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Platinum Escort Service - Essential Infos

Platinum Escort Agency on Old Marylebone Road

Hook up with the hottest escort girls in your city! Platinum Escort Agency in Old Marylebone Road has some of the sexiest escorts ready to fulfill all your fantasies and desires.

With years’ experience providing great service and hundreds of satisfied clients, we know how to make it happen, so don’t hesitate any longer when there is such naughty fun awaiting you from one of London’s finest Escort Agencies!

Our beautiful girls are only a phone call away – just waiting for you to pick them out by browsing our gallery or contacting us via email for more information on what type of woman would be perfect for you.

When you need an active escort girl, our company is the one for you! We offer everything from exotic ladies with tight dresses to sophisticated Latina girls. You can find whatever type suits your fancy at our place, and we’ll make sure that whoever it is will show up on time, ready for anything!

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Our Escort Agency offers two types of meetings to book with us. You may choose according to your preference! Incall meetings and outcall meetings.

Incall meetings with our lovely escort girls

You’re visiting a new city and don’t know where to go for the best hotel or apartment experience. You need a charming escort girl that can choose their favorite place from many different locations, so they have confidence in your identity before meeting up!

Plus, all of our client’s needs when it comes to safety, both online and offline. So the agency will verify your identity and later connect you with an escort. After the verification is done, the escort allows the client access to her apartment or hotel wherever she plans to meet you! Incall Booking is designed specifically for this scenario.

Outcall meetings with our beautiful escort girls

There is also a possibility that your brilliant escort girl can come running to you. In this type of meeting, you can call her at your place. This type of meeting is called an outcall meeting with the escort girl.

Hotel Bookings – Outcall Meeting

We are confident that you will get your busty escort girl at your hotel after submitting some basic information after providing us with your information regarding your and the hotels’ names.

We can promise a comfortable experience for both parties involved after verifying your availability at the hotel via phone call. We look forward to making reservations and confirming availability as soon as possible so contact us today!

Home/Offices – Outcall Meeting

Waiting for your love? You might find it within hours! All you need to do is provide us with your landline and let our Escort Agency verify any information you share.

If there’s a change in address or unavailability of a landline, provide the utility bill with your name on it, and we will know where to send you the cutest escort girl!

Payment through Cash

If the client wishes to stay anonymous, then they can make the payment through cash. To ensure a smooth process, a deposit is made to the fabulous escort girl directly at the beginning of the meeting. This method is the most preferred one. Contact Platinum Escort Agency for more detail.

Payment through Bank

If the client wishes to pay through a local or fiduciary bank account, this ensures maximum discretion and security. Contact Platinum Escort Agency for more detail.

Payment through Credit Card

At Platinum Escort Agency, we also accept credit cards online or by P.O.S. machine. For online transactions, you must contact the Escort Service.

However, if a client wishes to pay directly through a credit card to the anal escort girl, he can request her to arrange a P.O.S. machine. This method is very convenient as you only need to swipe your card through the device.


Platinum Escort Agency provides charges with no hidden fee for the service. However, all the transactions made online will be anonymous on the bills. Hence, we want to clarify that all payments made through credit cards will be charged an additional 10% – 15% fee.

Whether you’re looking for a night out on the town or an intimate evening with your angelic escort girl, Platinum Escort Agency is here to provide what you need. We offer discreet and thoughtful companionship that will exceed all of your expectations!

You can expect nothing less than 100% satisfaction from our team of professionals who have been providing discretion since day one. For those in search of privacy and confidentiality regarding their private life matters, we are more than happy to accommodate them as best as possible.

Rest assured, knowing personal information about yourself won’t ever leave these premises unless explicitly given by yourself (if so inclined). Explore everything this agency has available at any time. We promise not to be disappointed!

The beautiful area of Old Marylebone Road!

Old Marylebone Road is an exceptional street in the Greater London Urban Area of Marylebone. At 340 meters long, it’s one-of-a-kind and has nothing to do with Edgware Road Tube Station – which by the way, you’ll find about 3 minutes northwest from this Street.

People of all tastes come here to get hitched and share in the joy at the Old Marylebone Town Hall. They turn their events into something extraordinary with our friendly catering team on hand, making it easy for you to plan your event! Book an attractive escort girl and visit Old Marylebone Road!

