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Our Escort Service in Marylebone

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You have two ways to make a reservation with our Escort Agency. Either by incall booking or by an outcall booking.

Incall Reservations

Suppose you’re a client who wants to use incall services. You can meet your angelic escort girl in any place of her choice throughout the city. And the best part is? You can visit her at her hotel, apartment or wherever she is staying! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

No strings attached! We’ll show you how easy and safe this process will be for both parties involved. We know where she’s at every second, so don’t worry about anything.

The Escort Agency will provide you with the name of a hotel or an apartment where a girl is waiting for you. They do this to ensure your safety as they want both parties satisfied.

Outcall Reservations

One of the advantages of hiring a female escort is meeting them at your home or hotel location. Suppose you happen to see that sexy girl walking down the street and are feeling lucky enough for her number.

Don’t be afraid! But if she only has outcall services available, then this means she will come right into where you need her the most, whether it’s in your bedroom, living room or even kitchen!

To book an outcall meeting, you only need to confirm your presence at the hotel or apartment where you are staying. The Escort Agency will ensure that if the client is staying there beforehand, they can also call in via landline number and confirm availability.

The Escort Agency may also require proof of residence before sending our beautiful escort girl to verify this with utility bills both from yourself and by contacting landlords/apartment owners (depending on what type of housing it is).

This way, not only do clients know who’s coming when they answer their doorbell, but we also do this for the safety of our escort girls.

The agency provides various payment methods for the client’s ease, including online banking and credit cards. The convenience of whichever method you choose is at your fingertips!

• Bank Payments
• Cash Payments
• Payments through P.O.S Machines

How much more convenient can it get? You could pay the playboy escort girl cash in advance to make sure your anonymity is not compromised; however, if you’re cashless and don’t like carrying money with you, then this won’t be an option for you. But there’s still hope!

The escort will bring their P.O.S machine so that upon demand, they may swipe your card into it on behalf of payment via credit or debit card OR take it out from bank accounts privately through bank transfers without any hassle!


The bank may charge an extra fee of 10%-15% to the client. The odds are that your identity will be protected, and all you have to worry about is paying for what they give back!

Escort Agency! The Platinum Escort Agency is the leading provider of discreet and thoughtful companionships. No matter what you’re looking for – be it a night out on the town or an intimate evening at home, we will make your experience with us one that exceeds all expectations!

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All you need to know about Marylebone!

Marylebone is not just an ordinary place to visit. It’s also great for living and having a lot of fun with our sexy escort girls. The area features various types of people and restaurants that will make you feel at home with every street corner you turn on.

Take Oxford Street, which has your favorite convenience stores such as M&S Food Hall or Tesco Metro along the way but be sure to stop by some smaller local shops too!

Marylebone was once primarily composed entirely of residential streets; today, its chief attraction derives from West End theatres clustering around Great Portland Street and two major London railway termini: Marylebone Station and Edgware Road Tube station located here. In 1968, the UK had its first heart transplant ever at a hospital in Marylebone.

The world-renowned musicians Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon lived on Upper Berkeley Street, while Yoko Ono resided nearby since 1974. More recent famous residents of this neighbourhood include Madonna, Barbara Windsor, and Noel Gallagher, who currently live here!

We asked our escort girls to recommend us a few great hotels for stay. Here is a list that we would like to share with you.

Hard Rock Hotel London

Our most brilliant escort girl said, “Walking into the Hard Rock Hotel, it was fantastic. There were so many memorabilia items on a show that had me fascinated and made my friend feel like they were in a museum!

The bar staff served us drinks with smiles on their faces as soon as we walked through the door to ensure our stay would be perfect from start to finish.

This is exactly what happened thanks to Callum behind the bar, who went out of his way for us by not only serving up some excellent cocktails but also going back down there when I said how disappointed I felt about our room at first because he told reception immediately.

Antonella gave us an upgrade within seconds without any fuss whatsoever. We can’t thank these guys enough for making our trip so memorable.”

Phone: 00442075235053
Address: c, o, Great Cumberland Pl, London W1H 7DL, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Treehouse Hotel London

We asked our sensual escort girl, and she said, “One of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in, hands down! The staff is super friendly and remembers my favourite room with its view.

The decor was cosy and comfortable – not to mention there’s a tree in the bathroom that makes for an amazing backdrop when you’re brushing your teeth or washing up after dinner.

