Sexual fantasies and erotic scenes were first recorded in literature and art several thousand years ago (one of the most famous examples is the favourite love book KamaSutra, 400-500 IH). Sexual fantasies have persisted since the Victorian period, a period with stringent rules regarding sexuality and the harsh condemnation of behaviours of this kind, considered immoral. Various shops containing pornographic materials secretly sold sources of sexual fantasies. In modern times, easy access to the Internet has provided a safe source of sexual fantasies generated by erotic films, music, art, erotic stories, etc.

What are fantasies?

Fantasies can be defined as daydreams and imaginary visions. Fantasies are a fundamental part of human nature. During childhood, the individual develops an impressive active imagination, only to be inhibited towards adulthood.

What are sexual fantasies?

Sexual fantasies are represented by any mental image or story that is exciting or erotic for the escort girl. The sexual fantasy can be of varying length, even an instant impression that arouses sexual desires, sexual motivations, and excitement. Fantasy can represent the image of a positive or negative experience, reflecting an experience or a future or desired sexual experience. A person can be limited and restricted against staging a sexual fantasy. As the whole process takes place in his imagination, he must not necessarily conform to acceptable or practical fantasies but give free rein to the invention (these aspects can provide certain information about the psychological processes behind sexual behaviour).

In general, the idea is circulating that sexual fantasies play a vital role in cases of sexual assault – on the other hand, the total lack of sexual fantasies or the guilt surrounding the story contributes to the emergence of sexual dysfunctions.

Sexual fantasies can be heterosexual, homosexual, incestuous, tender, wild, etc. don’t block yourself and don’t be afraid to give free rein to these fantasies – they are just dreams… with your eyes open.

For some clients of our Escort Agency, the best aspects of sexual fantasy are the visual ones (masks, costumes, etc.), and for others, the auditory ones (dirty talking, sensual talking, preference for certain sounds, certain music). Other aspects of fantasy may include physical sensations (finger cubes, feathers, the feeling of heat, silky textures, etc.). But for most, the most spectacular part of a sexual fantasy is the evoked emotion (suspense, impudence, audacity).

How are sexual fantasies generated?

People show different abilities to fantasize about various topics, including sexual ones, and other skills to enjoy this behaviour. Fantasies can be a supplement to reality or can serve as a substitute for sexual reality. Sexual fantasies are often generated by external stimuli, an attractive stranger, an erotic, sensual image, an erotic, romantic film, a story, music, etc.

Sexual fantasies – content

Sexual fantasies can be wild or quiet; they can be related to a natural person or an imaginary one, and they can include activities that you would like to do, scenes that you would never try (either because of the degree of danger, either due to the impossibility of realization), they may involve an unusual, crazy, unreal setting or they may involve role-playing. Sexual fantasies can also involve new and exciting sexual activities for a person, such as using sex toys, experimenting with certain positions, sex with multiple partners, erotic massage, etc.

There are situations in which certain women have fantasies about rape or wild, more violent sex. Careful! This does not mean that she wants to become the real victim of rape. In her imagination, the woman can control every aspect of the events. The imaginary scenario is undoubtedly much less brutal than real life (it does not involve pain, terror, or mental and physical degradation). The woman’s imagination creates this fantasy generated by the idea of ​​a man overwhelmed by the attractiveness of a woman who forces her into a sexual relationship, suggesting irresistibility.

The explanation of the psychological specialists: the woman uses this means to express her desire to feel wanted, irresistible from a sexual point of view and helps her overcome certain inhibitions. If she succeeds in deceiving herself that she is being forced to participate in a sexual act, she can enjoy the adequate performance of it more.

Similarly, men have fantasies about developing simultaneous relationships with several sexual partners.

However, they are aware that it is tough to maintain these sexual relationships from an emotional point of view.

Many people feel uncomfortable when it comes to their fantasies, considering it perhaps out of place, strange to feel sexually stimulated by certain things, and unacceptable aspects for others. Most of the time, sexual fantasies are considered valuable possessions, which people are ashamed of; they see them as compromising aspects of their lives. Even psychologists have abandoned this subject of psychology in the last half-century, finding sexual fantasies to compromise for the person in question.

Sexual fantasies can express an unconscious aspect of the mind. For example, specific sexual fantasies, being submissive, humble, and dominated, can be correlated with the desire to experience sexual excitement without the participation of personal responsibility.

A surprising aspect of sexual fantasies is that most of us have a specific limitation of imagination: most fantasies are ordinary images without any out-of-the-ordinary part regarding the performance of explicit sexual activities related to a past or present partner. Despite the unlimited potential of imaginative freedom, sexual fantasies are well anchored in reality.

Misconceptions about sexual fantasies

  • One of the most common misconceptions related to sexual fantasies is related to the freedom and imagination capacity of the partners of a couple: if the partners are really in love, they do not need to load their imaginations with sexual fantasies. Both men and women often have stories about certain erotic scenes, either alone or with another partner – this does not mean that something is missing from their relationship.
  • Another misconception relates to sexual fantasies: You are abnormal if you have specific, more unusual stories. You will scare your partner if you share your sexual fantasy. Sharing a slightly more unusual sexual fantasy with your partner can even bring you closer; it is a moment of sincerity and intimacy beneficial for the relationship, even if the partner is not willing to participate in the sexual fantasy.
  • These wrong conceptions of sexual fantasies were born from the opinions of Freud, who considered that a happy person does not have sexual fantasies but only an unsatisfied one.
  • And nowadays, some people believe that sexual fantasies are compensation for the lack of sexual opportunities, embracing the wrong idea that if you have a healthy and fulfilling sex life, you don’t need sexual fantasies anymore.

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