Marylebone is the perfect place to live if you’re looking for a blend of elegance, charm, and convenience. The Old Marylebone Town Hall offers an elegant space steeped in history but infused with modern amenities which will make any occasion memorable.

Residents enjoy some of London’s most famous streets, steps away from their front doors, while there are also leafy outdoor areas like Portman Square or Cavendish Square that offer respite from busy city life. Your careful escort girl is waiting for you to book her and visit these beautiful places!

Are you looking for a place to stay in Old Marylebone Road? We can help you decide on a friendly and warm hotel for your stay.

The Landmark London

We talked to our most beautiful escort girl about this hotel, and she said, “The Landmark Hotel creates a warm, inviting welcome for guests with its elegant decor and friendly service. The hotel is located 2 miles from Marylebone train station in central London.

It is perfect for commuters or those looking to explore the city’s vibrant neighborhoods like Oxford Street! I stayed there recently on a special occasion with my friend and had an amazing time. We were greeted by staff at the reception who escorted us to our beautifully decorated room, especially for me as it was my birthday month (complete with cake)!

My guest loved her stay too because of all the spa treatments she could enjoy following long days exploring this great city, such as their Winter Garden, where you can also have breakfast overlooking St James’ Park! If you like, I can also accompany you to this beautiful hotel.”

Phone: 00442076318000
Address: 222 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 6JQ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Holmes Hotel London

Our sexy escort girl said about this hotel, “Location is so easy to get around, right in the center of London and it only takes 3 minutes on foot from the tube. The rooms might be getting a little old, but they have comfy beds and great toiletries too.

Breakfast was also good – a very cozy area for breakfast with plenty enough space all around, which made our stay even better! The hotel looks like its seen some wear and tear over time.

However, there’s still lots going for it: location, cleanliness (not that we found any dirt), comfortable bedding, etc., making this an excellent choice if you’re not looking at things too closely or want something central yet within your budget at just a 9-minute walk from the Old Marylebone Road. This hotel is the place to go.”

Phone: 00443334006136
Address: 83 Chiltern St, London W1U 6NF, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Danubius Hotel Regents Park

We asked our most refined escort girl about this hotel, and she said, “Danubius Hotel is a charming and affordable hotel located in the heart of Central London, near some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including Regent Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and many more!

The rooms are spacious with stunning views overlooking Lord’s Cricket Ground to create an unforgettable stay for cricket enthusiasts or travelers seeking good value accommodation that offers great proximity to key attractions.

Friendly staff on hand 24/7 ensure your every need will be met. In contrast, our Stay Fit program provides fitness facilities so you can maintain your workout routine during your visit to this welcoming hotel.

I have stayed here multiple times as it’s just a few minutes walk from Old Marylebone Road, and I am sure you will have a delightful time here.”

Phone: 00442077227722
Address: 18 Lodge Rd, London NW8 7JT, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Do you want to go on a dinner date with our natural escort girl? Do not worry. They would love to join you and make your time memorable. Check out the best restaurants in Old Marylebone Road.


We asked our petite escort girl about this restaurant, and she flaunted about her experience. She said, “If you are seeking a cozy, intimate setting to enjoy fantastic fusion cuisine with an award-winning chef and professional waitstaff, then look no further.

Dinings at London offers fresh sushi and dishes that will satisfy any appetite’s craving for something different such as Wagyu beef or scallops. Suppose you are a fan of sushi, just like me. We can even plan a date evening together, which I am sure you will love and adore.”

Phone: 00442077230666
Address: Lennox Gardens Mews, London SW3 2JH, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Winter Garden – The Landmark London

We asked our wise escort girl about her experience at the winter garden. She replied, “The atmosphere of this hotel is unlike any other. You’re greeted with a grand courtyard, palm trees, and all the great amenities you would expect from such a piece of establishment-including live music! The restaurant has plenty to choose from for your culinary journey. Italian food options are plentiful on their menu.

They also offer a breakfast buffet that includes many international selections and coffee huts in each corner throughout the day so guests can enjoy a quick pick-me-up or snack while getting work done at one of three computer stations available.

You can also plan a romantic evening at this amazing restaurant. Along with me by your side. I am sure you will have an unforgettable time at this chic restaurant.”