I can’t recommend this hotel enough if you want something different than what London usually has on offer: It feels like a home away from home but also offers some great amenities as well (including free Wi-Fi!).”

Phone: 00442075800111
Address: 14-15 Langham Pl, London W1B 2QS, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

We asked our romantic escort girl about Hard Rock London. Here is what she said, “The Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill is a five-star hotel located in the exclusive neighbourhood of Marylebone.

Guests can enjoy easy access to Hyde Park, Oxford Street and Harley Street, as well as premier shopping at Selfridges or Bond Street that are just minutes away by foot! Soaking up some rays on your private balcony overlooking Portman Square Garden?

Why not spend time with a special friend over cocktails while watching dogs play on neighbouring lawns. The hotel is a hidden gem in the city. It’s located right downtown, and you get to have an amazing view of it from your room window! The staff was amiable.

They were sure to answer any questions we had while giving us tips for the best places around town. You can’t go wrong with this one because there are so many things close by that everyone will enjoy. The hotel has such beautiful architecture.

I love how all the rooms face different directions, which allowed me to see something new every morning when I woke up. I always admire their services whenever I visit them.”

Phone: 00442074865800
Address: 30 Portman Square, London W1H 7BH, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Do you want to go on a dinner date with our lovely escort girls? Do not worry; they would love to join you. Check out the best restaurants in Marylebone.

28-50 Marylebone

We asked our incall escort girl about this restaurant, and she said, “The wine bar is a cosy place to enjoy good European food and drink. It’s an intimate area that allows you to talk with your friends, not shout across the room at them so they can hear what you’re saying.

The atmosphere encourages conversation, making authentic interactions, not canned ones like many of today’s other bars provide. What better way than over some great vintages or hearty appetizers? Xavier Rousset and Agnar Sverrisson are two amazing people who have been doing this since before it became cool again!

Their passion shows in their work as each new project becomes more successful than its predecessor. I am their huge fan and admirer. I love the treatment I get every time I visit this place for dinner or lunch.”

Phone: 00442074867922
Address: 15-17 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2NE

Maps & Directions:


We asked our incredibly kind escort girl about this restaurant, and she said, “Goodman, the people behind one of my favourite restaurants. Burger and Lobster opened this lovely steakhouse.

They have communal tables with a big wine list and limited spirit selection to match their delicious food. Whenever I visited this restaurant on a date, I had an amazing time. This is one of my go-to places for special dinners.”

Phone: 00442074951816
Address: 3 Chapel Place, Marylebone, London W1G 0BG

Maps & Directions:

Boxcar Butcher and Grill

We asked Annabelle, our sexy escort girl, and she told us about this place. She said, “The steak is so juicy and tender that it melts in your mouth, while the sausages are spiced with herbs like thyme or bay leaves.

You’ll also find roast pork belly for a more filling meal at this butcher-to-grill restaurant on Marylebone’s New Quebec Street. You can get prime cuts of meat sourced from trusted suppliers right here! At Boxcar Butcher and Grill, they source locally grown meats, butchers their house, then smokes them over oak chips before grilling until done just how you want it.

They have all kinds of other foods too. You will love everything about this amazing restaurant.”

Phone: 00442030067000
Address: 23 New Quebec Street, London W1H 7SD

Maps & Directions:

Are you feeling bored? Maybe some shopping can cheer you up. There are some of the amazing spots for shopping in Marylebone that you can check out.

Koibird, Marylebone

We asked our redhead escort girl about this store, and she said, “Belma Gaudio founds Koibird. It is Marylebone Lane’s colourful concept store. They rotate their stock every four months to reflect a theme or travel destination.

Previous edits have drawn influences from the Alps, the Beach California, with Korea currently appearing. The boutique showcases emerging talent such as playfully feminine hair accessories by Lele Sadoughi and Sleeper pyjamas that are Instagram favourites, among many others!

I love how they provide access for people who want Korean skincare brands like Doota, which can’t be found elsewhere in London. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something new or trying out products before committing to them too much. This store has an interesting collection which I admire for obvious reasons.”

Phone: 00442079351224
Address: 62 Marylebone Ln, London W1U 2PB, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Luca Faloni, Marylebone High Street

Our skinny escort girl told us about this boutique. She said, “Luca Faloni is a London-born Italian designer and founder of the Luca Faloni label. He noticed that simple cashmere pieces were absent for me.

