“Ejaculation”, “squirting,” “squirting woman”… so many different terms, which nevertheless all refer to the same thing: the liquid expelled by an a women at the time of orgasm. Contrary to popular belief, ejaculation is not just for men. The phenomenon is also quite common since, according to a study, nearly 70% of women say they have already expelled a liquid during orgasm. We also speak of “fountain women” or “squirting”. Physiologically, the Skene glands produce two types of female ejaculate, also called para-urethral glands, and that of “fountain women.”

The role of men in female ejaculation – Julian’s story

Julian knew his partner would ejaculate. As for him, he was more than ready. Years ago, he had had an experience with an escort girl who had ejaculated, and since then, he had wanted to find one that would do the same for him.

Now, his girlfriend was about to satisfy his long-held desire. When his partner, Tatiana, told him (suddenly and without any preamble, or so it seemed to him) that he wanted to learn how to ejaculate, he felt his heart pounding to break his chest. She tried to take off her panties and show them on the spot, there and then, but she stopped, not quite sure how to proceed to stimulate her. Shortly after her exciting remark as they made love, she told him how deliciously wet she had felt lately as he stroked her.

A slower pace

He told her that she needed to keep a slower pace, insert her finger into her vagina during oral sex, and massage it slowly. He did so, listening intently to the sounds his girlfriend made, paying attention to every reaction to his G-spot stimulation movements. He was so excited by her arousal, especially feeling the G-spot dilate under his finger so that she could scarcely refrain from finishing when suddenly she begged him to penetrate her with his penis. As he struggled to hold back his orgasm, he felt her muscles tighten during orgasm.

And when he pushed her out, ejaculating on her arms and chest, he was dizzy with arousal! Julian felt overwhelmed by a new wave of desire and penetrated her passionately. He finished quickly, with intensity, in a bath of pleasure while she waited and received with fear every blow of the penis. His dream of meeting a woman to ejaculate for him had come true, so he couldn’t help but smile happily.

They really like it when a woman squirts

Most men like women who ejaculate. Many men who have not had this experience with a woman may shy away from it or get scared at first if a woman who can ejaculate starts talking about it. However, after going through the first experience of this kind and knowing the surprise of the shower, I owe a helping hand to repeat the experience.

This article aims to introduce female ejaculation to those men who have not had the chance to find out what it is about and provides valuable information to all those men who want to support their partners in their effort to ejaculate.

In this blog, women will learn from the experience of men and women regarding female ejaculation, but also about the attitude they adopt towards the same subject, and men will learn from women what they like most and what triggers ejaculation accompanied by satisfaction. Lesbians whose partners ejaculate can also learn from this article. And self-forgetfulness. You can book an escort girl on our Escort Service‘s website, and let her do the squirt game!

Why is female ejaculation so little known?

Women’s ejaculation has not always been taboo. Nor has it permanently been reduced to a male fantasy or a mere porn category. “In cultures that viewed the female body as similar to the male body and where great importance was given to female sex and pleasure, women also ejaculated,” said Stephanie Haerdle, author of Fontaines – History of China’s Female Ejaculation ancient to the present day. While existing in the cultures of ancient China and India, female ejaculation has gradually ceased to be represented, the fault, among other things, of a patriarchal society.

How to trigger a female ejaculation?

With a little practice and a lot of letting go, it is possible to become a “fountain woman”. Ejaculation (bladder) involves internal and / or external stimulation of the clitoris, and a mental disconnection. This letting go allows you to go beyond the feeling of wanting to urinate when it occurs so as not to restrict the expulsion of the liquid. Being relaxed, comfortably installed and in complete confidence with your partner (if there is one) are good ways to tend towards letting go. Better to be patient, becoming a fountain woman can take time.

All women can be fountain women. However, not all of them can ejaculate

Stars of pornographic sites, “squirting women,” have long remained a mystery to the scientific community. Where does this liquid expelled (sometimes several meters) by women come from? Do they squirt like men? Can all women be a fountain? In reality, the mechanism of female ejaculation and that of squirting women are different.

The female ejaculate is fluid from the female “prostate,” while the female squirting fluid comes from her bladder, causing a heavy jet to be released. “Female ejaculation only occurs in certain women, those who have a gland similar to the prostate,” explains Dr. Pierre Desvaux, sex therapist, and teaching director at Paris-Descartes University. “We suppose, on the other hand, that any woman can be a fountain woman.”

Men who like female ejaculation and why

John Setchell, the award-winning documentary in England, about female ejaculation: “we didn’t even have the patience to take the blanket off the bed! She had a few intense but “dry” orgasms, being placed on top of me, and when she finished and ejaculated an enormous amount, which flowed for a few seconds, wetting me, the blanket, the sheet on top, and the blanket placed directly on the bed; soaking in the mattress as well. If we had poured a glass of water on the bed, it probably wouldn’t have been such a disaster!”

