I originally wanted to write an Instagram post about the reality that many of us create by what we post, “reality”, that most often leads to frustration. Still, I realized that I have too much to say, so I thought it would be better to tell you everything on the blog.

I was looking at my pictures on Instagram and realized that I am laughing or super happy in most of them, but this does not entirely reflect reality. I am not always cheerful but, as an escort girl, I am always full of energy. I have days when I’m not the happiest, days when I’m tired, or days when I don’t feel good emotionally or even physically; I just don’t feel like taking pictures when I’m like that. I conserve my energy to recover, just me with me.

But I know that there are many people who, looking at my feed, imagine that I don’t go through such moments and that my life is without and maybe only milk and honey. I felt like writing about this because I know how frustrating it can be to think that only your life is difficult, while others seem perfect, without a cloud in the sky. The key, my dears, is in this simple word: “seem”.

I know so many women who are unhappy because their lives aren’t perfect, their families aren’t perfect, their jobs aren’t ideal, and the perfection they see flaunted so casually by others on social media frustrates them even more. It makes them hate themselves, even more, both themselves and their lives.

I didn’t think that anyone still believes that life is as seen on Instagram, but there are still people with this impression, not a few.

No, life is not what it looks like on Instagram.

More than that, even if you are among those who know, in theory, that Instagram does not present reality, it seems that all those perfect pictures still frustrate you. You want to be like the others…always cheerful, happy, loved, flawless, at restaurants and exclusive bars or on extravagant vacations.

I, for one, am not always happy and don’t think anyone is. I have moments when I have ringworm up to my neck and no desire for anything. I have moments when I have health problems or lack energy when I don’t have the usual patience or tolerance. But my friends at the Escort Agency are always there for me!

Families and couples are not all in one; love and happiness continue as they pose. On the contrary, as Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor at the Faculty of Psychology in California and author of the book The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting The Life You Want, says: the prettier and more arranged the apple, the more likely it is to be greedy on the inside.

I cannot speak from a study’s perspective, but I can say that I have seen so many couples who are not well, have dysfunctional, aggressive relationships, and live double or parallel lives. At the same time, their social media posts are flooded with statements of love and moments when he shouts his happiness.

Life is made of better and worse moments; no perfect picture will solve them or make them more accessible. The solution comes only when you accept what exists and act accordingly if you have the courage to make a change and don’t care what people say.

So stop dreaming of the perfect life that you see displayed on all the feeds.

It doesn’t exist. Nobody has an ideal life. Everyone flaunts it, lying to themselves out of the desire not to be inferior to those around them. Don’t get into this game where no one is happy. It’s just a competition that can surely only lead to something that will affect our emotional health, which is already fragile even more.

Connect to yourself and be as you are!

How do you do this on social media when everyone puts on blood makeup daily? How can you be different when we are taught that it is good not to be different? How to show that you are not perfect in a world that seems and wants to be perfect?

To begin with, I invite you to think about a few things before you post:

Why are you posting? What is your goal? Want to impress someone? Do you want to attract attention? Do you like to send a message? Do you like to contribute? Do you want to brag?

If you have a bad day, how do you feel about posting? You don’t necessarily have to tell her if you don’t want to. Still, you also don’t have to display an opposite attitude just to receive the likes that will give you back for a few moments that feeling of well-being directly proportional to the number of likes.

Do you use Faceapp and Facetune or other photo editing applications that you think can make you more beautiful and happier?

Things work exactly the other way around. Work on happiness and inner beauty, and you will no longer feel the need to use any application.

Have you argued with your husband or boyfriend, or is the relationship no longer going the way you want? I saw that the temptation is to post as many pictures as possible to show how happy you are. Do you think it helps you? If so, how and for what?

It is clear that we all want to live in a more beautiful world. Let’s make it so by starting to be authentic, showing us as we are, taking off the masks that tire us and become more complex as time passes, ultimately crippling us on the inside.

We all want to be seen, heard and felt as we are, but for that, we must have the courage to show ourselves that way. I know you wait for the other to do it first because you would feel safer, and your pride doesn’t want to give in. But what happens when the other person thinks the same as you? Nothing.

Allow yourself to be you! Do you have this courage?

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