• We understand that you have a busy schedule and that plans change frequently; but, if you must cancel an appointment, please phone and notify us so that we can inform the escort and maybe arrange someone else to meet them. If you fail to show up for a reservation (without calling to cancel!) you will be considered a “no show” and will be barred from booking via the Escort Agency in the future.
  • Yes. However, I only accept reviews that are classy. Any private details must be balanced against the overall enjoyment you experienced in my model’s company. If you intend to read reviews before meeting, keep in mind that each connection is unique, and chemistry differs between two individuals, therefore you should make your own decisions.

  • Absolutely. I’m used to dating high-profile people and understand the importance of confidentiality. Our key goals are safety and discretion. Screening helps us to be at ease before the meeting, and we will never put our safety at risk. Remember that our connection is built on the foundation of trust. It cannot, under any circumstances, be jeopardized. Your information will only be used to verify your identity. It will be removed as soon as a link is established. If you prefer not to email your information, I can take it over the phone.

  • You will, without a doubt, demand the finest level of personal hygiene from your escorts, but please keep in mind that our escorts expect the same from our clients. After a long day at work, simply ask one of our escorts if she could run you a bath or get the shower ready for you – she might even join you!

  • We will do our utmost to supply you with an alternate escort if one of our escorts cancels their booking unless you wish to rebook your original escort at a later date. Our girls are professional escorts, but they, like everyone else, may become unwell or have to deal with a family situation.

  • If you change your mind or something comes up, we understand. If you must cancel, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can inform your escort.

  • They aren’t, I’m afraid. Professional escorts are the females we represent. Would you haggle with them if they used their professional skills to make a career like your lawyer or accountant? The only time you might be able to negotiate is if you’re hiring one of our escorts for a longer duration than what’s mentioned on her cost schedule. In this case, we would expect to talk about the pricing with you.

  • Yes, of course. Although not all of our escort girls are openly bisexual, those who include a comment on their profile page detailing their preferred partners.

  • Yes, some of our escort females prefer meeting both singles and couples! However, because not all female escorts are so accommodating, you must let us know ahead of time if you want to bring a third party, so we can make sure your chosen escort girl is comfortable with the arrangements. Surcharges are frequently imposed; the amount is at the discretion of the escort.

  • The Escort Service makes every effort to enlighten you about the lady’s profile so that you can make an informed decision. It’s an uncommon occurrence, but we recognize that personal relationships aren’t calculable. It’s possible that the lady satisfies all of your physical requirements but lacks chemistry. Try to imagine sex as constantly being an adventure. You may rest assured that The Escort Service will provide you with a discreet and personalized service. We provide suites with thorough attention to detail, both in terms of hygiene and décor, as well as a wide range of escort profiles who chose our facilities for their comfort and privacy.

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