In the following article, we will take a quick look at what I sincerely hope will be the most critical result of G-spot exploration and female ejaculation. A dance with the sexual energies of higher order, in which any nostalgia, thrill, or feeling of unfulfillment turns into satisfaction and satisfaction. From this point, another world invites us to know it, one that exceeds the limits of these articles on this blog but that can not exceed our imagination or our talent.

So, continue reading and find out the story of our charming escort girl, Ellie, and her boyfriend, James.

Connecting to your person and partner

We often hear about how important it is for a relationship partner to keep the flame of love alive, doing everything necessary and possible in this regard, from romantic escapes to striptease, erotic games, and erotic objects. All of these approaches are, of course, helpful, but the most important thing is that as a woman’s feelings become more and more purified and expressed through a G-spot awakened to life, the act of sexual love is loaded with happiness. To become juicier, more expressive, and more intimate.

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You master the G-spot stimulation techniques; you manage to ejaculate, you feel good when you ejaculate. You don’t mind the clutter around you, you managed to get rid of some blockages, and you found a partner who understands how the G-spot works and who likes it when ejaculate. What’s next?

Passionate, intimate sex!

Let’s find out together how a sex game unfolds that includes all the knowledge we’ve gained so far about the G-spot and female ejaculation. Let’s discover how the soul can open a relationship if a G-spot trembling with pleasure and an ejaculation flowing in waves are involved, and how the connection with the partner can be made at a much deeper level of intimacy, love, and tenderness. – reaching to the adoration of the other, personified by the sacred sex.

Love scene with ejaculation

Ellie heard James knocking on the door. She took a deep breath, knowing that he liked the smell of fragrant incense and the inviting music floating toward him, then looked at herself in the mirror one last time. Delighted, Ellie took another deep breath and opened the door. The candlelight shone playfully on her light blue satin dress, which she had chosen especially for this evening because it accentuated her golden splashes of mahogany hair. In her eyes, he was so beautiful!

He was attractive and sexy!

His sturdy body, exuding a fresh scent and masculine vigor, was attractive and sexy. He offered her three strands of rose, each of a different color. He smiled at her, thanking her. James kissed her tenderly on the cheek. Ellie placed the flowers in a vase by the bed and walked beside him through the wide-open doors into the dimly lit courtyard.

The piece of resistance in the center of the yard was a tub with claw-shaped legs that she had bought two years ago when a property was being liquidated. James had helped her install it by erecting it on a solid wooden platform. In the evening, she filled it with a hose, then poured a mixture of rose and lavender oils into the warm water. James picked up a sponge and began to wash it. He led her to the pool and supported her to sit on his side.

Getting excited

He dropped his robe on the floor and went into the tub, sliding his chin down into the fragrant water. She took a deep breath and let herself be pampered by his delicate, sensual caresses. At the sight of the woman’s beautiful body, his eyes sparkled with pleasure, anticipating the wonderful evening they would spend together. He loved to feel her, more and more docile in his hands, at the slightest touch. The tender, sensual treatment that James applied to her excites Ellie.

An eternity-lasting kiss

They kissed tenderly, and it seemed to the escort girl that it lasted an eternity. Then she got up, he wiped her with a towel, and as she walked toward the bedroom, he kissed her neck, shoulders, both boobs, belly, thighs, clitoris, the back of her knees, and the soles of her feet. Ellie raised her arm, and he let his tongue slide down the side of her body and then gripped her fingers with his lips. She untied the string of his pants, which slid to the floor. She leaned over to kiss his swollen cock, then led him into the bedroom.

Synchronized breathing

She poured massage oil into her palms, smiled at him, and the scent of musk invaded the room. He lay down on the bed, sitting on his stomach, and she rode his body with firm muscles and smooth skin. The man relaxed, feeling her wet buttocks, and she began to massage his shoulders, neck, and back. He turned his face up, and she lay on top of him.

They chained each other in their arms and synchronized their breathing. She liked to feel him exhale as she inhaled, and when she exhaled, he sucked the air from her lips. James felt lost in her rich hair, which covered him, undulating in soft waves, and dizzy from the ritual of relaxation. He got up and crossed his legs, and she mounted him. His erection was reasonable, waiting unperturbed for the climax while her arousal continued to grow slowly. She stroked his face, watching every feature of his beloved’s face, then his hair, with a gentle touch, without either taking his eyes off the other’s eyes for a moment.

Pleasure, excitement and intense desire

James gently stroked her nipples with a smoothing motion, patted each one affectionately between his fingers, touched her lightly with his fingernail, then kissed them. The escort girl trembled with pleasure, and from that moment on, the thrill of desire never left her. She gently gripped his testicles and caressed them affectionately with the finger. James saw a whole series of emotions pass through her eyes, from amused pleasure to excitement and intense desire, and finally, love.

He grabbed a nipple between his lips and sucked on it, and he stroked her neck and, taking a deep breath, tried not to ejaculate. At first, it had been challenging for him to control himself and not finish when he loved her, but lately, he had learned how to breathe and transfer his erotic desire from the genitals to the rest of the body and each organ. The inspiration relaxed his penis – at least for a while – until, as his pleasure increased, he came to want it passionately, at an intensity that brought him to the brink of frenzy.

