Have you ever wondered what effect exercise and nutrition have on your mood, energy, and figure? Try to think about what a typical day in your life is like. Maybe you’re waking up tired in the morning, you’re still worried about sweets, or your pants are getting too tight. If you sit at the computer from morning till night, with coffee in front of you, and your diet consists mainly of highly processed foods, you may have quite a problem. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. Our escort girl, Angela, was in the same situation. But she decided not to let that happen. Last year, he trained regularly, gave up fast food, ate whole foods, followed the hydration regime. Therefore, the results are visible without any effective detoxification treatment.

Let’s look at the situation together to see if Angela has accelerated her metabolism as much as she wanted and what other differences she has noticed. Who knows, maybe it will motivate you to make small changes in your life.

  1. More energy for all activities

The supple escort girl working with our Escort Service eliminated ultra-processed foods from her diets, such as donuts, fast food burgers, candy, and other sweets. Furthermore, due to high-quality food consumption, with a balanced ratio of all macronutrients, our escort girl suddenly has enough energy for work, household chores, and other activities. There is no need to take a nap after each meal.

Instead of driving, she walks and even finds the strength to exercise regularly. The post-workout endorphin flood gives her even more energy. She feels she can meet any challenge from now on.

  1. Improved ability to concentrate

Angela,  realized by chance that sport is associated with a better ability to concentrate. When he could no longer concentrate on learning, he decided to walk. After an hour of walking outdoors, she returned with a clear mind and even managed to study a little more. Studies even show that young respondents performed better on math tests after twenty minutes of exercise. Physical activity has many positive effects on the human brain. For example, exercise helps improve mood, sleep reduce stress and anxiety. All of these factors also affect the way we focus. Who could devote herself entirely to studying when tired, stressed, or anxious? Reducing these negative factors is thus essential for better concentration. However, the studies suggest that more active people have a more extensive brain section that controls thoughts and memory.

Angela, is already beginning to feel the benefits of the sport. Whenever he has to learn and has problems concentrating, he goes and trains and, in the end, everything goes well. However, exercise is essential even in old age. Studies show that physical activity can delay the decline of cognitive function in the elderly. The movement causes more oxygenated blood to be pumped into the brain. This factor also contributes to the possibility of new neural connections, which delay the cognitive decline mentioned above. These include, for example, learning, memory, concentration, or speed of thinking.

  1. Better mood

What Angela loves about sports is the feeling she gets from exercise. Even if he sometimes has days when he doesn’t want to, he still manages to mobilize and go to the gym, go for a bike ride, skate, or at least a quick walk. Feeling good is worth it. This is due to endorphins; chemicals often called happiness hormones that the body releases through exercise. These induce morphine-like sensations in the body, known as opiates. After training, people often feel euphoric and enjoy an increase in a good mood. Their sedative (calming) effect, in turn, helps to reduce stress levels. In addition, endorphins function to some extent as an analgesic. This means that they can reduce pain perception because endorphins bind to the same neuron receptors as painkillers. Angela,  is trying to use this to her advantage as she has found that movement has helped her with headaches and abdominal pain before menstruation.

  1. Better quality hair and nails

Improving the quality of Angela, ‘s hair and nails is mainly due to the dietary changes she has made. He changed her breakfast donuts with oatmeal with protein and fruit. She no longer spends her lunch break in a fast-food restaurant but a room with her lunch pan. Angela,  prefers to make her pasta salad with tuna at dinner instead of ordering a pizza. Due to these changes, the body receives enough micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, which positively impact the quality of nails and hair.

Angela,  began to notice after a while that her hair was significantly more robust, thicker, and had much fewer hairs falling out. In addition, her nails finally stopped breaking. However, a sufficient intake of vitamins also positively affects bone health, which you will appreciate, especially at the age when their quality deteriorates. However, proper protein intake and strength training contribute to greater strength and bone health.

A balanced diet with all the necessary ingredients is highly essential for your health and appearance. To give you a better idea, we’ve provided a specific list of micronutrients that are directly related to the health of your hair, nails, and bones.

  1. Healthier looking and younger-looking skin

The changes in diet were reflected in another area, namely the appearance of the skin. Angela,  has started to avoid alcohol and is very careful to hydrate correctly every day, i.e., consume 30-45 ml of water per kg of body weight. With the natural inclusion of many healthy foods, the acne that has been bothering her for a long time has been reduced. Its balanced diet contains a lot of zinc, iodine, copper, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin A and vitamin C.

Angela, also doesn’t forget about omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, positively affecting the skin. According to the study results, they may even reduce the risk of developing skin cancer to some extent. Thus, she regularly consumes, for example, fatty fish, nuts, almonds, or flax seeds and, if she feels that she lacks micronutrients, she also includes food supplements.

