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Our Escort Companions Offering Top-Notch Services in Knightsbridge

If you are looking for a date or companionship, we have the perfect solution. Our escort girls can go on spa day journeys and hiking cliffs with you to provide limitless entertainment. We train them at Platinum Escort Agency to know what men want to please them, but some of our escorts also like travelling around the world with kind gentlemen who need company back home in return—looking for someone’s company?

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You can book with us in two ways. You can either go for an incall meeting with your escort companion or an outcall meeting.

Incall Meeting Explained in Detail

As you might have already guessed, if you are a client that wants to use incall services, it is up to YOU who has to get yourself all the way there. It’s not complicated at all! You can meet with your favorite charming escort girl in any place of her choice throughout the city.

If you are looking for an intimate encounter guaranteed to be a secret, why not hire an escort? An experienced professional will come prepared and ready to go with all necessary preparations completed. You can enjoy the experience without worrying about uncomfortable details like accounting for your whereabouts or taking care of practice.

For booking an incall meeting, the agency needs your personal information. After confirmation, the agency will provide you with the hotel’s name or the address of the apartment where the girl is waiting for you. We hope you understand as this is for the safety of both.

Outcall Meeting Explained in Detail

So don’t sweat it if you see that sexy girl and want her immediately, but she only does outcall services. Just know, this means the classy escort girl can meet with you in a place of your choice. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! She may come to your flat or apartment or hotel room reserved just for that occasion, depending on how far away they are willing to travel for an appointment.

To book an outcall meeting, you only need to confirm your presence at the hotel or apartment you are staying in. The Escort Agency will ensure that the client cannot confirm this through a landline number if the client stays there before sending the escort.

We may require a utility bill so we can confirm proof of residence before sending the escort. We hope you understand as it’s part of the procedure.

The Escort Agency provides various payment methods for the client’s ease. You can choose at your convenience.

• Cash
• Bank
• P.O.S. Machine

How convenient is that? A client looking for anonymity can hand over the cash to the cheerful escort girl before the meeting starts. However, if you want to pay through your bank and do not like carrying cash, you can opt for that method. Also, upon demand, the escort can bring the P.O.S. machine so you can swipe your card into it to clear your dues.


The bank may charge an extra fee of 10%-15% to the client. Also, you can expect total anonymity on the bills by the bank.

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The beautiful city of Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is the jewel of London. Knightsbridge may be a small area, but it is one of London’s most prestigious and esteemed places to live. Homeowners enjoy beautiful gardens as well as proximity to Hyde Park, which you can visit alongside a warm-hearted escort girl.

Its prestigious reputation attracts wealthy international dignitaries and representatives, making it a hub for some of the most exclusive properties in all of Europe. Knightsbridge has always been one to spark envy in those who live outside its environs.

Still, with Scotland Yard closing down its operations there, Knightsbridge will become that much more desirable place to be seen by visiting heads-of-state – not just because they can’t get away from us now!

Knightsbridge is home to some of the world’s most famous and rich people, including Roman Abramovich, Charles Saatchi, and Nigella Lawson. While many are from England’s royalty due to their expansive country homes or high-end shops on Sloane Street, it also attracts visitors for its diverse culture, such as Italian restaurants like Zia Lucia.

Before the transportation systems were introduced in the 19th century, Knightsbridge was notoriously known as a haunt for highwaymen and robbers. When people travelled west out of London, they had to cross this dangerous territory.

Your escort girl may have a preference for hotel accommodations when they are out on dates. These hotels were carefully selected by an expert – your very own personal sweet escort girl!

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London

Our most attractive escort girl Evelyn, said about Mandarin oriental, “Had a fantastic time at this gorgeous hotel in Knightsbridge. Every detail of the experience was perfect, and I would recommend it to anyone! The staff are all very kind and accommodating too.

Although breakfast wasn’t included with our stay, we were able to enjoy an amazing buffet for free each morning before heading out on adventures around town-definitely worth checking out if you’re travelling solo or as part of a couple like my friend & I did!”

Phone: 00442072352000
Address: 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

The Beaufort

Our blonde escort girl, Ella, said about the Beaufort, “After staying at the Beaufort, I can say not only was it convenient but also very comfortable. The staff is friendly and efficient, with a great sense of hospitality that made our stay feel more like home than a hotel.

They were accommodating when we had to leave luggage for an extra day after checking out, which saved us from lugging everything around or storing them until later in the week! We even got upgraded to one of their suites thanks to how impressed they must have been by my friend’s manners- he won me over big time!

