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At Platinum Escort Agency, we are highly motivated to introduce passionate, young supermodels, students, and career women to our honourable clients. We are proud to present our top-notch Escort Services to our valued clientele. These escort girls are comfortable in all situations as they are trained to treat the gentlemen well. They are passionate about travelling around the world and exploring new dimensions of life. These super escort girls aim to make your getaways, business or leisure trips an exceptional experience. We work intensely to build their personalities, which helps us maintain our excellent reputation in this business.

Our Paddington Escort Service has gained a trustworthy reputation over the years as it’s always striving to provide better opportunities to its clientele. At Platinum Escort Service, we offer security and safety to both the escort girls and our prestigious clients, making us reach the top in this business. So, if you are planning your dream vacation or a holiday abroad, feel free to contact us for a beautiful escort girl. If you have no one to share your memories with, Platinum Escort Agency is happy to help you with that. Avoid getting overcharged with our budget-friendly pricing strategy. The solution to your boredom is the companionship of our gorgeous and intelligent escort models.

Platinum Escorts - Essential Infos

Our Super Escort Girls Offering Top-Notch Services

Paddington Escort Service professionally train beautiful escort girls to please reputable gentlemen. These escort models choose to become what they are. They like to travel around the world with the most generous gentlemen and offer them companionship in return. So, are you bored, lonely, or just looking for some fun? Our sexy escort girl is willing to go above and beyond to offer you a great time.

Do you have any hidden desires or secret fantasies? Finally, it’s time to fulfil them and make you the happiest! They can be the perfect companions to your spa day trip or if you are in the mood of hiking a mountain. We have escorts who are supermodels, history or medical students or even career-oriented women. These charming escort girls are known to provide immense pleasure and joy to the gentleman and make their trips memorable. Our model’s collection is beautiful beyond belief. You can visit our gallery to see it for yourself. We keep updating our photo gallery.

At Paddington Escort Service, you have two options to make reservations. You can choose according to your suitability. You can either make:
• Incall Bookings
• Outcall Bookings


Incall Bookings


Platinum Escort Agency has specific rules with Incall meetings as these kinds of dates are the most popular in England.

How it’s working?

After you make a reservation through the Paddington Escort Service with your desired beautiful escort girl, the escort model herself chooses a place for the meeting. It is usually a hotel or an apartment according to her standard and comfort. You will be required to submit your contact details to the Escort Agency. The Escort Service will reveal the hotel’s name or address where the escort girl will meet you. For the model’s safety, the Escort Service will again verify your contact details upon arrival. After confirming the details, we will inform you about the room number or apartment number to meet the playboy escort girl. To provide discretion and safety to our escort girls and clients both, we have strict policies that make us stay on the top in this business.


Outcall bookings


Platinum Escort Agency also provides our clients with the facility to arrange an outcall meeting with the escort girl. If some escort model is comfortable and agrees to an outcall meeting, you can proceed.

How it’s working?

Our valued client contacts the Escort Agency and makes a reservation for their bisexual escort girl. The client is supposed to provide us with direct information about where he would like to plan the meeting (a hotel of their choice, or their private apartment or an office).

Outcall bookings to hotels

The most commonplace of in an outcall meeting preferred by our clients is a hotel room. They book our attractive escort girl from our Escort Agency and invite her over to the hotel room. If you want an escort model to visit your hotel room, call us! The Escort Service requires in-depth information from our clients for the safety of our escort models. You need to provide us with the name of the hotel and room number as well. Later, you can expect to receive a phone call in your hotel room from the Escort Agency to confirm your availability. Only then we will confirm the meeting. If you don’t have a phone in your room, you can also send us a copy of the hotel bill or reservation to our email or WhatsApp. The Escort Service will then send the gorgeous escort girl who will straightaway visit you in your room without contacting anyone at the reception.

Outcall bookings to your Home or Office

Another common way to proceed with the meeting is by calling the escort girl to your home, apartment or office. However, the process is still the same as the hotel visit. If there is no phone landline number, we will ask you to provide a copy of any utility bill. The bill will help the Escort Agency verify the client’s name and address of their home/apartment or office. After confirmation of the client’s availability, the Escort Service sends the amazing escort girl to the given address. Our escort models will park their cars a little away from your property if they visit you by car. They do this way to ensure maximum discretion. The Escort Agency cares about the client privacy more than anything.