His eponymous line balances contemporary aesthetics with timeless quality material to create durable silk-cashmere jumpers and polo shirts, brushed cotton shirting, leather accessories like bags, belts, and wallets. All are made from vegetable-tanned leathers, which are carefully sourced throughout Europe by hand.

One of our favourite offerings this season includes clean-lined cashmere hoodies crafted just right so they can be worn confidently at airports or office spaces alike. Whenever I have to go something special to a special someone, I visit this store.”

Phone: 00442034684710
Address: 108 Marylebone High St, London W1U 4RU, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Had a tiring week? Why worry when you can visit a fantastic spa in Marylebone to relax and unwind. Try out a massage session with our gorgeous escorts.

Spa at the Landmark London

We asked our popular escort girl about this spa, “The process here was fast and easy—no need to leave the hotel. Just go for a relaxing massage in your room courtesy of Landmark Hotel’s spa menu!

I never realized how much I needed this until my friend gifted me with what he thought was an ordinary voucher from his recent stay at Landmark. However, it turned out that there were so many more features than just some time on their normal menus.

With one phone call or online booking, you can choose which type of massage experience suits you best, whether Swedish massage is my favourite, deep tissue or stretches like yoga & pilates. They also offer facials such as Elemis Facial Revitalizing Treatment, Hydra-Therapy Body Wash. I loved every bit of it.”

Phone: 00442076318010
Address: 222 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 6JQ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Crystal Palace Spa

We asked our most dedicated escort girl. She said, “As I left Crystal Palace Spa, a feeling of serenity and joy washed over me. When we arrived at Marylebone Train Station, it felt as if our own personal paradise had just opened its doors for us; in that waiting room full of wonderful aromas and scents, there is no better place than Crystal Palaces!

With the help of their attentive staff, my friend’s birthday was spectacular with this spa experience from start to finish. After getting changed into comfortable robes, we were shown an amazing steam bath which set the mood perfectly before heading off on our voyage through relaxation heaven!

The order process made sense when they explained how you go about your day. The first relaxation is then exfoliation, followed by massage therapy. I really admired their services.”

Phone: 00442077243113
Address: 41 Crawford St, London W1H 1JN, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Are you feeling stuck at home? Need fresh air, maybe? Check out the most amazing parks in Marylebone.

St James Park

Our precious escort girl said about this park, “St James Park offers visitors a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of London for some green space. This Royal Park is surrounded by three palaces, making it an attractive place to walk or bike.

The Diana Princess Memorial Walk takes you on a seven-mile-long route that leads you past famous landmarks associated with this royal figure’s life like Buckingham Palace, Kensington Gardens, and more!”

Phone: 00443000612350
Address: London SW1A 2BJ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Cavendish Square

Our patient escort girl said about this square, “The village feels that it is the trademark of many London neighbourhoods that have been found at Marylebone.

The quaintness and beauty of this area are unmatched by any other in its vicinity, with Cavendish Square being the main component to these features.

Unfortunately, one downside for patrons may be an unavoidable inconvenience: cars parking underneath it! I sometimes love to visit this square.”

Address: London, UK

Maps & Directions:

Would you like to have a feel of this history of the city? It can be interesting as our escort girls are there to accompany you! Do not worry.

The Wallace Collection

Our nice escort girl said about this museum, “The Wallace Collection is a gallery with an incredible collected history. It was initially owned by four Marquesses of Hertford and donated to the nation in 1897.

Then five more marquees took ownership over time. This collection has paintings, sculptures, furniture, arms and armour, and porcelain worldwide! The basement contains temporary exhibitions although there is also a restaurant that can also be found on this floor.

I know this place inside out, so if you want to spend a day, I can accompany you here.”

Phone: 00442075639500
Address: Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Royal College of Physicians Museum

Our most loyal escort girl said about this museum, “The Royal College of Physicians is the oldest medical college in England. They have been collecting and preserving valuable items that represent physicians’ history since their founding back in 1518 to now, with portraits from when they were president or fellows at this prestigious institution up until today’s leaders on display for all eyes to see.

Alongside these historical pieces are other important collections, including a fascinating Symons collection of unique instruments used during the Renaissance time period and Hoffbrand apothecary jars that date back centuries ago before the medicine was regulated by the government entities such as Medicare and Medicaid like it is today.

