The notion of what makes a person quality company seems to be changing. It is more important than ever that you have someone by your side who can match and strengthen your status. It’s not enough for them to look good on paper – they need an aptitude in intelligence and sensuality as well.

Luckily for those looking around with time constraints, there is Platinum Escort Service on Baker Street London, where you will find companionship without having one moment wasted. So why wait? For those seeking to indulge in luxury service, our escort agency promises that you will not be disappointed. With the high-class escort women in this industry comes exclusivity and customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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Platinum Escorts - Essential Infos

Our escort girls on Baker Street

When ordering from our Escort Service on Baker Street, your amazing escort girl can be sure that she is firmly on her mountain skis for wintertime skiing adventures as well as in perfect shape when it comes to horseback riding and other equestrian games, including polo! In addition to the stunning beauty, our escort models also have sports skills and will casually play a game of billiards, bowling, or poker with you.

Not only are they just beautiful companions, but they’re also talented escorts who will keep up with any adventure lover’s pace, whether it’s indoor pool fun like water volleyball or outdoor pursuits like surfing. Not matter what craze takes over their active minds next.

Our Escort Agency offers two types of meetings to book with us. You may choose according to your preference! Incall meetings and outcall meetings.

Incall meetings with our lovely escort girls

You’re visiting a new city and don’t know where to go for the best hotel or apartment experience. You need a charming escort girl that can choose their favorite place from many different locations, so they have confidence in your identity before meeting up! Plus, all of our client’s needs when it comes to safety, both online and offline.

So the agency will verify your identity and later connect you with an escort. After the verification is done, the escort allows the client access to her apartment or hotel wherever she plans to meet you! Incall booking is designed specifically for this scenario.

Outcall meetings with our beautiful escort girls

There is also a possibility that your brilliant escort girl can come running to you. In this type of meeting, you can call her at your place. This type of meeting is called an outcall meeting with the escort girl.

Hotel Bookings – Outcall Meeting

We are confident that you will get your busty escort girl at your hotel after submitting some basic information after providing us with your basic info regarding yours and the hotels’ name.

We can promise a comfortable experience for both parties involved after verifying your availability at the hotel via phone call. We look forward to making reservations and confirming availability as soon as possible so contact us today!

Home/Offices – Outcall Meeting

Waiting for your love? You might find it within hours! All you need to do is provide us with your landline and let our Escort Agency verify any information you share.

If there’s a change in address or unavailability of a landline, just provide the utility bill with your name on it, and we will know where to send you the cutest escort girl!

Cash Payments

We provide our clients with various options so it can be easier for them to make payments. The most convenient method is to opt for cash payments. No strings attached! Before initiating the meeting, you can offer the cash payments to your dedicated escort girl to avoid any inconvenience.

Bank Payments

Though most clients are not very comfortable with this mode of payment, it is totally up to the client to choose their desired payment method. Contact our Escort Agency for more details.

Credit Card or P.O.S Machine

Platinum Escort Agency is an Escort Service that provides exquisite escorts across all of England. They offer you the opportunity to pay for your curvy escort girl with a credit card or by P.O.S machine through your bank account as long you swipe it on one of these devices, and they will charge additional fees, which vary depending upon what card type is used.*All transactions made online are anonymous in the end*

As the best Escort Agency on Baker Street, we guarantee high-quality service and complete privacy. Our regular customers are successful men who enjoy our elite escorts to accompany them when they’re not at home.

We understand how important it is that you maintain your anonymity. Any information about your personal life remains undisclosed! This is why your devoted escort girl will follow strict confidentiality rules.

The beautiful area of Baker Street

Some say Sherlock Holmes was the greatest detective ever lived, but even he couldn’t have solved these cases. Baker Street is home to a museum dedicated to his work and mysteries in general. It’s also where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created him. And it really doesn’t get more British than this!

The street itself has been around for over two centuries. Back when it wasn’t filled with tourist shops or other commercial businesses like today. Instead, wealthy homeowners occupied most of its properties. See why so many people are drawn here as well as what makes London a one-of-a-kind city! The perfect place to visit alongside an elegant escort girl!

Around the corner are two of London’s most iconic tourist attractions, Madame Tussauds and The Planetarium. If you’re not a big fan of standing in lines for hours to get inside these types of museums, then take our walking tours instead. We’ll give you an insider look at Marylebone’s rich history as well as its elegant architecture!