Please make a reservation at least 6-12 hours before the meetings. However, we sometimes make same-day bookings according to the availability of the escort girls. You can make a reservation through email or directly from our website.

Payment through Cash

If the client wishes to stay anonymous, they can make the payment through cash. A deposit is made to the angelic escort model directly at the beginning of the meeting to ensure a smooth process. This method is the most preferred one. Contact Platinum Escort Agency for more detail.

Payment through Bank

If the client wishes to pay through a local or fiduciary bank account, this ensures maximum discretion and security. Contact Platinum Escort Agency for more detail.

Payment through Credit Card

At Platinum Escort Agency, we also accept credit cards online or by P.O.S. machine. For online transactions, you must contact the Escort Service.
However, if a client wishes to pay through a credit card to the brilliant escort model directly, he can request her to arrange a P.O.S. machine. This method is very convenient as you only need to swipe your card through the device.


Platinum Escort Agency provide charges with no hidden fee for the service. However, all the transactions made online will be anonymous on the bills. Hence, we want to clarify that all payments made through credit cards will be charged an additional 10% – 15% fee.

Platinum Escort Agency – Discretion Policy

We want to inform our valued clients that we will use personal information for the sake of bookings and reservations. Our Escort Agency’s policy is stringent when it comes to a client’s privacy. Our client’s trust is essential for our Escort Service. Our client’s satisfaction and happiness are of utmost priority as we are here to serve you and give you an exceptional experience. No hassle, no setbacks. We strive to make your trips the most joyous. However, despite taking all precautionary measures, neither agency nor the cheeky escort girl holds any responsibility if the information gets leaked somehow. We may change our policies from time to time, but we will keep our members informed. We encourage you to make all contacts with the escort models through the agency to avoid any inconvenience.

We want to inform our valued clients that Platinum Escorts is not associated with prostitution in London. We are not linked with prostitution in any way. We only specialize in connecting a well-esteemed gentleman to our beautiful active escort girl who offers companionship. A gentleman looking for companionship or a partner to travel around the world can contact us. We provide elite companionship to our clientele.

However, in case of a mishap, Platinum Escort takes no responsibility as whatever happens between a client, and an escort girl remains between them. It is not in any way concerns the Escort Agency. We are only responsible for the bookings and making reservations for the meetings. We are concerned with the meeting between both parties. It is advised that both consent adults and deal directly with issues without making the agency involved.

The Escort Agency confirms the incall and outcall meetings between both the parties and connects them only. We believe our escort girls come from different backgrounds. They join us from all around the world. They are not just working as escorts. Some are residing in London whereas others are on vacation themselves. They register with us for the sake of their own entertainment. The agency is not involved with their taxes and national insurances.

Our Sexy Escorts in Paddington

Paddington is a posh area in the North West of Central London, within the City of Westminster. It is known as the birthplace of Prince Harry and Prince William as they were born at St. Mary’s Hospital. Paddington is also known to many after Alexander Fleming discovered the antibiotic. It is about 4 miles away from London Bridge. The area gained a lot of popularity over time and it’s one of the best areas of London. If you were a fan of Paddington Bear in your childhood, you want to visit the Paddington Bear Statue for sure. You can ask for a classy escort girl at the Escort Agency to accompany you around Paddington and make your stay even more pleasant. Our girls are familiar with the area, and they know a lot of places where you can go to make your trip an unforgettable one.

You can travel using the Paddington Station, as it’s open 24/7. You can directly reach Paddington using the Paddington Station as after every fifteen minutes, a train is scheduled.
There are numerous fun activities that you can enjoy in Paddington as this is a super-hot location in London. We hope you have a great stay. We will enlist a few major attractions of the area where you can visit along with a cheerful escort girl, for example.

At Platinum Escorts, we interviewed our charming escort girls and asked them where they like to stay when choosing a hotel. They told us about many great hotels and chose the best ones for you.

