Harry Potter Park in London

Fancy going behind the scenes of the Harry Potter movies? Then this is your site. But first, you must prepare the visit in advance so as not to be left without a ticket to the Warner Studios park in London. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

Today I’m taking you to the set and the two film sets of the magician movies created by J. K. Rowling. You will visit Harry Potter Park in London with me in this article. The Warner Bros studios in the British capital offer a tour of their studios. When I planned my English city trip, I knew I wanted to do this tour. Our escort girls recommend this blog.

If you follow me on my travels, you know that I like to try experiences wherever I go. Especially if they are as funny as this one. If you are going to make a getaway in England, it is best to reserve several days to see the city and take an excursion nearby. Here is my article on what to see in London, so you don’t leave anything out.

On the other hand, to make the most of your time, choosing a hotel with a good location is essential. I love the neighbourhood of Southwark. Several metro stations connect to critical points in the city, but Big Ben and the London Eye are just a stone’s throw away. Not to mention the mythical Borough Market. In addition, the hotels in this area are modern, and some are reasonably priced. Of all of them, I prefer CitizenM London Bankside. You can book it through this link without cancellation fees.

Now I’m going straight to the point because I know that if you’re a fan of this saga of wizards, I’m sure you can’t take another minute without having your ticket for the Warner Studios tour. From my experience, buying the key with the transfer included is a good idea. You will save time and have the convenience of coming and going in an official park environment.


Curiosities of the Harry Potter Park in London

Before moving on to the user data part, I will tell you a few things that surprised me. Some of them I couldn’t even imagine:

  • The dragon seen at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London tour entrance was built especially for this park. The one featured in Deathly Hallows – Part 2 was created using computer-generated effects.
  • Up to eighty-six artists worked on the model of Hogwarts castle. If the hours used to build and retouch it were added, it would exceed 74 years.
  • There is a replica of Platform Nine and Three Quarters from King’s Cross Station on the Leavesden film set. Although most of the scenes were shot in this London terminal, it was decided to do it in a studio for the last film.
  • If you dream of flying over the rooftops of London, just like the protagonists of the cast, in the park of Harry Potter London, you can fulfil your wish. Thanks to the special effects of the green screen, you can take a souvenir photo on the back of a broom.
  • Butterbeer is only found at the Backlot Café in London’s Harry Potter Park. If you want to try this non-alcoholic drink, you can order it at this restaurant within the tour itinerary. Another option is to buy it at the official Harry Potter stores in London, although I assure you it will not taste the same as if you enjoyed it in the park.
  • Sirius Black’s flying motorcycle is at your disposal to test your magic. In one of the film sets, you can get on the bike on which Hagrid takes Harry to his uncle’s house as a baby.
  • Tickets for Christmas dinner in the Great Hall in London’s Harry Potter Park sell out annually within hours of the sale. The Christmas season lasts almost two months, and dinner is usually held for the modest three hundred euros cutlery on the weekend of mid-December. The tickets are sold as if by magic in a few hours despite the amount.

The essentials on the Harry Potter tour

The Great Hall. It is the acute setting of the films of the Harry Potter saga. It is assembled strictly as it was used on the set with costumes from all the Hogwarts houses and mythical props such as Dumbledore’s lectern.

The Forbidden Forest. It is another of the stages that can be visited on the London Studio Tour. Walking among the three-and-a-half-meter diameter trees is essential.

Hogwarts Express. Here you can get on the same train that Harry, Hermione and Ron Weasley took to go to wizarding school. You can also take photos as if you were inside the wagons.

Gringotts bank. You can see what the bank used to look like with its crystal lamps and its employees working. Also, the state it is in after Harry, Ron and Hermione break in to steal the supposed Horcrux.

Diagon Alley. The decoration of this street is made in detail with the explanations that appear in the literary saga of J.K. Rowling and inspiration from the works of Dickens.

The model of Hogwarts castle is the jewel in the crown of the art department. The details of the model are magnificent. However, the best thing is the surprise of the fireworks and the lights.

The Harry Potter store. I couldn’t miss this place where you can take home anything from a magic wand, Christmas decorations from all the Hogwarts houses, a wizard’s robe or delicious chocolate frogs.


Hours and prices of the Harry Potter Park in London

Tickets for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London must be reserved in advance. Only visitors with a booking confirmation are allowed to enter. They check it before entering the parking lot if you go by car.