The excitement has started

He placed Ellie on her back, her head resting on the plush pillows. He longed to put his head between her legs. Ellie hugged him with her feet, catching him as if under a triumphal arch. He pressed his lips to her body, between the urethra and the vagina. Ellie winced and moaned with pleasure at the touch of his lips, full of a desire she felt almost painfully. She relaxed and gave up ultimately, giving in to her comforts. She imagined the G-spot expanding like ripe fruit and biting into sap.

He stroked her and kissed her vulva until she felt almost desperate that she wanted to touch her G-spot, though, at the same time, she was grateful he wasn’t in a hurry, waiting for her to get fully aroused. James pulled his head back between her silk-soft thighs and knelt over it. He stared into her eyes, drawing tiny circles with an all-knowing finger around her urethra and clitoris. He had smiled as he deftly let his finger slide through her vaginal opening, knowing what effect the move would have on her, and above all, he wanted to please her.

The essence of life

He inserted and removed his finger a few times with smooth, delicate movements, passing it over the G-spot striations. The very essence of life. He continued to stroke her G-spot, not taking his eyes off her face. The escort girl’s desire grew as he massaged her G-spot. She felt a spark of energy, like tiny rockets, dripping down her legs, and she felt the G-spot, in all its fullness, firmly clenched on his fingers.

Penetration from behind

James pulled his cock out of her mouth, led her out into the inner courtyard, and placed her on the edge of the tub again. She turned her back on him, leaning her arms around the edge of his pelvis, giving him the vulva dilated with desire. He penetrated her from behind with his penis, and his slow, rhythmic, firm blows seemed enormous to Ellie.

She moaned, overwhelmed with the pleasure she felt pulsing in her brain, in every fiber of her body, to the last cell. She felt tiny stings, the sensations he transmitted to him at the G-spot, dripping from the G-spot through her feet and to her fingertips. James felt the G-spot, firm, and whole, close to his penis and pressing against it. He could feel the tip of his cock stimulating him, with slow, knowing movements, over and over again.

The ultimate pleasure

He stayed close to the platform because, from this position, he could penetrate her more easily. Ellie rested her head on her back, overwhelmed with excitement and physical excitement, as he re-inserted his cock with a firm, quick motion. And their love rose to the heights. The limits of their earthly being had disappeared, melting with everything around them, as if their being had been transformed into pure light, love, and pleasure. James explodes with almost unearthly happiness, and Ellie’s orgasm merges with his love, which seeps into her, just as her passion seeps into James.

Later, lying on the bed and chained together, they hugged for a long time, tired of the feeling of perfect peace and total communion, floating happily on the wings of love.

Tantra, sacred sex, and female ejaculation

The previous story demonstrates how G-point unlocking techniques can create a greater degree of intimacy in a relationship by their very nature. By using these techniques, you can open the way to the realm of the sacred sex — the essence of tantric experiences. Many couples have expressed interest in Tantra.

If you will, Tantra has become a coded name used by couples who want to introduce sacred sex into their emotional lives. Tantra has entered the dormitories, mainly due to the lessons learned through organized courses, written books, and feature films for couples who want to achieve superior sexual communication and intimacy by acquiring skills. We are all inspired by the ancient spiritual and sexual tradition of Tantra philosophy.

The important elements of sacred sex

Tantra involves the acquisition of knowledge, through the process of learning the important elements of the sacred sex:

  • creating the soul bond during sexual intercourse
  • total understanding of the body
  • higher level of skills in communicating sexual needs and desires
  • virtuoso abilities in the art of sensuality
  • physical agility
  • knowing how to perceive the flow of sexual energy flowing through the body
  • the decision to access the mystical experience.

It requires long exercise

Like any other spiritual practice, the ability to acquire knowledge and gradually gain access to higher levels of consciousness over longer and longer periods requires long exercises and develops over time.

The vast, unexplored realm of the sacred sex awaits couples who want to:

  • to know the wisdom of Tantra philosophy;
  • to use the tantric approach to develop the relationship, to extend pleasure and love;
  • to feel the energetic circuit that connects them to the universal force.

Steinberg’s experience

At this level of sexual exchange, one’s sexuality will be easier to approach, and the level of satisfying one’s sexual needs will be higher, a condition that many people want to achieve. David Steinberg, editor of the anthology “Erotic by Nature: A Celebration of Life, of Love and Wonderful Bodies,” gave an interview in which he recounted an experience. through which he passed himself, approaching erotic intimacy from the perspective of Tantra philosophy:

“At one point, I was with a partner who was trying to have an orgasm. Then I put my whole body, I sent my whole consciousness awake at my fingertips, then, as a connoisseur, I put my finger in it. She had an almost instant orgasm. It was something extraordinary! It’s not about technique; whoever claims this is wrong. Achieving a precise purpose involves listening to and following your sexual energy, not trying to lead it. ”



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