Premier Inn London King’s Cross Hotel

A gigantic hotel is proudly standing just 2.5 miles away from the Paddington Station. The location is absolutely liked by many tourists as many famous places are nearby the hotel. Moreover, the rooms are great and absolutely loved by our escort girls. Claire is our most dedicated escort girl at the Escort Agency, and she said about the Premier Inn, “I love the simple yet modern interiors of the hotel room. It gives such a soothing effect. I always cherish my stay at this great hotel. Besides, the service and the staff is absolutely exceptional. They take care of their guests like their own. I would love to come back here accompanying a valued gentleman whenever I get a chance to. Premier Inn is a perfect place to stay.”

Website: Premier Inn London King’s Cross Hotel
Phone: 443333211272
Address: 26-30 York Way, London N1 9AA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Travelodge Harlow Hotel

Another great hotel just 19.5 miles away from Paddington station is the Travelodge. However, a simple yet budget-friendly hotel that is neat and clean. You can expect a delightful visit to this great hotel. Moreover, the staff ensure that you are pampered with all the facilities. Emma is our adorable escort girl at the Escort Agency, and she says about the Travelodge, “When I first came to stay at this hotel, I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision. But later, after getting to know about the exceptional service, I became a regular here. The rooms are tidy, and with high-speed internet and T.V., The staff makes sure you have a pleasant visit. I would come back here again like I always do. I will be happy to accompany a kind gentleman with me to the Travelodge.”

Website: Travelodge Harlow Hotel
Phone: 448719846289
Address: Edinburgh Gate, Harlow CM20 2JE, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Mercure London Paddington Hotel

Mercure London is very close to the Paddington Station, making it a convenient choice for most travellers. Mercure is an excellent hotel with spacious and tidy rooms. The interiors are modern and to the point, which makes it classic. We asked Chloe, our busty escort girl at the agency, about the hotel, and she said, “I have visited here many times because this is one of the most beautiful yet straightforward hotels I have lived in. I love to choose it every time for my meetings due to the services they provide. The staff is very generous, always willing to help. It’s easier to reach places as the location is quite lovely. I would recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Paddington. So, how about we book a night at Mercure London and have some fun moments together? Feel free to ask for me at the agency, and I will be there for you.”

Website: Mercure London Paddington Hotel
Phone: 442077068888
Address: 144 Praed St, London W2 1HU, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We interviewed our escort girls where they like to go for lunch or dinner dates with their partners. We made a list of the best restaurants our girls really enjoyed.

Angus Steakhouse Paddington

As the name suggests, Angus Steakhouse is also a perfect place to celebrate your occasions. The staff here will ensure that the guests are well taken care of. Are you a huge steak lover? If you are, you cannot miss this steakhouse. Everything starts sounding exciting when a person enters the place. Our curvy escort girl, Naomi said, “If you are a genuine steak lover and are craving for the best lunch date with your partner. Choose Angus Steakhouse as nothing goes wrong when you are at this place. The food is super delicious, cooked to perfection. I am a regular here. Their steak is absolutely divine. I wouldn’t give away a chance to accompany a nice gentleman to this steakhouse.”

Website: Angus Steakhouse Paddington
Phone: 442077064879
Address: 163 Praed Street, London W2 1RH England

Maps & Directions:

KuPP. Paddington

A Scandinavian restaurant that is somehow hard to find in London. KuPP is serving top-notch food and delicious drinks. The ambience is highly appreciated, and the staff makes sure to help you correct it. Our most elegant escort girl from the Escort Agency told us about this place. She said, “It is my go-to place for Scandinavian food with an exciting food menu. I like to visit KuPP at night as the ambience is excellent. I am a huge fan of their drinks collection, and I am impressed with their service every time I visit them. I would highly recommend this place and would love to sit by the canal to enjoy my scrumptious dinner with my partner.”

Website: KuPP. Paddington
Phone: 442072628618
Address: Unit 53 5 Merchant Square West 5 Merchant Square, London W2 1AS England

Maps & Directions:

We asked our most trendy escort girls about where they like to go shopping. These girls shortlisted a few shopping places, as we are mentioning the best ones in Paddington.

Marks & Spencer

As the name needs no introduction as M&S is one of the finest in England. All love marks & Spencer and so our cute escort girl, Elena says “Of course it’s my place when I need clothing, accessories, or even furniture. I trust Marks & Spencer for my styling and go there very often. I always prefer their outfits. Besides, I often receive gift cards from M&S, so I visit there a lot for almost everything. If you plan to pamper me or make me feel a bit special, we can visit M&S. I am sure you would want to do that. We can schedule a day out, and I will do amazing things for you. The great thing is that it’s nearby Paddington Station.”