Phone: 00442076318000
Address: The Landmark London, 222 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 6JQ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

The Seashell of Lisson Grove

We asked our thin escort girl, and she told us all about her experience at the Seashell restaurant. She said, “I love their fish and chips as I am already a huge fan of seafood, so I always love going to this restaurant. Once, I took a special friend there, and we had a great time together.

The restaurant displays fish and other seafood to choose fresh. I would love to go back every time as I am already a regular here if you are looking for a companion to accompany you to a special date night. Feel free to contact me.”

Phone: 00442072249000
Address: 49-51 Lisson Grove, London NW1 6UH, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Are you feeling dull? Maybe some shopping can cheer you up. Check out these fantastic spots for shopping in Old Marylebone Road. We know you and your slim escort girl will like them.

The Dresser

We asked our successful escort girl about her experience at the dresser. She told us, “Heading down to the dresser can be a great way of scoring some good designer clothes for an even better price. Just make sure you’ve got your wits about you because it’s easy to get duped into paying top pound without really knowing what they’re worth!

The kinds of labels on offer here will depend entirely on what the shopkeeper has in stock. Hermes and Fendi being among them with their trademark calf leathers. Don’t miss out too while checking those stalls.

After all, there’s no one more discerning than yourself when it comes to fashion! If you want, I can accompany you to this shopping place and we can both shop till we drop! The Dresser is just a six minutes’ walk from the Old Marylebone Road.”

Phone: 00442077247212
Address: 10 Porchester Place Connaught Village, London W2 2BS, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:


We asked our prettiest escort girl, and she told her all about Kindare. She goes like, “Kindare on Connaught Street is the first stand-alone store for London designer Kinder Aggugini.

He studied at Central St Martins in the 1980s and began as a tailor in Savile Row before working with labels like John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Calvin Klein. Expert tailoring skills make this hidden gem worth seeking out next time you’re looking to dress luxuriously without breaking the bank.

What else could you be looking for? If you want, I can also accompany you to this place, and we can enjoy a busy day together.”

Phone: 00442074029016
Address: 30 Connaught St, St George’s Fields, London W2 2AF, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Lyon and Turnbull

We asked our Russian escort girl about her experience of shopping at this auction house, and she told us, “This Scottish auction house, Lyon & Turnbull, brings culture and history to Connaught Village.

It has been functional since 1826 is one of the longest established fine art and antique auction houses in the UK. Holding approximately 30 auctions a year, this grand establishment specializes primarily in antiques.

However, it also holds Asian art exhibitions, paintings, and jewelry collections from notable figures such as Roger. The expert buyers at Scotland’s first independent public gallery are happy to bring your finest pieces into their stable for bidding.

But only if they think you’re serious about selling! After all these years, what we know best is that each item has its own story. So please don’t be shy when telling them yours.

Or let’s go together and have a tour of this antique auction house. I am sure it will be worth visiting. It is located just a few minutes away from Old Marylebone Road.”

Phone: 00441315578844
Address: 33 Broughton Pl, Edinburgh EH1 3RR, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Had a tiring day? Why worry when you can visit a relaxing spa in Old Marylebone Road to unwind. Try out a massage session with our redhead escort girl.

Spa at the Landmark London

We asked our quiet escort girl about her spa experience at Landmark London, and she excitedly told us all about it. She said, “I had the most wonderful facial with therapist Hida. Her knowledge and professionalism made me feel rejuvenated! I felt so refreshed after I visited this place, where they know how to take care of their customers properly.

After my experience, I felt like myself again and ready to take on the world. Thank you so much for providing such incredible service from start to finish.

Thank you for such a great experience – I very much recommend it! If you like, I can also accompany you, and we can both go there together to enjoy their incredible services.”

Phone: 00442076318010
Address: 222 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 6JQ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Marylebone Thai Spa

We asked our radiant escort girl about her experience at the Thai Spa, and she replied, “This amazing spa is just so nearby the Old Marylebone Road. Marylebone Thai Spa’ is London’s newest massage experience, bringing ancient Thailand’s relaxing techniques to a convenient and exclusive location.

This breath of relaxation amidst bustling London will be your place for tranquillity after a long day at work or shopping. I have been searching for that unique spa to receive quality service from body scrubbing, massages, manicures, and pedicures.

As well as other services like waxing so this was perfect! The atmosphere is clean yet cozy with individual shower rooms, making it easy to relax before my treatments begin. I can also accompany you if you like to this spa. I am sure you will have a delightful experience.”

