How to perform a striptease

Sexuality is the backbone of your health. Work stress and home responsibilities turn your sexual encounters into a routine. The flame of passion goes out, and the bed ceases to be an exciting space. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website. How to prevent boredom from taking over your life? The first step is to let go of inhibitions. Eroticism is awakened with imagination, so you must change the game’s rules. Striptease is an attractive option to stimulate fantasies. In this article, we explain how to get naked like a pro.

The art of striptease

Believe it or not, sensual dance is an ancient practice. Sumerian documents evidence its existence from the 3rd century BC. C. The first striptease in front of an audience occurred in 1893 at the Moulin Rouge (Paris). Over the years, multiple muses specialized in this art were born. The beautiful Mata Hari dazzled her spectators with her oriental dances. She had no modesty. She undressed, wrapped in an aura of mystery. The men fell at his feet.

Who does not remember the stunning Kim Basinger in the movie nine and a half weeks? The scene where she takes off her clothes, to the rhythm of the song “You can leave your hat on”, is a benchmark of erotic cinema in the 80s.

Women are not the only protagonists of striptease. Men can also excel in this exciting practice. The movie Magic Mike confirms it: sweat, muscles revealed in the half-light. The show was full of sensuality that makes your skin crawl.

How to do striptease

Striptease is one of the most popular sex games among men and our escort girls. Although nightclub professionals usually perform it, your mission is to inject everyday spaces with a good dose of pleasure.

Recognize your strengths

To be sensual, you must know your body very well. It doesn’t matter how old you are, your size or tall you are. Look in the mirror and learn to recognize your attributes. They are your secret weapon. You don’t have to have a perfect figure or be an icon of beauty. The key is to take advantage of your strengths to put aside everything that does not make you feel good.

Confidence is the sexiest thing a man or woman can have. Do you have pronounced curves? Do not hesitate to highlight them. Huge breasts? Please take advantage of them with a good neckline. A few extra kilos? Let them flow with fun erotic lingerie.

Choose and set the stage

Sexologists have shown that problems in sexual experiences are closely related to where they occur. You must renew your love scenario, adding objects, smells or visual stimuli.

To awaken the dormant passion, it is necessary to use imagination. Choose a place other than the bedroom to do your striptease—the more unusual and unexpected your setting, the more significant dose of surprise and adrenaline. You can turn the living room or kitchen into an exotic environment to have fun. How? Use soft or indirect light sources to create a suggestive atmosphere. You can also use other elements such as aromatic candles and modify the order of the objects.

Plan privacy with your partner. If you have children, make sure to do your dance at a time when they are not at home or find a babysitter for that special occasion. No one must bother you; you can give free rein to pleasure.

Design your image

Striptease is open to all kinds of fantasies. You can opt for conventional erotic lingerie with lace applications and translucent textures. It’s also a perfect opportunity to dress up and transform into any character: a sexy nurse wanting to play, a policewoman ready to subdue thugs or a hot bunny. And if you want to go further, you can introduce BDSM accessories: a whip, handcuffs or a daring mask.

Select clothing that is comfortable and easy to remove. This is not the time to wear tight clothing, rough fabric, or many layers. The magic is broken if you spend too much time taking off a blouse or sweater. The idea is that the dance flows organically. The clothes should facilitate the rhythm of the striptease.

Although heels flatter the figure and are a fantastic fetish for this occasion, ensure you can walk well in them. If you lose your balance, they end up ruining the show. We recommend that you use a simple hairstyle. A bow is a good option because you can let it go while you dance. The eyes and lips are strategic focal points. To highlight your eyes, apply a shade of brown to the eyelids. Then use black eyeliner and apply mascara. To make your lips look fuller, use a light-colored gloss.

Select the music

The music must be sensual and enveloping. Select a piece that makes you feel confident and sexy, something that you can quickly move your hips in. Avoid too fast rhythms that can damage the environment. Use a moderate volume. Remember that the music should not steal the show. It must be an assistant so that you are the protagonist.

Rehearse your steps

It’s not about being a skilled dancer. It’s about establishing a fiery bond with your lover. If you are a beginner, we recommend you rehearse your dance. You must have the necessary security to radiate all your passion.

Basic steps to drive your partner crazy

  • Do not rush. You must go slowly. Start on your back, moving your hips to the beat of the music.
  • Accompany the swing of your hips, moving your shoulders alternately in circles and backwards. First, one shoulder and the other, the key coordinates them with your hips.
  • Make a slight twist on your back to show your profile and cast a glare.
  • Put your hands on your waist and bend your legs to slide down. Do it little by little, so your partner can enjoy the movements when you’re down. Slow climb back up. You can repeat this movement two or three times.
  • The temperature is already rising, now turn your body 90 degrees and leave the leg closest to your lover in front. Lean your chest towards the ground and stroke your legs as far as possible. When you get up, take the opportunity to caress your buttocks.
  • Get face to face with your partner. Without stopping moving, caress yourself all over your body until you reach your head. Play with your hair however you want. If you have a bun, you can let it go.
  • This is the perfect time to start playing with your clothes. You can pull up your shirt, drop a suspender, and remove some buttons. Do not show everything at first. The trick is to create expectations.
  • Take the opportunity to remove your shirt slowly. Do not lose eye contact, smile mischievously and let the garment fall sensually to the ground.
  • Don’t let your partner touch you. Now that it’s a hotter getaway. Keep dancing. You can use a chair or any other object to support your movements. Show yourself without shame. Your hips must challenge and excite him.
  • You are at a climatic point. Without losing sight of it, unclasp your bra. Throw it gently.
  • Lower your panties little by little. You can do it standing or sitting. Slide them with your foot until you are naked.
  • Move closer with sensual movements and give him a passionate kiss.
  • Let the emotions overflow and enjoy.

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