You can keep your undercover mission going strong with a break at the most popular nightclubs in London or visit museums and theatres to check out some art. If you need more than one night of excitement, stay all-time in our apartments for an unforgettable experience that will only include yourself and someone special from our team! So get ready as the excitement is already building up!

Check out the most amazing hotels near Baker Street, where you can stay along with our escort girls. Have a night filled with joy because you deserve the best.

Dorset Square Hotel, Firmdale Hotels

Our curious escort girl said about this fantastic hotel, “I’m not the only one who has fallen in love with this hotel. It is comforting, just waiting to be discovered by you. The beds are always cosy for when your travels have taken their toll on body and mind.

They’re also perfect if you’ve had an exciting day at Wembley or Selfridges or both. The staff here are fantastic and helpful without being intrusive. While there’s even a bar downstairs so that it doesn’t end up feeling like too much of a stretch before bedtime!

I recently stayed here during my friends most recent trip to London, mostly because I knew it would take care of me after all those hours spent exploring everything around town. Whether shopping at big stores or dining out late, everything is accessible from here.”

Phone: 00442077237874
Address: 39-40 Dorset Square, London NW1 6QN, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Marylebone Luxury Duplex

Our bisexual escort girl said about Marylebone Luxury Duplex, “When I first arrived at the apartment, it was quite different from what I expected. The space is huge and well-lit by sunlight that streams in through many of its windows. It’s conveniently located near subway stations on both sides!

Angela and Mark have been great hosts so far as they’ve always gone out of their way to answer my questions or make sure everything has been going smoothly for me here. I’m very thankful for this opportunity! Highly recommended by me.”

Address: 49 Upper Montagu Street, Westminster Borough, London, W1H 1FQ, United

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Do you want to go on a dinner date with our beautiful escort girls? Do not worry. They would love to join you and make your time memorable. Check out the best restaurants near Baker Street.

Bright Courtyard

Our clever escort girl said about this restaurant, “Bright Courtyard Club is a high-class restaurant that’s perfect for an important lunch meeting, afternoon tea or dinner party.

The location and atmosphere create the ultimate experience for revellers with refined tastes looking to enjoy a fun night out in London. So if you want to spend an entertaining night with this gangbang escort girl. Feel free to contact my Escort Agency.”

Phone: 00442074866998
Address: 43-45 Baker St, London W1U 8EW, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Boteh Jeghe

Our mature escort girl said about this restaurant, “Both Jeghe is a Persian restaurant near Baker Street that aims to introduce traditional dishes from the Middle Eastern country of Iran. Through their menu, they aim to make it easier for people unfamiliar with these types of food items and how best to prepare them, without any expectations set by members within the Iranian community or culture as to the correct way to be done.

Both Jeghe was born out of love. The love for introducing authentic Persian flavoursome foods into other cultures! I am a huge fan of Persian food so if you want to try it with me, feel free to reserve a table.”

Phone: 00442039940999
Address: 110 George St, London W1U 8NX, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:


Our outgoing escort girl said about this restaurant, “Pachamama is your destination for traditional, authentic Peruvian dishes. Made from the freshest British produce. Monday to Friday lunch offers ceviches with a choice of toppings like chargrilled chicken or plantain and peanut butter waffles on weekends!

You will be amazed at their menu selection. I always have fun here may it be lunch or dinner. Do you want to try it out as well? Why go alone? When you can have such a nice company.”

Phone: 00442078469595
Address: 18 Thayer St, London W1U 3JY, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Are you feeling dull? Maybe some shopping can cheer you up. Check out these fantastic spots for shopping in Baker Street. We know you will like them.

London Beatles Store

Our nice escort girl said about the Beatles Store, “The Beatles, need I say more? If you’re in London and did not go to the Beatles, it’s time for some serious reflection about your life when you walk into this shop, which is a small place.

But full of incredible choices and great music from one of the all-time best groups ever. There will be no doubt that everything was worth it. So if you want me to accompany you to the Beatles store or anywhere around Baker Street, I am your girl!”

Phone: 00442079354464
Address: 231-233 Baker St, London NW1 6XE, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Carnaby London

Our party escort girl said about Carnaby London, “It’s a charming place for shopping around. There are plenty of retail outlets with food and drink available.

Also, if you’re looking for a place to go shopping and want options other than Carnaby London, I recommend walking through the welcome arch at Highbury Place. The novelty store between it is favorite stop – they have tons of fun stuff in there!”