And finally, this location couldn’t be any better as there are many attractions nearby including museums like National Gallery and Harrods department store (which has absolutely fantastic food).”

Phone: 00442075845252
Address: 33 Beaufort Gardens, London SW3 1PP, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge

Our nicest escort girl, Summer, said about this hotel, “The Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge is in the heart of fashionable Sloane Street. The chic bedrooms have air conditioning, international power sockets, and satellite T.V.’s with minibars for your convenience. Moreover, with its high reputation due to being one of only three 4 star hotels on luxury designated Sloane Street (the other two are just down the road), this establishment boasts a stylish cocktail bar called “Tangerine”, which serves up an exotic collection of drink.

Tangerine cafe-bar at the hotel has modern European cuisine as well as light snacks available to suit any taste; Le Chinois Restaurant & Bar offers a creative menu of delicious Chinese dishes from traditional Cantonese recipes to signature fusion creations by British chef Ken Hom – it really does offer something for everyone! a, I highly recommend this fantastic hotel.”

Phone: 00442072354377
Address: 17 Sloane St, London SW1X 9NU, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We had a lot of fun chatting with our escort girls about their favourite restaurants and found out that there were so many options for us to choose from. We have shortlisted some top picks for visitors if they want something near Knightsbridge while in London.

New York Café

Our pretty escort girl, Ada, said, “I always enjoy a good brunch, so I was very excited to visit this restaurant! The service here is unbelievable – they couldn’t have been more welcoming. They even had our table set up with fresh flowers and water before we got there.

In addition to the great hospitality at first glance, everything on their menu looked delicious! Every dish that my friend ordered tasted as it came straight from heaven itself- for dessert, she got an apple tartlet drizzled in a caramel sauce, which literally melted in her mouth as soon as she bit into it.

Even if you aren’t hungry when you go inside of this cafe or want something other than breakfast food (which would be hard because all of these dishes are really delicious), then get some coffee anyway.”

Phone: 00447305072716
Address: 84 Heath St, London NW3 1DN, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Osteria Romana

Our most precious escort girl, Juliette, said, “The Osteria, while not the most impressive Italian restaurant in Knightsbridge, maybe one of the best values. The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t top-drawer either.

The starter of mixed cold meat and cheese was tasty if nothing special: One kind of cheese (but reasonably tasty), some decent Prosciutto and Mortadella with olives on bread for dipping that were deliciously salty freshness to counteract all those rich meats. I somehow enjoyed my visit there due to the ambience.”

Phone: 00442075845819
Address: 3-4 Park Cl, London SW1X 7PQ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Shopping in Knightsbridge with our escort girls is a great experience. They know all the best spots, and if you’re lucky, they might even show you some of their favorite places to go on a night out!

Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge

Our most powerful escort girl, Sara, said, “I had the most enjoyable experience at this store and restaurant. The customer service is incomparable to any other place I’ve shopped. My favorite part about shopping here was that they always knew what size went best for me, before even asking!

They also have a great selection of products with some really amazing features like its environmentally friendly or affordable prices. All in all, an awesome place to shop if you’re looking for clothes/fashion accessories because their clothing collection has everything from jeans to dresses, so whatever your style, maybe there will likely be something perfect just waiting on the shelves ready when you walk through those doors!”

Phone: 00442072355000
Address: 109-125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RJ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Roberto Cavalli Knightsbridge

Our perfect escort girl, Lucia, said about this shopping spot, “I had been wearing my previous season Cavalli tracksuit, but it was too big. Renato kindly adjusted the suit for me, and I am now able to wear it again comfortably!

He is a great guy, and all of his staff are very helpful & friendly as well! This store offers excellent services, so you should keep up the good work, guys :).”

Phone: 00442078231879
Address: 20-22 Sloane St, London SW1X 9NE, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Do you need a break from exploring the city? Our escort girls will tell you where they go to relax – spas near Knightsbridge! They know what’s best because we only work with some of the finest girls around.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, London

I woke up early that morning with anticipation in my heart as I made my way out to Knightsbridge, where the salon is located. Our most polite escort girl, Harmony, said, “It was a perfect day for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Spa had everything I needed: great facials, luxurious massages, and plenty to eat afterwards – it felt like heaven! There’s something about stepping into this place – you can feel your worries melt away as soon as you walk through those doors.

