In our porn-saturated society, most people will be able to remember their first experience of watching porn. Continue reading this article on the Escort Service website.

The Playboy generation could have experienced it for the first time by finding a hidden magazine stuffed under a mattress or hidden in a dresser drawer. In today’s age of Porn Hub, too many stumbled upon it while playing an online video game, scrolling through social media, or because a Google Image search didn’t work correctly. Or maybe a friend pulled out his phone during a night of sleep, showing you images you wouldn’t have thought existed until you saw them yourself.

There is no doubt that today, the porn film industry is more accessible, available and anonymous than ever, which is a big problem.

And, since the explosion of readily available Internet porn in the 90s, you don’t have to look very hard for porn to find it at the click of a button. It can be accessed from any mobile device with zero effort and zero limitations on what consumers can find. And although it might seem that the consumer controls the situation every time they access porn movies, this could not be further from the truth.

  1. The industry controls.

The adult entertainment industry wants to make consumers feel in control.

Free tube sites and paid subscription sites would love consumers to click, play and watch their content daily. These sites are not interested in the mental health of consumers, the state of their relationships or their career dreams and goals. Everything is about money and always about money – how can I make anyone who follows be hooked longer and stay on the site as long as possible?

Think of it this way. As consumers become attached to hardcore porn content and are unable or unwilling to stop watching, even when they say it’s not harmful, who is really in control? Hint: not the consumer.

No matter how many times the porn industry says that “sexual freedom” is their goal, science and research continue to confirm the opposite reality. In many ways, the porn film industry continues to be scientifically proven to exert a considerable influence on people’s sexuality.

This is especially true for children and adolescents. The porn film industry does not make significant efforts to keep its products out of the hands of children and young people. Our generation and future generations are coming of age with views and understandings of sex significantly shaped by porn. How is it healthy? In addition, only the porn film industry will benefit from a financial point of view from getting involved in people’s sexual lives. The idea that the porn film industry reflects sexual culture rather than shaping it is naive.

  1. Not all performing artists are in the industry voluntarily and consensually.

The porn industry would also like its customers to believe they are learning valuable information, such as sex tips and how to be a great lover. It would be nice for consumers to think that all those who sing in hardcore and abusive porn movies are having fun and “love their job”. Video after video, with categories like “gang bang” and “teen”, porn sites sell people as sex objects with no real needs, no real dreams, no families or hardships they face in real life.

This, again, could not be further from the truth. The average consumer does not know that many men and women are forced into the industry through coercive means, blackmail, or false “modelling” contracts that cause them to have sex on camera for money. Or, what happens very often is that established performing artists are forced or tricked into filming sexual acts that they are uncomfortable with or do not want to do.

This is in addition to the fact that many performers have mental and physical health problems from having a job that includes having rough and unprotected sex with several people weekly. Also, many porn film actors fall into drug or alcohol addiction problems in their attempts to numb the physical pain of filming scenes or even prescription drug problems to continue performing unrealistic sex acts.

Like this escort girl who went to a porn movie and the first thing she was given was drugged to help film what she didn’t know was a rape scene:

‘”You’re going to be a star.'”

He told me as he handed me more Xanax and a muscle relaxant. “You’re going to need these, trust me,” he said. Can any of you tell me if you’ve ever shown up to work on an empty stomach and said you’re on drugs? Something is not right here. ”

When consumers click on hardcore porn sites, they may fuel someone else’s pain and suffering. We do not claim that all porn films are non-compliant. We’re just pointing out that some are and some aren’t and that when you watch it, there’s no way to know which one it is.

So, would you buy from a company if you knew that some, but not all, of their products, were made with child labour? Would you support a store that abused some, but not all, of its employees?

How can it be ethical to say that “porn movies are okay because the participants give their consent” when we know that some – probably much more than you think – don’t?

  1. Porn has adverse effects on consumers

The adverse effects of the industry do not stop at the deterioration of the life and health of their employees. The $97 billion global industry would love to attract young consumers as lifelong customers. They wouldn’t care that a compulsive user’s life is more complicated by porn or that their product can worsen depression and anxiety.

The industry wouldn’t want you to know that watching a lot of porn over a long period can make consumers less aroused when in an actual situation with a real partner or that the sexual advice porn movies are pretty useless when it comes to sound and healthy sexual relations. The way men and women have sex in the room is configured so that the consumer at home can see what is happening, and that’s it. After all, just because something looks good on camera with specific lighting, editing, and angles doesn’t mean it will feel good with a natural person in real life.

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