We have noticed that many of our readers and escort girl are interested in this topic: What makes us attractive? What are the traits that a man cannot resist?

And I thought I’d tell you about what I think makes a woman attractive in front of a balanced man. I emphasized this because you don’t want to attract a man who is looking for trophies that he throws away after he conquers them or an emotionally unavailable man, totally lacking in empathy and focused only on himself. The escort girls from our Escort Service recommended this topic!

Be natural

Be you! Be natural, not as you think you would be better, smarter, sexier, funnier, more stylish, more interesting, more pleasant, more attentive, more benevolent. Any attempt to be someone else turns you into an inauthentic, rigid person who forces himself to be someone else for the sake of being liked, and in the end, he will tire of pretending. This could surprise and even alienate the partner who was attracted to your masks. Smile, joke, play, don’t take yourself so seriously; you’re on a date with the man you like, not a business one.

Be present

When you are present, you enjoy the company of the man you like, which makes you much more beautiful. You don’t think about how you should be, what you should do, what you should say. You are attentive to what is happening and what you feel. Not how to arch your lips, how the relationship that has not even started will evolve or how many children you will have. When you are present, you don’t sit on the phone or keep your eyes on the people around you, and that makes you much more attractive because you make the person in front of you feel the most important. And don’t forget eye contact. It’s extremely important, too.

Know yourself

The better you know yourself, the more confidence you have, making you super sexy. Please don’t feel stupid because you don’t know something; you’re open to learning from others and comfortable with your body as it is or with skin imperfections. You understand and love yourself as you are without being concerned about hiding what you don’t like about yourself.

Access your feminine energy!

In a world of speed where we have so much to do, we forget to be women: warm, gentle, empathetic, patient, without a harsh voice, attentive, open, and communicative. We are quick, strong, determined, and independent, traits characteristic of masculine energy. It’s hard for a man to want something he already has.

  • Don’t cry
  • Don’t victimize yourself.
  • Don’t gossip.
  • Don’t criticize him.
  • Do not use vulgar words.
  • Don’t raise your voice.
  • Don’t be passive-aggressive.
  • Don’t scold him.
  • Don’t do anything you wouldn’t like done to you.

Set limits

No matter how much you like a man, it doesn’t mean you must tolerate things that put you in an unpleasant situation. A woman who respects herself will always be respected and attractive.

Create a style that benefits you

Dress the way you know you look good: dresses made of flowing, silky materials on the body or a pair of jeans and a simple white T-shirt. I, for one, was surprised by the effect it can have. 🙂

Ask questions that provoke or surprise.

Be curious to know as much as possible about the man you like. And when he tells you something, be present.

Enter the feminine energy

“To do” is the verb that defines masculine energy, and “to be” is the one that defines feminine energy. Give yourself more permission to “be” instead of “do”. Women sometimes tend to take the initiative and end up doing more things than men, alienating them, even if they don’t realize it themselves. It’s something related to the subconscious.

Show your enthusiasm

Show your joy for the things and gestures he does for you. This will encourage him to do more.

Give him compliments

And men like to receive compliments as much as we do, so don’t be shy to say if you want something about him.

Men are mirrors for us. Sometimes, when you don’t like something about him, it might just be a reflection of you. Stop for a second and ask yourself if what you see is true. I say this because I was dating a man a few years ago, and he seemed very close to me on the second date. I wondered why. Then, I turned my attention to myself and realized that he was doing nothing but mirroring me. As I opened up, magic happened.

Be present! Be natural and enjoy yourself at every meeting.

Self-confidence is born from listening to the heart.

One of my favourite songs is “Listen”, performed by Beyonce. Do you know it? I could call it a manifesto of identity – a woman’s voice rises, asserting her uniqueness, finding the strength to break away from the expectations of those around her (however dear), to find herself and manifest herself by following her voice inside, the voice of your own heart.

I believe that every heart is unique. And I think that every heart speaks. Secretly, the heart urges us to do what is good for us; it tells us about what we want and gives us a start whenever opportunities arise in our lives to fulfil our dreams, longings, aspirations, the desires of the heart, which make our hearts grow with joy.

From this listening to the heart, from this self-affirmation and manifestation of what we are, in a unique and unrepeatable way, SELF-TRUST is born because self-confidence is the certainty that you are you and it’s good that you exist.

Self-confidence is a gift you give yourself whenever you bend your ear to hear and interpret the whisper of your heart; a gift that makes you smile, make your voice heard in the sky, dance freely on the stage of life, to be – simply – YOU.

I suggest you choose one day this week to spend in solitude. You with yourself, listening to your inner voice, clarifying your thoughts, detaching yourself from the past, listening to your favorite music, making lists of what you want to achieve, dreaming and visualizing, meditating and above all, asking yourself: “Who am I?”

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