How to become the most desirable escort girl

Escort girls whose careers are yet to be significantly established admire those who find success in the industry. But you know what? Becoming the most desirable escort girl in London is possible for you too if you follow the advice in this guide. You don’t become an escort simply by announcing your services and quietly waiting for appointment requests. There is a long way to go to become one of the women sought after by all customers. So, read on and discover some tips to help you become an accomplished courtesan.

Invest in quality images

First, you need to use quality images. You don’t expect a prominent man to pay a lot of money if your photos are poor quality. You need to invest in your brand to create the perceived value that customers want to experience when meeting. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to have good photos. You can even do a little research to find the best photo editors to brighten up your images. An escort girl can also find resources online to prepare their background so that their photos are bright and full of life. Remember that you don’t have to use nude photos because high-end clients aren’t particularly looking for them. Focus on quality, not nudity.

Blurring your face

If you prefer to blur your face, remember to do it professionally. If you have blurry images, make sure that other attractive aspects of your body are highlighted, such as your voluptuous curves or full breasts. If your breasts are small, investing in a good bra can be a good idea. Choose one push-up type that will give the impression of a bigger bust.

Don’t be worried that your client will refuse to continue with the meeting when they discover your small breasts when it is time to take your clothes off. At this point, the customer will be so hot that they won’t notice any of it. If showing your face is a problem for you, then a smile is your best bet. Clients love escorts who have a cheerful attitude.

Most escort girls think that showing a severe face will win them clients, but on the contrary: you should smile in the photos so that clients can already visualize happy times in your company. If smiling is difficult, practice it in your daily life. Eventually, smiles will come naturally to you with your customers.

Take care of your body

Your body is your primary working tool in your escort career, and you have to take care of it. No customer wants to spend time with a neglected woman. If you need to shed a few pounds, do it. Be thorough with your eyebrows.

Regularly, make an appointment for a manicure and pedicure. Maintaining a high standard only makes you more desirable to customers. Also, exercise every day because men appreciate a fit escort girl. Of course, you also know that a healthy woman will be more flexible in bed and able to try several things. However, if you want to be a BBW, you can be more plump yet supple and fit to provide clients with the best dating possible.

The marketing

In order to have a lot of appointments, an escort girl must keep their profile up to date. Tailor your strategies to what works for you. When creating your ad, make sure to let your clients know what you can offer them that is different from other escort girls. Customers appreciate escorts who provide personalized services.

They want to see that you only think of them and your time together on their date. Share some of your innermost thoughts on your profile without giving too much information. So clients who match your criteria will not miss you, and they will immediately want to make an appointment for their session with a call girl.

Modify your profile every two weeks minimum. Most importantly, advertise your services through a reputable Escort Service like ours. Nothing is free, so you have to invest in your business with constant marketing. If you pay to advertise, your profile will be placed on the directory home pages, and customers will notice it as soon as they start viewing escort girl profiles. Customers who didn’t see you the first time might suddenly be interested in new detail in your profile and want to make an appointment with you for your sexy services following your most recent update.

A positive attitude

You don’t have to be the most beautiful woman to succeed as an escort. All you need is a positive attitude. You might look good, but once a client notices a negative attitude from you, they may never make an appointment with you again. Worse yet, it might leave you with a negative review. A positive attitude improves your ability to meet and establish a regular clientele. If your mood is terrible, then prostitution can become difficult for you.

Be sure of yourself

A confident woman is sexy, and men love dating such a woman. As an escort lady, your self-esteem must be very high, or you will find it challenging to do your job. Don’t wait for compliments to feel confident. Make every stride a woman who is entirely sure and fearless of any form of bullying. Customers don’t want to pay for an insecure woman who may burst into tears in front of the wrong customers. And then, what man, having paid for sex, would be content to console an emotionally unstable escort girl? None, that’s for sure! So get ready and show yourself confidence.

Unique escort services

You have to offer your customers personalized services. Constantly search for the hottest naughty activities to update your profile. It would help satisfy your customer’s fetishes, so be prepared to give them a try. As an escort girl, you might hear the craziest fetishes, but remember not to judge. It is recommended that you indicate on your profile that you care about your customers’ needs and that your only goal is to meet them. It would be best to give examples of what you can do to encourage potential clients to make an appointment with you.