Phone: 00442079352117
Address: 58A Paddington St, London W1U 4JA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Thai London Therapy Marylebone

We asked our popular escort girl about this place, and she said, “I am so glad that I found a therapist who can help me with my pain. It was tough for the past three years, but 90% of it is gone after one visit!

Thank you so much, Linda, and everyone here at this facility. Her kind and welcoming attitude also made me feel welcome when I walked through her door. If you like, we can both go together to this amazing spa.”

Phone: 00447872525489
Address: 60-61 Rossmore Rd, London NW1 6RB, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Are you feeling bored at home? Fresh air is all you need! Check out the most enchanting parks in Old Marylebone Road, alongside a precious escort girl.

The Regent’s Park

We asked our poetic escort girl about her experience at this park, and she said, “The Regent’s Park is a place to run, play sports, and relax. The lush green space has plenty of open spaces for people to exercise without the hassle of traffic or pollution.

It’s also an excellent place for adults who like their fitness games on a more mature level with tennis courts and football fields, among other things that make this park great fun! The Park is so pristine that you can’t help but enjoy yourself.

You’ll find a beautiful, well-kept environment for relaxing and taking in the scenery while surrounded by nature – unlike any other London park! This serene spot might be more difficult to find on days when it’s sunny outside because of how busy this place gets during nicer months.

The most interesting thing is the park is just a 4-minute drive from the old Marylebone Road. So if you are staying there, you may be here to spend your evenings. If you like, I can also accompany you to this park.”

Phone: 00443000612300
Address: London NW1 4NR, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Portman Square

We asked our lovely escort girl about Portman Square, and she said, “The friendly atmosphere of the garden is a sight to behold. The meandering pathway through a gently mounded lawn leads you past tennis and netball courts, as well as a small playground for playing around on!

Enjoy picturesque views from beneath trees with mixed shrubs that change with the seasons. It’s simply perfect. Take in an excellent public gesture by admiring Robert Adam’s 1878 drinking water fountain before getting back out into this busy world again.

You would love a delightful walk here, especially if you have company. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact the Escort Agency.”

Address: Portman Square, London W1H 6LT, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Are you interested in the history of Old Marylebone Road? Do not worry. It can be enjoyable as our loyal escort girl is here to accompany you!

Casa de San Martin

We asked our most amazing escort girl. She told us about this place, “José de San Martín’s statue in Belgrave Square, London has been a point of interest for tourists and citizens alike.

It was unveiled on November 2nd, 1994, by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. So if you are like me and are interested in world history, I can accompany you to this point. Later we can have a delightful time ahead. I can tell about San Martin.”

Address: 23 Park Rd, London NW1 6XN, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Madame Tussauds London

We asked our most cheerful escort girl about Madame Tussauds and got so excited. She said, “At only a three-minute drive from the Old Marylebone Road, this place is incredible. Last week, I went to Madame Tussauds, and I had a great time! The colors and decor are better, it’s less crowded, and everything is more enjoyable.

There was just one thing that wasn’t as good – when we walked into the 3D cinema with the film about Superheroes. It’s always a delightful experience whenever I visit this place. You can also come here with me if you like. I am sure you would love it too. Even if you have visited it before as well.”

Phone: 00448718943000
Address: Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5LR, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Let’s make the evening entertaining. Ask an athletic escort girl to accompany you to the movies, and have a fantastic night ahead of you.

Odeon London Marble Arch

We asked our cheeky escort girl about this place, and she said, “I don’t know about you, but I get a little antsy if my cinema doesn’t have enough seats. Thankfully that’s not the case at Odeon Marble Arch because there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy all your favorite movies!

What surprised me was how good audio quality is in this theater- it sounds like they’re coming straight out of our speakers instead of just being projected through them. The staff was also amiable, making for an almost perfect experience!! I would love to visit here again.”

Phone: 00443330067777
Address: 10 Edgware Rd, London W2 2EN, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Everyman Maida Vale

We asked our classy escort girl about her experience, and she told us, “The experience I had at the Everyman cinema was a great one! The venue is beautifully decorated with posters of actors and actresses from classic movies.

There’s also an area for you to eat or drink before your movie. We loved how cozy it felt when we were in our seats, and you could have food too in comfortable seating.

