Kamasutra Guide: Master the most pleasurable postures

The Kamasutra is a text of erotic wisdom that proposes a path to understanding the mysteries of human sexuality. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

Bites, licks, caresses, desperate hugs. There are infinite ways that exist to experience the love preamble. Gradually, arousal levels rise, and the heart races. Those moments lead to a delicious delirium. This is the maximum expression of sex without taboos.

Do you know the capabilities of your body? Do you make the most of your abilities to feel orgasms? We invite you to discover multiple postures and techniques recommended by our escort girls to unleash pleasure.


The book of ancient pleasures

The Kamasutra is much more than a catalogue of acrobatic positions. It is an ancient Hindu book made up of 36 chapters. It addresses various topics such as seduction, sex as a fundamental part of life, masturbation, partner selection, and much more.

It is written in Sanskrit. It guides achieving more incredible physical and spiritual rapport between men and women. It has recommendations for courtship, references to aphrodisiacs and describes the conditions that allow one to achieve ecstasy. It is a tool to overcome monotony and explore different sensations.


The chapter on the amatory arts

The chapter on the love arts is the best known. Although its exotic and striking images have travelled the planet, very few know its deep meaning. Here the act of making love is described as the ability to understand how to play freely and dare to discover the most sensitive points. The objective is to understand the couple’s physical and emotional differences, apply strategies to break routines, unlock fears and turn each sexual encounter into a unique event.

In this section, the author points out the existence of 8 central positions and 12 essential ways to have sex. Then he describes 64 different combinations that are derived from them. Each posture has a name and is accompanied by a descriptive illustration.

When you start reviewing the images of the Kamasutra, you find yourself in positions that seem impossible. Some require the training of a contortionist. However, there are options you can try. You don’t need to be an expert or an acrobat, and you don’t run the risk of breaking your hip.


Kamasutra simple postures

The secret to having a fulfilling sexual relationship is to forget about problems and live in the present. It would help if you built a deep bond with your senses. If you want to start diversifying your intimate sessions, the Kamasutra offers you several simple postures. It would help if you did not worry about not having elasticity or balance. They are exciting, intense and fun.

The lotus flower

“The Lotus Flower”, also known as “Union of the Goddess”, is an erotic embrace. An opportunity to savour the pleasure slowly. The man should sit on a flat, firm surface where he can be comfortable. It can be a carpet or a mattress. It can also lean against a wall. Next, bend your legs, allowing your heels to come closer together. This position is prevalent in meditation exercises. The woman sits on top of him, wrapping her legs around his waist.

Lovers are face to face. They can hug, caress, look into each other’s eyes, kiss and talk in whispers. It is a position that helps channel sexual energy. It creates an intimate connection in the couple, which is why it is considered one of the most ideological positions.

The woman controls the movements with her pelvis. You can go up, down, back, forward and do other shapes with your hips. The penetration is deep, and the friction of the bodies intensifies the connection. The secret of “La flor del loto” is the rhythm. It’s not about going fast. It’s about enjoying every second, like enjoying melt-in-your-mouth chocolate.


The magic mountain

The magic mountain takes your orgasms to another level. You have to gather a group of cushions, the most comfortable and soft you can find. Place them on the ground and simulate a mountain. This is your platform to raise emotions to the top of the sky.

The lover who wishes to be penetrated must only lie face down on the hill of cushions. You must spread your legs and lift your buttocks, exposing your orifices. His partner stands behind him, laying his chest on his back; from there, he can caress and penetrate him little by little.

If the recipient is female, you can stroke her clitoris during intercourse. A delicious complement to raising the temperature. This is a position to let go of, and the person behind you is in control. The cushions work as a support, creating the perfect angle to stimulate the G-spot for women or the P-spot for men.


The snail

Snails are not sensual animals. However, this position is inspired by its forms to take advantage of the erogenous zones of your body. It is considered one of the Kamasutra’s most pleasant and straightforward arts. The receiver (male or female) lies on the ground face up. Next, fold your knees over your chest. The couple kneels facing each other and leans slightly over her body, resting their hands on the ground. The receiver places his feet on the shoulders. It also works if he uses them to encircle his partner’s torso or waist.

The snail summons a full and intense encounter. It is an invitation to communicate with the skin. Lovers must be very relaxed. Erotic work is the key to reaching an ideal level of excitement. The dilated genitals, swollen and hydrated by delicious fluids, are ready to engage in deep penetration.


The best postures of the Kamasutra

In the 64 combinations proposed by the Kamasutra, we find innovative, mischievous and challenging alternatives. If you want to test your flexibility and add a good dose of adrenaline to your sexual encounters, select one of the positions described below.

  • The Wheelbarrow: While the receiver is lying on his stomach, his lover stands between his legs and raises his hips to penetrate him. Physical strength is the trigger for the hottest fantasies.
  • Ascension to Lust: The man stands up. The woman is facing him, and he picks her up while she leans on the balls of her feet on a table, a sofa or the bed. It is a very daring posture that allows quick and pleasant movements.
  • The handstand: The woman rests her hands on the ground, with her arms outstretched. The man stands and raises his pelvis. She supports herself by sliding her legs under his arms. It can only be held for a few minutes. However, it guarantees an unforgettable climax.

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