Website: Marks & Spencer
Phone: 442074028092
Address: 54 Praed St, Paddington, London W2 1HA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Chronos Jewelry

One of the finest jewellery stores in Paddington that is budget-friendly as well. A store for all your needs when you want to spoil your sweetheart. We asked our delicate escort girl about Chronos Jewelry, and here is what she said, “I love this unique jewellery store. This is my most special place, and I like to visit here now and then for my jewellery or watch needs. Are you looking to spoil me a little? If yes, we can go to Chronos for jewellery, and you will make me the happiest. I will remember you for the rest of my life.”

Website: Chronos Jewelry
Phone: 447340289474
Address: 222 Edgware Rd, London W2 1DH, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We asked our most elegant escort girls about where they like to go for a relaxing spa trip in Paddington. They told us about many places where you can go to relax and rejuvenate. We are listing a few best ones.

Paddington Spa

Paddington Spa is one of the go-to places for people who reside in Paddington for the best facials and massages. Madison, our brunette escort girl said about Paddington Spa “Paddington Spa is the finest spa in Paddington known for the luxury massages. Whenever I am in the mood to relax after having a tiring day at work, I always go to the Paddington Spa. If you are also a massage lover and crave ravishing massages or a great day at the spa, I can accompany you to the best spa of your life.”

Website: Paddington Spa
Phone: 442037959895
Address: 189 Praed St, Tyburnia, London W2 1RU, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Spa One London

Spa One offers you luxury massages that help you clear your mind at the best location in Paddington, London. Our mature escort girl, Cecilia, told us about Spa One. She said, “Spa One makes you feel calm the moment you walk into the place. It has the best services one could ask for. The ambience and helping staff will make sure to treat you the best. They have many rejuvenating programs that you can choose from according to your requirement.
If a gentleman asks me about where I like to go for exclusive spa privileges, my answer is always Spa One London.”

Website: Spa One London
Phone: 442077060333
Address: Spa One London, Holiday Villa Hotel, 37 Leinster Gardens, London W2 3AN, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We asked our beautiful escort ladies about where they like to go when they are in the mood to visit a natural attraction in Paddington. Almost all of them told us the same parks as Paddington lies between two great parks of London. Besides, it also has many square garden’s where you can sit and eat and have a great day.

Norfolk Square

Norfolk Square is a quiet and green space to sit and enjoy greenery in the area. You can go there and sit randomly on a lazy day. Our natural escort girl, Andreea said about this place, “Norfolk square is on my way to work and whenever I am in the mood to sit down and ponder on a few things. I go there and sit, watching people have fun. Once I accompanied a fine gentleman who was a fan of green parks. We had a great time as we ate and laughed together. I would surely love to go again whenever I get a chance to. Accompanying a gentleman would make me even more delighted.”

Website: Norfolk Square
Address: Norfolk Square, Tyburnia, London W2, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Go Boat London

Go Boat London is a natural attraction in Paddington that provides you with a self-drive boating experience. Our Latina escort girl says about this place, “I love to visit Go Boat as it allows for me an excellent opportunity to experience a calming and relaxing time in the boat while exploring the surroundings of Paddington. You can book a boat ride whenever you are in the mood, and I will be happy to accompany you.
Just let me know so I can make a booking with them. I promise you would love each minute of this adventure.”

Website: Go Boat London
Phone: 442038876955
Address: Merchant Square, Paddington, London W2 1AS, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We asked our escort girls about which museums are worth visiting in Paddington. We have some gorgeous ladies who are immensely interested in learning history. They told us about the museums in Paddington.

Paddington Bear Statue

If you were a fan of Paddington Bear in your childhood, you would actually like to visit the Paddington Bear Statue. Our intellectual escort girl, Arianna said about Paddington Bear Statue, “Whenever I am feeling low, I go and visit the Paddington Bear Statue because I used to love Paddington Bear a lot as a child. I have many unforgettable memories attached to it. This actually lightens up my mood and makes me feel refreshed. If you are near the station, take a few minutes out and visit the statue. I will love to accompany you if you like. You can ask me at the Escort Agency. I am known as the party escort Ava.”

