or become easily angry can create a dangerous environment for the escort. Define all of your expectations for your client before the meeting and ask them if these are right for them before the meeting.

Don’t share personal details

As you familiarize yourself with a customer and get to know them better, tell a customer you’ve had for several years, it can be tempting to share your personal information. For example, a customer might ask if you have children or a husband or inquire about the part of town in which you live. Never give out this personal information! If you have to lie to protect yourself, do it. No matter how much the customer opens up, that shouldn’t be an invitation to open up to them as well. In addition, keeping this information about you private, such as the identity of your siblings or your parents, will also protect it.

Switch off your phone on days off

Switching off your phone on days off is a must. While it can be difficult not to look at your emails, since it’s always nice to make more money, it’s crucial to rest physically and mentally. Spend the day pampering yourself and spending quality time with your loved ones. Contacting clients on your days off can be uncomfortable.

For example, you could reveal to your client how you spend your day off, which shows too much about your personal life. Turning off your phone and letting customers know that you’ll be answering their messages or taking reservations on your next shift enables you to communicate that you have boundaries and a personal life they’re not involved in.

Avoid fraudsters

The majority of customers are honest people who are only looking for a good-looking woman to keep them company and fulfill their fantasies. However, you might meet people with bad intentions who seek to hurt prostitutes in addition to these real people. If a customer tries to convince you to join them and their business, always say no.

You don’t have to put yourself in a situation that will be dangerous for you or your money. Any customer seeking to offer you something in exchange for free services should be banned. No matter how great their offers are, don’t be fooled. Keep your head on your shoulders and move on.

Use a false name

Giving customers your real name is an easy way for them to find your family and learn more about you. So choose a fake name that doesn’t appear to be a fake. A fake name helps keep your identity and personal life out of the limelight.

Don’t let customers manipulate you

Building up your self-confidence takes time, but it’s crucial for an escort girl, especially brand new. Clients meeting a new escort may seek more. For example, a young and inexperienced escort might be manipulated into engaging in sexual activities that she is uncomfortable with. Be firm in your positions for your safety. Once a customer knows they can use you, they’ll try to do it over and over again. Your preferred answer should be “no.”

Never meet a client if you are drunk

After a few drinks, it’s easy to feel like flirting a little more, losing your judgment, or suddenly being more spontaneous. However, it should never be an excuse to meet or even chat with clients via social media. If you are going out at night and have your phone with you, it can be tempting to speak with clients who wish to meet you while you are drunk. Having sex with a client when you are under the influence of alcohol is an easy way for clients to take advantage of you or steal your money.

Please take note of customers or their personal details

It can be difficult for some escort girls to turn away demanding clients because it is always worth making a little extra money. If they’ve never abused you, but they seem a little weird, write down the specific details about them. For example, the car they drive, their outfit, their hairstyle, their tattoos, their piercings, their weight and figure, their hands, their voice, their eye color, their cologne, their race, and their age. If something goes wrong, you will have a detailed description to refer to.

Being an escort girl has its challenges, just like any other career

Being intelligent and careful during working hours can protect you at all times. Keep these tips in mind before meeting or taking on new clients. Although the sex industry can be exciting and fun, women should always take all necessary precautions as their safety is their top priority.

Following, we summed the most important tips for you to work safely!

  • Always remain anonymous. Your personal life should be protected, so stay away from subjects or objects that identify you personally. Leave your personal belongings and maintain a professional personality. This protects you from unhealthy customers who may develop dangerous obsessions after a few meetings.
  • This service requires prepaid phone calls. Do not use your mobile phone when answering calls or sending calls to customers. This is dangerous, and calls can be tracked to obtain malicious personal information.
  • Remember to ask customers to pay in advance before service. This ensures that customers will not run away without paying. If the client refuses, remind him of the agreement in advance, everything is purely professional.
  • Avoid accepting debit or credit cards. Always only accept payment strictly in cash. Count the amount of money in advance and bring a banknote pen checker. In some places, counterfeit currency is popular.
  • Always collect information about your customers. Ask for their name and contact number. Verify their identities and be wary of the way they share information. If it feels uncomfortable and your instinct says so, politely decline the offer. Know what they expect of you and whether they have special requirements. This may be a choice of clothes, specific fetishes, or even an attitude different from yours.

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