A declaration of love

Raoul, computer scientist: “What I like most about this experience is that my partner is completely satisfied. There is such a degree of intimacy and trust between us that nothing holds us back, and the fact that you can indulge in pleasure without any restraint gives you a great sense of security. ”

Robert, shares the same view of female ejaculation, which he perceives as an act of loving communication: this simply amazes me and excites me even more! From my point of view, it is as if the deepest fiber of her soul says “Yes !!” to me, expressing beyond words what extraordinary communion is being established between us at that moment, and propels our sexual intercourse into a state of happiness and much deeper intimacy.”

Pablo: “I think female ejaculation is weird for most men. The first time I went through this experience, I was amazed and incredibly excited to see the reaction of the woman I was with. The idea that something “might gush like a jet” from a woman’s urethra other than urine or the typical leak that occurs on penetration seemed enchanting to me. But what’s great is the distance a woman can throw this liquid and the intensity with which she does it. Obviously, for women, ejaculation is much more intense than the “ordinary” orgasm. ”

An early experience

Steve, an extreme adventure guide: “The only time I went through this was when I was still immature — I was barely twenty — and I didn’t understand what had happened. On our second or third date, I was with a girl who undressed and began to masturbate – she said she was doing it for my sake when in reality, she was doing it for her pleasure. When she ejaculated, not only did she surprise me, but she also watered me from head to toe.

Although it seemed common to her, she hadn’t told me what to expect, and I didn’t quite understand if she had peed or what she was doing there. I suddenly lost my erection, feeling completely confused, with a strong sense of insecurity. Because, since then, I have “never risen to the height of the moment” (so to speak, from all points of view), then it was the last time I saw her. Ahh, the sins of youth!”

Sofia, a nurse and a bisexual: “What an incredible feeling! I like it when I’m wet everywhere! It shows me how much my girlfriend wants me when we make love. I think ejaculation occurs more often when two women make love because the ultimate goal of penetration does not pressure them. I think we women have more imagination when using our fingers and tongue. When you get to that point, and she releases the juicy liquid, scattering it all over you – what an unparalleled sensation! How I wish I could ejaculate too. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it one day. ”

Women who like men who like women who ejaculate and why

For the most part, our lovers are much less concerned about whether or not to accept that women ejaculate than we do ourselves. I might even say that men want to include this experience in their sex life. This open attitude and their predisposition to help the woman are lovely, especially when she wants to learn how to ejaculate, especially if her partner does not want her to ejaculate. Below are some accounts of men and women, which show how important it is for a woman to be supported by a man when trying to ejaculate – or how important it is for lack of understanding – and the consequences of this attitude.

The article also demonstrates that women can restrain the ejaculation and even change their sexual behavior as a result of men rejecting the phenomenon.

Alexis, a young escort girl: “I like that my partner accepts that I ejaculate. At first, I didn’t know how he would react when he found himself splashing from head to toe. I thought no one wanted to take a “shower” every time they make love. It doesn’t seem to bother him; it even helped me to let go, even more, to free myself and to feel good without restraint. ”

When it evolves into a serious problem

Vivienne, a tall escort girl: “I know a woman with an enormous sexual appetite, who has constantly ejaculated since her first orgasm in adolescence. The various lovers she had reacted differently to this. She married a guy who “tolerated” female ejaculation, but was not enthusiastic about the idea that after a while, the woman came to believe that it was abnormal to ejaculate, and her sexual appetite decreased. Eventually, this led to the conclusion of the marriage. He is currently with a guy who understands what female ejaculation is and likes it, and the woman has regained all her sexual pleasure and energy.”

Amy, a sensual escort girl: “I ejaculated without stopping with the man I had been friends with for six years, without thinking that there might be a problem. Towards the end of the relationship, I felt that this made him get stuck. Because I was conscious when I ejaculated and I could control myself, sometimes I didn’t ejaculate at all. After our relationship ended, we didn’t ejaculate for four years. I guess I felt rejected, and I didn’t want to do it again. For a while, I thought I was no longer able to ejaculate, but I realized that after we broke up, I was living with the feeling that I was no longer wanted.”

The man’s multiple orgasms stimulate the woman’s ejaculation

The stimulation required to excite the G-spot and the accumulation of ejaculatory fluid involves the adoption of a slower rhythm, contrary to the male desire, which is pressured by the idea of ending urgently and passionately. There are, however, some significant benefits to taking a slower pace. Your partner will open up more and more and be more satisfied, and you need to keep your penis erect for a more extended time and have more time—multiple orgasms. Once you’ve tasted the pleasures of a slower approach to sex, you may find that the smoldering but intense fire may be preferable to the type of sexual discharge you’re used to.


Recommendation for women: show this article to your boyfriend if he is interested in helping you ejaculate. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, follow this blog post.

Recommendation for men: Show this blog to your partner if you are aroused by female ejaculation and if you want to check to what extent she is interested in the subject.


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