Walking around on plush carpeting while gazing at tantalizing scents all over only added to how wonderful it feels there; plus, they have such professional staff who are also super friendly, which makes me want to come back even more often (and get what u pay for). I really like the place.”

Phone: 00442078389888
Address: 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

The Lanesborough Club & Spa

Our most petite escort girl said about this Spa, “This is exactly where you want to be if your idea of a good time involves experiencing world-class treatments. The effort put into this luxury health club will quickly become apparent when you enter, and the experience doesn’t end there.

Every detail was carefully thought out by those who know best – giving members access not just to an expertly designed building but also top-notch fitness facilities that are second to none in their class.”

Phone: 00442073337064
Address: 2 Lanesborough Place S.W. 1, London SW1X 7TA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Parks are a haven for nature lovers. The green grass, the tall trees that line the paths… and of course, all those adorable woodland creatures you spot as you walk around!

You really get away from it all when you’re there – which I think everyone deserves every once in a while. Let us see which parks are near Knightsbridge that you can visit alongside a careful escort girl.

Hans Place Garden

Our most remarkable escort girl said, “Hans Place is a little square nestled in Knightsbridge. This area of London, close to Harrods and Sloane Street, has some shopping options for those looking for an exciting day out with friends or family members returning from overseas.

As this place isn’t busy all the time, it’s often used by people as they wait for their friend outside Harrod’s before heading off into the city together on foot or even after parking nearby if there happens to be space available at any given moment.”

Phone: 01793445050
Address: 14 Hans Pl, London SW1X 0EU, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Princes Gardens

Our busty escort girl, Chloe, said about this amazing park, “A quiet get away from the congested Exhibition Road just a block away. I lived here for two years as an undergraduate student at Imperial College.

Although the rent is much more expensive than many U.K. or London unis, it’s definitely worth every penny when you think of all that can be done in this amazing area – are not only there world-class amenities such as Princes Gardens with B.B.Q.s and parties often happening, but also dental care clinics, doctors’ offices, restaurants/cafés (even convenience stores!) to enjoy while living here!

You’ll never find yourself bored again once you live on campus because everything necessary will always exist right outside your doorstep :).”

Address: London, UK

Maps & Directions:

In museums, the past is just one floor away. The artefacts and relics of history are displayed before your eyes in a way that immerses you like no other place can do today. Let’s find out the best museums around Knightsbridge that you can visit.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Our curious escort girl said about this museum, “Well, I will be surprised if you didn’t know about this museum in London as the Victoria and Albert Museum of London is the world’s largest museum devoted to applied, decorative arts and design. It has housed a permanent collection of more than 2 million objects since it opened in 1852.

Plan on spending your whole day or at least half a day (min 3 hours) exploring this fascinating place for its many galleries with everything from textiles, furniture, fashion garments like corsets etc., ostrich plumes! Porcelain pots & pans!

You can also enjoy special exhibitions that frequently change before you leave, so make sure to check their website beforehand then explore without any restrictions as members get free access year-round!”

Phone: 00442079422000
Address: Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Apsley House

Our educated escort girl, who happens to be a history student in London, told us about this museum, “Apsley House is a London townhouse that belongs to the Dukes of Wellington. It stands alone at Hyde Park Corner, on Hyde Park’s southeast corner, and faces a busy traffic roundabout in The Arch for Wellington Place.

A haven amid a bustling city. On the corner of Hyde Park, this place is full of history and decadent luxury for you to explore at your leisure without worry about being caught on camera! Beware: No photography allowed, so take it all in the old Duke has invited you over after all.”

Phone: 00442074995676
Address: 149 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NT, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Who doesn’t enjoy watching films? We scoured theatres near Knightsbridge to figure out what movies we should watch next and experience some great films in London!

Imperial Cinema

Our cultured escort girl said about these cinemas, “I love going to the movie theatre. There are so many good movies, and it’s not too expensive either!

The food they give you is pretty tasty, but I wouldn’t say I like how there isn’t a ton of seating available for you if all seats aren’t taken up by people who arrived earlier than me. But overall, this place has been one of my favourite places in town that I visit regularly.”

Phone: 00442036036195
Address: Beit Quad, Prince Consort Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 2BB, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Regent Street Cinema

Our devoted escort girl shared her experience of the Regent Cinema, “A Regent Street Cinema is a British historical cinema that has been recently renovated and upgraded. There is still one large screen, but now there’s room to get comfortable with coffee or something more substantial afterwards!