  1. Eliminates headaches

Headaches had been a common problem for Angela,  in the past, so she didn’t expect to get rid of them. All he had to do was focus a little more on hydration. Angela, doesn’t start her day with coffee now, but with two big glasses of water as soon as she wakes up. Only then does he enjoy a long morning espresso. During the day, she keeps a bottle of water on her desk to not forget to hydrate. Angela,  also consumes other liquids, such as soup, regularly before the main course. In the afternoon, she takes her favorite training bottle, in which she mixes water with BCAAs. These will improve their drinking regime through their sweet taste and amino acids. They will also support the body’s regeneration after training. She ends her hydration regimen with a lemon balm tea to clear her mind and prepare for sleep. The headache had no chance, and our escort girl could sleep peacefully.

  1. Better digestion without bloating

Ballooning was another problem associated with a poor diet, which bothered Angela, greatly. She was about to be unable to put on his pants in the morning several times. Her wardrobe consisted mainly of more oversized clothing items to hide her problem, which did not make her too self-confident. She was wondering how to get rid of this annoying problem? It included smaller portions of food to be chewed slowly. Our escort girl also practices sports that can stimulate bowel movement and circulation. This can also prevent constipation, which caused her to feel bloated in Angela’s case. She also focused on adequate fiber intake from fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. This is essential for proper digestive function.

With the help of regular walks after lunch and a better diet, our escort girl got rid of bloating and other digestive problems. This now allows her to wear her favorite clothes again.

  1. Eliminates the feeling of swollen feet

In the past, Angela’s legs and ankles were swollen all day while she was at her desk. She was surprised to find that as she made changes in her life, the feeling of heavy legs gradually began to subside. This was because he began to drink more fluids so that the body did not retain water unnecessarily. In addition, hydration has also helped reduce salt intake by eliminating over-processed foods from your daily diet. Thus, Angela, became more active during the day. She would take time for short breaks to lie down or walk around the office at work. In addition, she stopped using the elevator and climbed the stairs instead. Even such slight changes can help to swell the legs.

  1. Eliminates the constant feeling of hunger and craving for sweets

Constant hunger and sweet cravings can have many causes. Poor nutrition is often to blame. Angela,  was also hungry right after she finished her meal. And what about cravings? They accompanied her at every step. In this case, a combination of several factors is to blame:

  • improper hydration – water partially fills the stomach and can help regulate hunger and increase satiety
  • alcohol consumption – increases appetite and also the likelihood of choosing more caloric foods
  • protein deficiency – proteins are the macronutrients that have the most significant effect on satiety, therefore, their lack of nutrition may be closely related to the frequency of hunger
  • inadequate fiber intake – Optimal fiber intake has an impact on satiety, increases digestion time, and also helps control blood sugar fluctuations
  • excess simple sugars – sugar quickly raises blood glucose levels, which the body tries to regulate by producing more insulin, which can cause a further decrease in blood glucose, hunger, and various cravings.
  • Angela, changed the nutritionally poor salad with a quality meal, wine from dinner with water, started eating more protein, fruits, and vegetables at each meal and reduced sugar consumption.

What happened next? The constant hunger and lust began to recede, eventually disappearing altogether.

  1. Wider clothing

Better eating habits and exercise paid off, and Angela,  finally got the change she was looking forward to. Her pants have become more expansive, and she can now fit into clothes that she wore years ago. But what does it mean that her clothes are wider on her? It means she’s lost weight, and it’s time to change her wardrobe. In addition to new skirts and jeans, other tights and sports t-shirts are needed. This will help her keep her motivated to move. She is already looking forward to coming to the gym in her new outfit.

  1. Increased libido

Unfortunately, fatigue, stress, or poor mood can reduce libido, ruining a night of passion. Angela,  knows this best. Before her life became healthier, sex was not among her thoughts. This is due to increased cortisol levels, the stress hormone, which lowers testosterone levels. And this, as we know, even in women, is directly related to sexual desire. Besides the fact that our escort girl didn’t feel comfortable in her body, it’s no wonder that sex was somewhat absent from their relationship. But that has changed with regular exercise. Angela,  looks better and better, which gives her confidence. In addition, she is not stressed as much, is in a better mood, and has more energy due to sports and the wave of endorphins. This is also reflected in her love life, which ultimately makes her happy and her partner.

  1. Higher self-esteem and a pleasing appearance

Angela feels that something is different after the series of changes. Finally, he feels that he is enjoying life, not just surviving. An eternally tired woman suddenly becomes a confident beauty who has goals and does everything possible to achieve them. Now she values ​​her body, provides quality nutrients, and always finds time for exercise because she knows it is essential for her mental and physical health. A new approach to life made her feel great, full of energy, and she regained her long-lost self-confidence. Even those around her are very impressed with this transformation. Everyone is wondering what magic Angela,  did. Now she knew that all she had to do was take more care of her.

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