For a great movie experience, I can say this cinema is quite nice and will meet your expectations. Suppose you are also a movie fan like me. Join me. It is only at a five-minute drive from the Old Marylebone Road.”

Phone: 00441233555642
Address: 215 Sutherland Ave, London W9 1RU, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Do you like theatre? Check out where you can go for live performances in Old Marylebone Road.

Linbury Theatre

We asked our most playboy escort girl about this theatre, and she said, “The new Linbury Theatre is the West End’s newest and most intimate venue. In December 2018, it was re-developed with a world-class stage for The Royal Ballet, The Royal Opera, and their partnering artists.

It seats up to 406 people in an auditorium that has been newly developed for opening night in January 2020. You can visit here if you like, along with me by your side. You will have an incredible experience, I promise.”

Phone: 00442073044000
Address: 35-36 Bow St, London WC2E 9DD, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

London Coliseum

We asked our cultured escort girl about the London Coliseum, and she said, “Opera might not be for me, but the ENO put on an excellent show. It had been planned out well with music and theatrics that were great! One point where it appeared to be an interval was just them getting people’s attention.

Many left thinking they could come back in fifteen minutes or so after talking about what performance would happen next…but I can’t complain. This has all made for one amazing opera experience! Also, I am sure you would love it too, so feel free to contact the agency so I can also accompany you.”

Phone: 00442078459300
Address: London Coliseum, St Martin’s Ln, London WC2N 4ES, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We have shortlisted unique bars to visit in Old Marylebone Road for you. The nightlife is something that you shouldn’t miss.

Why not check out the best bars and clubs in Old Marylebone Road accompanied by a hot brunette escort girl?

The Monkey Puzzle

We asked our clever escort girl about her experience at the Monkey Puzzle, and she told us, “Started with a call to a very cheerful waiter. It ended with an amazing meal at The Monkey Board! The food and drinks were amazing, with a great atmosphere! I love the Monkey Board. It’s worth visiting.

The burgers are also really good for 10 pounds, but they go quickly, so be sure to get one before you’re too hungry. A nice pub to hang out and have a good time.”

Phone: 00442077230143
Address: 30 Southwick St, Tyburnia, London W2 1JQ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Carpenters Arms

We asked our elegant escort girl about this place, and she said, “A little away from the Old Marylebone Road but worth it. Most of the seating is at the front and side, with plenty of standing room in the back. It gets swamped after work on weekdays, but it returns to being a straightforward pub once that crowd leaves for home.

The staff is helpful and pleasant. They do traditional pub food, and I haven’t eaten here, so I can’t say more about its offerings than this yet! I would love to come here again. If you are like me, we can go together and have a great night ahead.”

Phone: 00441732850307
Address: Three Elm Ln, Tonbridge TN11 0AD, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Home House

We asked our most delicate escort girl about this club, and she told us, “You will feel like you are in another world when you enter this magnificent private club, London’s most prestigious. You might even be transported back through time with its lavish décor and preserved antique furnishings that date from medieval times to the present day.

The food is sublime and so too are the drinks. It has a high standard of wine list available for members only, or those lucky enough to have been invited by other patrons – I had an excellent meeting here recently! A charming place which everyone should visit at least once if they can get past security on their merit (though membership isn’t easy).”

Phone: 00442076702000
Address: 20 Portman Square, London W1H 6LW, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Marylebone Music Festival

We asked our ebony escort girl about this event, and she said, “Laughter has always been the best medicine, and this year’s Festival will be no exception. The lineup includes internationally acclaimed musicians like pianist David Helfgott to celebrate his birthday in June.

Some of Manchester’s top-notch orchestras performed Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. Renowned comedian Sue Perkins as host for children Peter &amp. The Wolf performance with an extraordinary guest in attendance!

You won’t want to miss these amazing concerts that are sure to bring out your inner child at heart. If you truly want to enjoy these events, do not forget to book me at the Escort Agency. I would love to go with you.”

Phone: 00442035988888
Address: 79 Marylebone Ln, London W1U 2PX, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

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Our platinum escort girls are the perfect companions for any special event! They will help you party and relax in style. Are you looking to book an unforgettable night out? Contact us today to find your ideal escort companion, then feel free to contact them anytime with questions or requests on how they would like their evening treated.