Please indicate on your profile how willing you would be to put them at ease and meet their needs. For example, you could explain how you went out of your way to bring a birthday cake or chocolate for a customer to make their day a memorable one. Clients will be willing to pay dearly for an escort who would do anything to make their most desired fantasies come true. It will cost you nothing to set everything up and carry the necessary accessories to fulfill a role-play dream mentioned by the guest when they made their reservation.


Have you ever been in a situation where a customer strikes up a conversation with you, and when you only hope to see them book a session, the conversation suddenly ends? Likely, your communication with them was not attractive enough for them to move on to the reservation afterward. Customers like escorts who engage in discussion with them and explain what to expect after booking. Your success as an escort could be hampered by your ineffective communication with your potential clients.

To make them look forward to meeting you, be sure to interest them. Show them that you are ready to provide the services they want to receive. Now is also the time to let them know when and where the perfect time to meet is. If you have any ground rules, you should also mention them so that your client is well informed. Do not forget to insist on your discretion because your clients also take this to heart and will greatly appreciate that an escort keeps their most private secrets.

Keep your personal life private

At no time should you tell a client you meet about your relationships outside of work! For example, mentioning your boyfriend or husband won’t appeal to any man. Resist the temptation to disclose your recent engagement or marriage to your client. Each man who makes an appointment with you wishes to have you alone for the time of your meeting.

And then, how many clients would like to make an appointment with an escort girl who will irritate them with the details of her personal life? If you said “none,” you are correct. Focus on your client for the duration of your meeting. Give him your undivided attention so that he will want to see you again and again.

How to become an escort girl’s favorite client

Adopt the right attitude with an escort and know how to behave if you want to become her best client.

Do your research wherever you meet her

Does she have a website? Are her listings more than six months old and have reviews from past customers (though some don’t want to be rated). Before contacting her, type her name into a search engine (or her phone number, email address, etc.). Expect her to do the same for her safety. Be respectful and give her the information she asks for

Be on time

Call her if you are more than 10 minutes late. If you did not notify her of your schedule change in advance, you would have to pay for your missed time. If your 60-minute date starts at 7 a.m. and you arrive at 7:15 a.m., leave at 8 a.m. anyway. Stick to the escort’s schedule and schedules and don’t linger. Even though she genuinely enjoyed the time spent with you, you may disturb and make her feel uncomfortable if you are late in leaving. If you want to see her long, ask her and if she accepts, pay her the rate negotiated in advance.

Determine your schedule beforehand and stick to it

Escorts usually use codes (e.g., CIM, greek, GFE, PSE, etc.). Please do some research on this before you call or contact her by email.

Never discuss sex or money in person

This rule is for your safety. If this is a trap, she will try to get you to say what you want aloud by recording the conversation. When in doubt, hug her or ask her to make herself comfortable. If she accepts, you are free to do so.

Always pay first

If you must refer to it, speak of a gift and not money. Please do not give her the agreed amount directly. Put it in a visible location or the room you agreed to before your meeting (usually near the bathroom sink).

Don’t feel the need to impress her sexually

While this is noble of you and caring, she is here to please you. Do not hold back to make your lovemaking last longer, as you may not be able to come (which is not the result you expect). If that turns you on, you can take care of her, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


She won’t blame you if you have to leave after your report. Whether you need to get back to work or aren’t into chatting and cuddling, do whatever you want. She will certainly appreciate having some more free time. If you have a real connection, chemistry sets in between you, or even if you genuinely enjoy her company and this getaway from your daily life, stay until the end of your date. She will be happy no matter what choice you make.

Bring wine or a gift

Escorts love it, and you will give her an excellent first impression. Wine will allow you to relax and be the most comfortable, as it’s a beautiful social lubricant when you need to achieve chemistry in just an hour or two. You can ask her in advance which wines she likes to drink. Don’t forget the glasses!

Vouchers are also a great idea if you want to give her a gift, especially for brands like Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Body Shop, etc. You can give her more personalized gifts such as lingerie, jewelry, or perfume if you know this escort well. For additional bonus points, you can offer her a drink or a dinner voucher (don’t forget that she will remain paid for the time she dedicates to you). If you enjoy her company and can afford to do so, this is the best way to make her feel unique. Remember, she works by the hour, so never ask her to give you time for free. It is a line that you must not cross.


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