Sexual fears – The fears about sex that all men have ever experienced

What is sex for you? For me, sex is life, fun, relaxation, excitement. On the other hand, for many other people, sex can be the opposite, fear and frustration. I have a friend that every time he meets an escort girl to have sex, feels insecure, he wants to be with that person, but he gets very nervous.

When he explains it to me, he constantly compares it to football, the day before playing a game he wants, but as the match approaches, his nerves take over him because he does not stop thinking that his team could lose by his fault.

One of the reasons for his insecurities is because the first time he was with a girl, he had the same thing that happened to the protagonist of American Pie. He suffered premature ejaculation twice. And now he can’t get it out of his mind.

Porn movies have also influenced many men to have certain insecurities; not everything we see on TV is 100% real, I assure you. But I want you to know that you are not alone; sexual fears and fears are more common than you think, so today, I tried to collect the concerns about sex that every man has ever experienced.

Most common sexual fears among men

Fear of what they will think of your penis size

This is the most significant insecurity of men, 9 out of 10 searches on penises on Google are related to size. Men think that women place great value on the size of their penis. There will be some, but I give more importance to how you use it. As I already mentioned in one of my previous articles, each cock is unique and unrepeatable, just like each one of you. Don’t let them tag you. An escort girl from Platinum Escorts will never judge you about you penis size!

Premature ejaculation

The second biggest concern of men in bed is premature ejaculation. How can I make myself last longer in bed? No wonder you ask yourself this, but sex is not like in porn; you don’t have to put up with that long; adult film actors have little secrets, but so do we. There is no magic recipe to treat premature ejaculation, but you can learn to re-educate your body. So that you can learn to control the ejaculatory reflex more, there is Falotherapy; as the name indicates, it is a treatment aimed at solving the problems of your penis, and for this, you need a therapist.

Fear of how they see you naked

Insecurity in physical appearance is another of the great fears of men when they are with a woman. Will you like me when I’m naked? What will he think of my body? You must learn to feel comfortable without clothes. You are not less of a man because you have a tummy. Your “little fish” makes you unique. Learning to accept yourself is very important, so I recommend enjoying your body. From now on, it is over practicing sex with the light off, turning it on and enjoying all the visual stimuli, observe the faces of your partners when they reach orgasm. We want to see you enjoy it!

Fear of not being good at sex

This fear is related to sexual insecurity; how long did it take you to learn to ride a bike? Who is an expert at something the first time? Albert Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to keep your balance, you can not stop”. The important thing in sex is to practice and gain confidence but, above all, you must focus on your partner, be attentive to their reactions, in this way you will know what they like and what they don’t. And if not, do not hesitate to ask him, communication is essential, maybe you discover things that you had never imagined you could achieve.

Fear of trying new positions

Being traditional in sex is not bad, but your partners will thank you if you can add a pinch of sugar to your sexual relations. Get out of your comfort zone, try new positions and sexual practices, don’t let the routine overtake you. As I mentioned before, why don’t you ask your partner what he would like you to do to him in bed? Maybe your partner is turned on by something you would never have asked yourself. I still remember when I told one of my hookups that I loved having anal sex, his eyes went wide.

Fear of not giving your partner an orgasm

You have to be aware that your partner will not always reach orgasm, and it will not be your fault; there are many reasons he does not match the climax. Maybe that day she wasn’t excited enough, her mind was elsewhere, among many other reasons. So I recommend that you focus on the moment and enjoy. If the person you’re having sex with reaches orgasm, great, but that shouldn’t be the goal. The goal is to enjoy the moment, to please each other.

Fear that your partner will masturbate alone with the sex toy


Perhaps the biggest fear of men in 2022, to be replaced by a sex toy. Relax, it is true that it gives us explosive orgasms in seconds, but we do not want to replace you either. It is only a compliment that we have to enjoy in privacy.

What do you do when you are alone? Sometimes I also imagine you masturbating. Please do not see the sex toy as a competitor, better look at it as an ally, and it can be something delicious for you. Why don’t you ask your partner to fuck all three simultaneously? It sure gives you a lot of play in bed. And you are one of those who do not want to see a sex toy at home.

I recommend that you practice a lot with your tongue. “They stimulate the clitoris with the tongue. We love it; it makes us go crazy. We do not exchange the humidity of the tongue for anything in the world. Another day I’ll tell you how we like to get our pussy eaten.”