The Royal College of Physicians has vast collections containing many historically significant exhibits representing how physicians started throughout Europe dating way back hundreds of years ago!”

Phone: 00442030751649
Address: 11 St Andrews Pl, London NW1 4LE, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Let’s make the evening exciting. Ask your desired escort girl to accompany you to the movies, and have a great night ahead.

Everyman Cinema

Our most mesmerizing escort girl said, “What would you rather watch a movie on? A big, impersonal screen or an intimate theatre with couches and cosy seating arrangements. This is the kind of cinema that Everyman offers.

Small bar, friendly service, comfortable love-seat style couches and seats from which your eyes will never pop out no matter where you are in the theatre.

And not to mention their theatre has such a smaller screen so if someone is sitting behind you they won’t block your view! If you want to enjoy a movie where I can accompany you to this cinema.”

Phone: 00441233555642
Address: 96-98 Baker St, London W1U 6TJ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We have amazing bars in Marylebone, and the nightlife is something you shouldn’t miss. Why not check out the best bars in Marylebone?

Be At One Oxford Street

Our lovely escort girl, who is quite popular due to her blond hair, said, “The wait was finally over. After a long, boring lockdown, I could go out and have some fun for once! My first night at being at One Oxford Street was amazing. The cocktails were absolutely incredible.

I recommend their signature drink! Everyone working there welcomed me with open arms, and the manager, Ben, couldn’t be nicer or more welcoming.

All in all, it’s an awesome place to hang out on your next night off work if you’re looking for something different that can get pretty wild sometimes too! If you like, I can accompany you to this bar.”

Phone: 00442074992440
Address: 94 Wimpole St, London W1G 0EH, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Purl London

Our joyful escort girl said about this bar, “To celebrate a great night and successful evening, I went to one of the most popular bars in town. The bar is known for its amazing cocktails.

We were able to sit at an intimate corner table where we enjoyed each other’s company while our drinks slowly cooled down before us over time so that they did not burn going down.

Not only was this such a lovely experience, but also because the staff ensured everything would be incredible for the guests!”

Phone: 00442079350835
Address: 50-54 Blandford St, London W1U 7HX, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

The Mirror Bar

Our pretty escort girl said about this place, “My friend and I had been to eat down the road from The Landmark Hotel and decided to pop in here for a drink.

We both loved it so much we came back that evening just before as they opened at 5 pm, but by then there was already a queue of people waiting outside! The decor is chic and sophisticated with cosy cushioned seats, which feels relaxed yet has an electric atmosphere buzzing about this place!

They have many different cocktails on their menu. I tried them both & found my favourite choice out of their menu.”

Phone: 00442076318000
Address: 222 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 6JQ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Do you like theatre? Check out where you can go for live performances in Marylebone.

Royal Opera House

Our cheeky escort girl, known as a trendsetter at the Escort Agency, “The Royal Opera House is a world-renowned opera house that has been home to an abundance of progressive, traditional performances over the years. It was founded in 1946.

The opera house is a perfect example of how beautiful, elegant architecture can be. It was like being in another world with its elaborate ceilings and gorgeous decor. I highly recommend checking out the Opera House if you’re ever near it!”

Phone: 00442072401200
Address: Bow St, London WC2E 9DD, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Check out the most amazing events in the city with one of the best escorts from the Escort Agency.

Meet me in Marylebone

Our bustiest escort girl said, “Come to a village that never sleeps! Marylebone Village is hosting the Meet Me in Marylebone Shopping and Dining Day on July 1st. Join other friends, family members or co-workers for an evening of drinks, shopping and dining across 40+ retailers with exclusive promotions just for this day – including special menus at several restaurants.

Enjoy live music performances from local musicians as you enjoy your favourite drink outside, watching people walk by while relaxing under one of our many green trees throughout the area. Or try some unique wines made locally right here in London! If you want, I would love to accompany you to this event.”

Maps & Directions:

Marylebone Summer Festival

Our bisexual escort girl said about this festival, “Central London’s Marylebone annual summer festival is a great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends. The festival takes place on car-free streets, so there are plenty of artisan products, food and drink for everyone to enjoy!

There are around 140 stalls and 25 bands/musical performers that will keep you entertained all day long. I recommend checking it out if you can, as the event grew since its conception 16 years ago. If you want, I can also accompany you to this amazing festival.”

Maps & Directions:

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