Address: Carnaby St, Carnaby, London W1F 9PS, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Had a tiring day? Why worry when you can visit a relaxing spa near Baker Street to unwind. Try out a massage session with our sexy escort girls.

Thai Spa

Our natural escort girl said about the Thai Spa near Baker Street, “I had been looking for a good massage place in London and finally found the perfect one! The receptionist was so nice. I loved how they treated me. From my masseuse to their acupuncture doctor – everyone there is professional and skilled at what they do.

When it comes down to it, you can feel that this spa loves giving people relaxing treatment sessions because of all the energy they put into them while healing your body with wellness techniques like acupressure therapy or deep tissue massages! Great services. If you like, I can accompany you to this Thai Spa.”

Phone: 00442074865675
Address: 140 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5PH, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Artum Medi Spa — Aesthetic Clinic and Beauty Salon

Our kind escort girl Ella said, “Tetiana has been a wonderful dermatologist for me! She is always willing to answer any of my questions, and she made sure I knew about the newest treatments available. When it came time to choose what treatment would work best for my skin needs, Tetiana guided me through all of them to make an informed decision based on what was important to me personally.

My favorite parts were when we did T shape or fat freezing because they felt like such an indulgence after being too busy at work lately, but now it’s back with style, thanks to Tetiana! I also tried their spa services as well. They are absolutely divine. You can without any doubt visit this place.”

Phone: 00447849988789
Address: 82A Baker St, London W1U 6AA, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Are you feeling bored at home? Fresh air is all you need! Check out the most enchanting parks near Baker Street.

The Regent’s Park

Our lovely escort girl Emily said, “The Regent’s Park, first established as a royal hunting ground and now one of London’s Royal Parks, is easy to access on foot for visitors. It has an outer link road that connects it with the city.

Still, otherwise, all areas are pedestrian-friendly, so you can easily meander through its various parts without worrying about traffic! If you love to be around nature or are in the mood to explore the great Regent’s Park, I am your girl.”

Phone: 00443000612300
Address: London NW1 4NR, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

ZSL London Zoo

Our sexy escort girl said about the London Zoo, “If you’re looking for a quick, cheap way to get from Baker Street Station to London Zoo then the cheapest option is just £1. The quickest route takes only 4 minutes and has been rated by locals as “a great bargain.”

As of now, there are over 3000 animals in residence at this famous zoo which was opened all the way back in 1828 and originally intended for scientific study, but today it’s one of Europe’s leading zoos with some really amazing exhibits like Penguin Beach, where visitors can see penguins waddle ashore after being ferried across from their ice floes! The world’s oldest science-based zoo! London Zoo can be easily accessible when you are on Baker Street.”

Phone: 00443442251826
Address: Outer Cir, London NW1 4RY, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Are you interested in the history of Baker Street? Do not worry, and it can be interesting as our lovely escorts are there to accompany you!

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Tourists are invited to escape the London bustle with a step back in time into gas light-lit Victorian curiosities. Many of them belonging the well-known detective’s most famous stories!

Our slim escort girl Scarlett said about the Great Sherlock Holmes, “In the midst of uncertainty, one certainty is that Sherlock Holmes has returned to investigate new and exciting cases. If you feel intrigued about this museum and making plans to visit, ask for Scarlett at the agency. I would love to show you around!”

Phone: 00442072243688
Address: 221b Baker St, London NW1 6XE, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Havering Museum

Our unique escort girl said about this museum, “Though this museum is a few miles away from Baker Street. But something worth visiting. The Havering Museum is a local museum located in Romford, which houses valuable artifacts from all five towns encompassing the London Borough of Havering.

The volunteers are very knowledgeable about these areas and shared some knowledge as I visited their facility. One volunteer went out of her way to find more information on Rainham Hall for me after hearing my interest during a conversation.”

Phone: 00441708766571
Address: 19-21 High St, Romford RM1 1JU, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Let’s make the evening entertaining. Ask an escort girl to accompany you to the movies, and have an awesome night ahead of you.

Everyman Baker Street

Our pretty escort girl said about this cinema, “The cinema is so well-organized and clean. The friendly staff will help you find your way to whichever theater or seat, which I liked since it was my first time visiting the place. The seats are very comfortable too!