Fear of not knowing how to undo a bra

It may seem like a joke, but I am convinced that more than one expects their partner to remove their bra because you have no idea how to undo it. The key is in practice, so I recommend that you hook a bra to a pillow so that you can practice how to undo it. If you like wild sex, you can also start it like in the movies but then you won’t win for bras, which are not cheap, good ones.

I will only tell you that the Guinness Record is in unfastening 56 bras with one hand in just one minute. Would you be able to match or exceed it? Do not give up, remember that perfect sex does not exist, everything is in your head. I will not tire of repeating it: practice is the key to improvement.

Learn to get rid of potency problems of a psychological nature

Most men who have potency problems do not face a physical cause. In general, the lack of erections is psychological. We are talking about far too many worries about how well you will perform in bed in most cases. I’m here to help you overcome your fears and anxieties about your performance in bed. And significantly to help you get rid of your potency problems so that you can enjoy a more pleasant and longer sex.

So how can sex worries affect your potency?

The first thing to note is that worrying about not performing at the level you expect (whether you’re worried that you won’t get an erection or that you won’t last as long as you want) distracts you from the sexual interaction you have with your partner. When people are worried during sex, they often do not pay attention to erotic thoughts and stimuli. So instead of thinking: “Wow, what an ass!” There is only one idea in your mind: how awful it would be if you didn’t have an erection or if you finished too soon.

Such future-oriented thoughts in which you imagine a possible catastrophe cause anxiety. In this case, imagine what a catastrophe it would be if you could not get an erection and what the consequences would be. Or, in short, what your partner will think of you.

When a person feels a threat in the future, such as a problem with potency, the body releases some chemicals that do not contribute to sexual desire or increase sexual appetite. However, anxiety is a healthy and reasonable emotional response to certain things in life; of course, it also occurs regarding power issues. So all you have to do is learn how to control your anxiety, which is precisely what I will teach you in this article.

The causes of potency problems of a psychological nature

Fear and anxiety are only in your mind. It’s not your penis that tells you you’re worried. It’s not the heartbeat that tells you you’re afraid. Anxiety about your sexual performance is only related to how you view sex. Which directly affects your potency. Next, I will tell you the source of these thoughts that worry you. Many studies prove that finding out why you are afraid leads to the immediate cancellation of the effect. So, part of the solution is to find out the source of the problem.

Pressure created by social life or porn movies

“A man can have sex anytime, anywhere, anyway” Does it sound familiar to you?

I don’t know where I heard that from, but I think everyone knows it. Because of this, most men have unrealistic expectations about their performance in bed. Do you want to get it up and running before you take off your pants? If so, it means you have unrealistic expectations. You most likely saw this in porn movies, when hop appeared a well-made macho with a huge penis, hard as steel. This is not the case in everyday life; porn actors inject substances directly into their penis to have an erection without serious sexual stimulation.

And so, when you get to bed, you start thinking, “I should have gotten it up by now….” “What do I do if I don’t get it up?” And here comes the thought that creates the highest level of stress and fear. “What will they think of me if they don’t wake it up?” If you’ve ever wondered, there’s no way back. You have already accepted that you will not be able to get an erection, and instead of focusing on your partner, you think about how she will feel about you. All your attention is on yourself, instead of enjoying the moments you have with your partner.

Circle vices

You may not have been able to get an erection at some point. Or you had a weaker erection and were worried. Either you were tired, stressed, or you didn’t feel like it, which is normal. It’s abnormal if you start worrying about it.

Because when you go to bed with a woman again, you’re going to start thinking: “Maybe I’m not getting it up again” “If it doesn’t get up this time too, it means I’m sick.” And these thoughts are the ones that cause anxiety and stress.

Instead of relaxing, you’re just too tense. And from here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of life lies. An experience like this follows you, and it is always with you. When I suffered from it, it happened that I didn’t get up a few times in a row. And when I saw a woman I liked on the street, I thought: “I look in vain because I can’t do anything to it.”

No more scenarios!

Are you planning on having sex? You think about how to start, what positions you put it in when you finish, and so on. It is a general assumption that sex should take a linear course involving foreplay, oral sex, penetration, and orgasm (assuming the entire penetration process took place for at least 20 minutes), and then you’re done, ending the night.

And while there is nothing wrong with having an order that you follow frequently or even making sex seem unpredictable, this kind of rigid thinking makes it seem like sex “should be a certain way.”. This is a significant cause of performance anxiety.

Sex does not have to be in any way. Maybe deviate. You can take a break. One thing you might want to try is to stop creating a script. Because it won’t always be the way, you think it will be.

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