Website: Paddington Bear Statue
Address: 19 Eastbourne Terrace, London W2 6LA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Alexander Fleming Museum

A not so huge museum is located inside the famous St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. This museum tells how Alexander Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin. Alexander discovered penicillin in 1928. He was awarded a Nobel prize for his discovery. Our intelligent escort girl, who also happens to be a history student, says, “I have visited this little museum in St. Mary’s Hospital many times. I can give you a guided tour if you are interested. We can go there together so you can learn about the place.
I would be there by your side. I can make it even more interesting for you as I know all about the museum.”

Website: Alexander Fleming Museum
Phone: 442078866528
Address: 135a Praed St, Paddington, London W2 1QY, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We asked our beautiful escort girls about where they like to go to watch movies. They told us about a few cinemas in Paddington that are worth your visit.

Openair Cinema

This great cinema will give you an exceptional floating experience. You would love each moment spend in the boat watching and enjoying your favourite films. Our young escort girl says about this place, “For a highly joyful experience, you can visit this cinema to enjoy your favourite movie. If a partner accompanies you, you do not need to ask for anything else. However, do not forget to get your snacks onboard. You will be given some time before the movie starts to explore around. But you are sure to have a magical cinematic experience with the headphones on. The H.D. sound will blow your mind off. I will be there by your side to make it even more interesting for you.

Website: Openair Cinema
Address: Merchant Square, Paddington, London W2 1AS, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We asked our pretty escort girls about where they like to enjoy the nightlife. They told us a few places where the drinks taste heavenly. Let’s see what the sites to get high are.

EDG Bar and Lounge

A warm and relaxing place where you can go for a few drinks. They serve the best cocktails in town. If you are in Paddington, this place is a must-visit. Our party escort girl, Anastasia says, “I love this bar for its exquisite drinks and ambience. It’s a relaxing getaway for me at night when I need a night of adventure. The EDG Bar is in the Hilton Hotel. So if you are staying there, it is great otherwise you can only come for the drinks. Make sure you do not miss visiting this bar as it will give you an exceptional experience. You would want to come back here again. I highly recommend this place.”

Website: EDG Bar and Lounge
Phone: 442076166462
Address: 225 Edgware Road London W2 1JU United Kingdom Paddington

Maps & Directions:

The Frontline Club

The Frontline Club brings together various people at a place as it provides you with everything in one place. Whether it’s eating, films, or just having a drink, you may want to visit this versatile club for a great fun experience. Our gorgeous escort girl, Clara says about this place, “I often see this club via Paddington Tube as it’s the most exciting place around. Whether I am in the mood to have a drink or join a conversation. It is my go-to place. Let’s explore the possibilities together. You can ask for me at the Escort Agency, and we can both visit Frontline together.”

Website: The Frontline Club
Phone: 442074798960
Address: 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ

Maps & Directions:

We inquired our super ladies about where they like to go when in the mood to watch a theatre performance. These ladies told us about a few places that we think you can visit.

The Puppet Theatre Barge

If you are into puppets, then you must visit The Puppet Theatre Barge. It is only 0.3 miles away from Paddington. When you are bored and in the mood to have a good laugh. It will certainly make your day. Our pretty escort girl says, “I go there every now and then when I feel a little low. As a kid, I used to really adore the puppets, and their performance is so fascinating. If you are accompanied by a partner, then it’s a cherry on the top as you can share the laugh with someone. So yeah, feel free to ask for me at the agency. Just say that you are looking for Isabella, the prettiest escort.”

Website: The Puppet Theatre Barge
Phone: 442072496876
Address: Puppet Theatre Barge Blomfield Road (opposite 35) London W9 2PF

Maps & Directions:

Canal Café Theatre

Canal Café Theatre is also located in Little Venice that you can easily access using the Paddington Train Station. Our ebony escort girl, Rihanna, says about this theatre. “This place is sure to provide you with an exceptional experience when you are looking for entertainment on your way. If you are into comedy just like me, just make a reservation for me at the Escort Agency. We can go to Little Venice together to watch a fun performance.
We can go hand in hand. The performance will surely give us something to laugh about. The cast is entertaining, and they have always something extraordinary planned for the guests.”

Website: Canal Café Theatre
Phone: 442072896054
Address: Canal Cafe Theatre Delamere Terrace Little Venice London W2 6ND

Maps & Directions:

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