It can get tricky if you need step-free access because stairs are involved in getting down into the building itself. Still, other than that, this would be an amazing movie experience for anyone who loves going out for a nice movie on Friday nights :).”

Phone: 00441233555642
Address: 96-98 Baker St, London W1U 6TJ, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Regent Street Cinema

Our patient escort girl said about this cinema, “The Regent Street Cinema is a place of cinematic wonder. The films they show are often independent, but you can also find the latest studio releases. They know that when it comes to releasing movies on DVD or streaming them online, film-lovers want their choice in what and where they watch!

You’ll be delighted by how easily accessible this cinema proves itself. Not only does it have a large screen like old theaters used to have. You’re able to stop off for coffee at any time during your visit too.

And if drinks aren’t enough, then there’s always an extensive wine list! If you live near Baker Street station and need some entertainment before going home from work. Look no further than the Regent St Cinema nearby.”

Phone: 00442079115050
Address: 307 Regent St, London W1B 2HW, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

We have shortlisted amazing bars to visit in Baker Street for you. The nightlife is something that you shouldn’t miss. Why not check out the best bars and clubs in Baker Street?


Our most active escort girl said, “Chakana, located in the heart of London’s Soho district, has become a celebrity hotspot. The restaurant features resident DJs, including Andrew Dax, who is well-known for his work on Ibiza’s party scene, and Argentinian curator Augusto Rossillo whose Inca theme can be found throughout the decor of Chakana as well as their drinks menu, which reflects South American cuisine with pisco cocktails spiced up by Chia seeds, maca root, Inca berries, and cocoa leaves. All superfoods have been used to boost energy levels since ancient times. A worth visiting place just around Baker Street!”

Phone: 02072244699
Address: 23 Orchard Street, Marylebone, London W1H 6HL

Maps & Directions:


Our cheeky escort girl said about Purl, “Drinks come with a pre-warning at this flamboyant speakeasy bar. Purl is home to the extravagant cocktail menu where drinks are served alongside fire, liquid nitrogen smoke, and loud noises that will surely be heard from across town.

Just because they’re serving up some of these exciting cocktails doesn’t mean you can cheat on your diet: aside from the amazingly delicious drinks themselves, there’s always a tempting side dish made for those who want something sweeter (or not).

For example, guests have their choice between an intriguing blend of Woodford Reserve whiskey mixed with brown sugar and bitters or porter ice cream topped off with malt foam! How about we visit this place together?”

Phone: 00442079350835
Address: 50-54 Blandford St, London W1U 7HX, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:


Our fat escort girl said about Clarette, “In the heart of London’s posh Marylebone, this three-floor wine bar is fantastic. Behind its mock Tudor facade, it’s actually been split into four areas. Including outdoor terrace views and private dining room space that seats 30 guests!

On the ground floor, you’ll find some buzzing at their lively communal table or choose to cozy up near the fireplace while lounging on one of many seating options upstairs. So are you ready to say hello to the newest hotspot in Marylebone, where you can enjoy a variety of drinks from different countries and cultures?”

Phone: 00442030197750
Address: 44 Blandford St, London W1U 7HS, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

Do you like theatre? Check out where you can go for live performances nearby Baker Street.

Royal Opera House

Our ebony escort girl said about the great grand Royal Opera House, “You cannot miss the Covent Garden theatre from a distance, as its exterior is adorned in bright red and white stripes. It was here that The Royal Opera House resides with an unrivaled reputation for some of the world’s finest opera performances.

When you go inside this historic London landmark, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve stepped into another era! While many productions take place on stage behind velvet curtains or even out in front where people can see them perform during intermissions. Don’t be fooled by these theatrics!

Backstage there are bustling dressing rooms filled with singers getting ready before their big performance. Actors putting finishing touches on makeup backstage while waiting for cue lights to tell them when they’re about to go and perform. Of course, you cannot miss the Royal Opera House if you are in London. Just ask for me, and I’ll be there to accompany you!”

Phone: 00442072401200
Address: Bow St, London WC2E 9DD, United Kingdom

Maps & Directions:

London Pride Parade

Our open-minded escort girl said, “Starting from the Baker Street in September. The annual London Pride Parade is the largest of its kind with over 600,000 people in attendance.

The parade begins at Baker Street and ends at Trafalgar Square where there will be live performances for all to enjoy! We can join the parade together if you like.”

Address: Hammer Str. 29-31, 40219 Dusseldorf

Maps & Directions:

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