The bar, which also doubles as the foyer for after-movie conversation or film-inspired drinking games! The newly refurbished Regent Street Cinema in London invites you on an exciting journey back through time when going to see your favourite Hollywood blockbuster was all about being entertained by old fashioned storytelling techniques – like having just one big screen instead; of multiple ones, so it feels more immersive.”

Phone: 00442079115050
Address: 307 Regent St, London W1B 2HW, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

It’s been a while since you’ve gone out, but this is the perfect time to break that dry spell and get your adrenaline pumping!

We have bars around here with a nightclub vibe. You’ll be able to dance all night long while having our enchanting escort girl show off her moves on the floor as well!

Paxton’s Head

Our curvy escort girl said about this bar, “The oldest pub in town is a great place to grab an ale and some delicious food. It’s cosy at the best of times, but especially during winter when you need somewhere warm to spend your evenings.

Their prices are worth it for sure because they have fantastic drinks that will make any night memorable! The old oak panels lining the walls give off warmth and cosiness, with classic murals on every wall depicting scenes from around their beautiful countryside – near perfect enough if you’re looking for a quiet drink or two after dinner out.

But what would this be without mentioning how there’s also a pool table downstairs? Come down into our tiled basement where we’ve got tables waiting just like anywhere else!”

Phone: 00442075896627
Address: 153 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Buddha-Bar London

Your elegant escort girl said about this Buddha Bar, “The Buddha Bar is a decadent pan-Asian bar and restaurant, boasting the best in high-end Pan Asian cuisine as well as live D.J. sets.

The elegant setting of this luxurious venue will make you forget about your worries while indulging in its many dishes, drinks or even just people watching!

The Buddhist monk who first created the recipe for what would become one of France’s most iconic cocktails proclaimed that nothing lasts forever, not peace nor war nor love. I always love visiting this bar.”
Phone: 00442036675222
Address: 145 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

A night out at the theatre or opera doesn’t always mean you must be in a faraway place. We got our lovely escort ladies’ input on their favourite venues near Knightsbridge and compiled this list for all of your entertainment needs.

Opera Holland Park

Our wonderful escort girl said about Opera Holland Park, “The moment you enter the lobby of this beautiful venue, your eyes are magnetized to a grand staircase that stretches up towards an elegant mezzanine. There is also a small stage for open-air opera performances and picnic areas and terraces overlooking breathtaking vistas.

The artistry here will make you feel like you’re in London when attending one of these concerts! Catering can be hit or miss, but everything else about it is wonderful – from the peacocks (sigh) on campus grounds to its mesmerizing musical offerings; I’ll never forget my experiences there.”

Phone: 00443009991000
Address: Opera Holland Park Theatre, Ilchester Pl, London W8 6LU, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Her Majesty’s Theatre

Our student escort girl said about this theatre, “There’s nothing like watching a West End show on the stage of Her Majesty’s Theatre. I went to see “The Phantom of the Opera” with My Friend, and it was amazing!

The theatre sold out, so we sat in second-row seats, which were great for viewing from up close – not too far but just right- as you can tell by how fantastic my review is that this will be an experience worth your while. If you’re ever visiting London.”

Phone: 00442070877762
Address: Haymarket, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4QL, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Let’s see the most happening events around Knightsbridge.

The Drifter’s Girl

Our slim escort girl told us about this event nearby Knightbridge, “Marianne Faithfull, the boss of The Drifters, was a woman with style and an unforgettable voice.

Her story is heartwarming as well as breathtaking; she went from being a teenager who hitchhiked to Paris in search of her freedom to one of the most influential women behind some of music’s greatest songs!

By following Marianne through hardship after hardship – including imprisonment on drugs charges that led her into exile—you will be captivated by not only this dynamic singer but also how she changed lives around the world.

This musical features iconic songs like Save Last Dance For Me or Stand By Me against its poignant narrative. How about we attend the event together?”

Phone: 00443303334811
Address: 2 Charing Cross Rd, Charing Cross, London WC2H 0HH

Maps & Directions:

Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain

Our thin escort girl suggested this show. They told us, “After a successful tour of the West End, Britain’s most infamous history show is back for more!

Join Georgians as they take over England. Break into Buckingham Palace and hide from Queen Victoria herself or watch out for the witch that haunts World War II in this new production by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.”

Phone: 00443303334809
Address: Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 7EZ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

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