Practical information about the visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London:

  1. There is a locker where you can leave coats or backpacks for free. In winter, I recommend keeping your jacket on because a part of the tour is outdoors and cold.
  2. The tour is only in English. All information and data of interest appear in this language. Even if your level in this language is not very good, the explanations follow well.
  3. There are audio guides in several languages, including Spanish. The price is £4.95 per person.
  4. The bathrooms are at the entrance of the studios, but there are also several throughout the different rooms.
  5. All facilities, including the Studio store, are only for people with an entrance ticket.
  6. The ticket is reserved for one day and a one-time slot. To see everything well with four hours is enough. However, we saw people who did a double shift to enter the tour.
  7. There are two dining areas. The first is before entering the tour route. One of the cafes is the Frog Café, inspired by the boxes of chocolate frogs. There is also a restaurant with pizzas, burgers or hot dogs. There, the price was about 7 pounds for a children’s pizza. A burger or salad for an adult starts at 13 or 15 pounds.
  8. To try the famous butterbeer, you can buy it at the Harry Potter store and a restaurant inside the tour. You can even buy a souvenir mug.
  9. If you go on your own, it is best to do it by train. You must go to Euston station ten minutes from King’s Cross Station. There is a direct train from this station, which only takes 20 minutes. From there to Watford Junction, the station near the studios. To get there from the station, there is a bus service every 15 minutes to the park.


Harry Potter Studios prices

I leave you the entrance prices with transfer and only the ticket:

  • Adult general admission and gift ticket: 60 euros.
  • Children from 5 to 15 years old: 47 euros.
  • Children under four years: Free.
  • Adult general admission with transfer included: 116 euros.
  • Entry from 5 to 15 years with transfer had: 105 euros.
  • Transfer for less than four years: 35 euros.

I recommend booking the ticket with the transfers with an official provider like I did. You have the link here to see the time slots and prices.


Harry Potter studio hours in London

If you buy the tour with the transfer from London, the first departure time is at eight in the morning and the last at two in the afternoon. The return is at the closing of the park.

  • The studio opens at 9:30 a.m.
  • The first tour of the studio usually starts at 10:00.
  • The last tour of the studio starts at 4:00 p.m.
  • The studio closes at 8:00 p.m. in the low season and 10:00 p.m. in the high season (from the end of May, it already has this schedule).

Opening hours change throughout the year and in special periods such as the Christmas or Easter holidays. The good idea is to consult it before planning your trip to London because it is an activity in high demand. You can do it here.

Frequently asked questions about Harry Potter Park in London

I hope that with these questions that I have prepared for you, you will solve the same doubts that arose while I was organizing this Harry Potter excursion:

Where are the Harry Potter studios in London? He’s in Leavesden. The Studio Tour is 32 kilometres northwest of London, and although it is a short distance, the tour takes at least one hour.

How much does it cost to go to the world of Harry Potter in London? The price ranges from 60 euros for an adult and 47 € for a child between the ages of five and fifteen. Children under four years are free. To the price of the tickets, you have to add the transfer to this town on the outskirts.

What’s in the Harry Potter park in London? It is the filming set of the Harry Potter movies. You can see the making of this saga of magicians. There are also costumes, sets, models, animation, and recreation of scenes. You can try the famous butter beers, shop at the official store and even take photos as if you were another actor in the saga in many mythical places. Of course, you also can test your magic tricks or get on the famous Hogwarts train.

Where to see Harry Potter in England? The Harry Potter studios are on the outskirts of London. But in the city, several locations appear in the movies. You can take a guided tour that visits various sites in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In addition, they take you to platforms 9 and 3/4 and the official store in London. If you prefer to do it alone, I have this post with all the Harry Potter routes in London.

How much time do you recommend visiting the Harry Potter studios in London? For me, three hours is enough to do the entire tour, take photos at the sites, fill out the passport and see the animations. Add a couple of hours to eat and shop at the store.

Is the visit to the Harry Potter studios tour only for wizarding fans? For me, it’s worth it, even if you haven’t seen or read any of his movies or books. It is a large recording studio where you will see special effects, sets, costume designs and animation. So it’s a very entertaining visit.

Is it worth the Harry Potter Studio Tour with a transfer from London? For me, if. The bus leaves Victoria Station at the time you have selected. Tickets are delivered to you at Warner Studios. The return is about four and a half hours later, at the same point of arrival. Easy and straightforward without having to worry about anything else. As it is an activity with a lot of demand, I recommend that you book it in advance in the same place where I usually do it.




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