Sex life is very important in a couple because they account for about 50%, which is as much as intellectual compatibility. A satisfying intimate life can keep two partners together for a long time. Otherwise, the unfulfilled and erotic desires left in the fantasy stage can lead to the relationship’s breakup.

Therefore, two partners who want to stay together and create a family must understand each other wonderfully emotionally, intellectually, and intimately. This sometimes requires certain sexual stimuli, which increase the desire for sex and intimacy by half. Intimate moments create a unique and close connection between you an your beautiful escort girl.

1. What do aphrodisiac products mean?

What is the definition of the term aphrodisiac? Well, aphrodisiacs arouse sexual desire and can make you look forward to spending a few intimate moments with your partner. In men, the erection lasts longer, and the lubricating effect is doubled in women. This is great and makes sex parties perfect for both partners. Your escort girl from our Escort Service would love to try aphrodisiac products before having sex with you.

Due to the fact that today life is very hectic and full of stress and worries, there is an increased risk that the libido of both sexes will decrease considerably. In some relationships, sexual appetite suddenly disappears, raising many questions and contributing to frustrations and relationship problems. Therefore, many couples tend not to touch each other as often after a certain period spent together, which is very harmful.

Therefore, if you are in the same situation and you want to get along well with your partner, it is urgent to do something so that the intimate moments are full of passion and desire. An idea may be aphrodisiac foods or commercial products made in this way.

If various fruits or other natural aphrodisiacs were used until now, there is a wide range of creams, capsules, and sprays. These have an immediate and guaranteed effect and increase your libido to maximum levels.

Despite this, people still turn to natural stimuli because they believe that they offer more security and confidence. However, commercial aphrodisiac products are tested and guarantee outstanding results.

There are aphrodisiacs for him and for women, which is lovely. Aphrodisiacs for men are no better than those for women, but they have the same effect: increased sexual desire.

1.1 Aphrodisiacs – The reasons why you should consider them

Many people believe that it is normal for a long-term relationship to have certain sexual desires at a minimum. Even if this is true, because there are other activities, problems, and things besides intimacy in the couple in a long-term relationship, lack of libido should not be a constant problem. In other words, as soon as you realize that you haven’t been looking forward to having sex with your partner for a while, you should consider using the best aphrodisiacs to bring your passion back into the bedroom.

Here are some reasons why people should consider including very powerful aphrodisiacs in their diet:

  • Occurrence of sexual dysfunction

In women, problems with desire and arousal were found during intimate moments, and in men, an increase in premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction was reported.

  • To increase pleasure and performance in bed.

A healthy and harmonious couple relationship occurs when both partners feel great in all the moments spent with the partner, including erotic moments. The desire to feel better with your partner or to make the person next to you satisfied can lead to the administration of aphrodisiacs. This substance makes sex more enjoyable, more intense, and more attractive, which is why it is recommended.

Therefore, if you find yourself in one of the two categories listed above, you need to look for and find the right aphrodisiac for you.

1.2 Aphrodisiacs – Advice on the administration of this type of substance

As with any supplement, it is necessary to talk to your doctor before taking female or male aphrodisiacs to make sure that you really need it. Many times people think that they can solve sexual problems with the help of such supplements, but it may happen that your situation needs to be remedied medically by a professional.

Therefore, you must talk openly with your doctor about all the symptoms you have every time you notice certain irregularities, including those related to sex, because it is not a shame, but a normal thing.

In addition, even though aphrodisiacs may seem harmless, they can cause side effects when you contact another medicine or supplement you are taking. And here it is urgent to ask the doctor’s opinion.

Finally, it is important to remember that each person is different, which is why you should not compare your sexual desire with that of your partner or friends. An essential role is played by factors such as self-confidence, the level of intimacy of the couple and the opinion about the person next to them. In other words, you may not always need strong aphrodisiacs for women or men, but you simply need to make certain changes in your life that can act on a mental level.

2. The most powerful natural aphrodisiacs for people eager for adventure

As you just found out, certain aphrodisiacs for women increase libido at alarming levels. Even if it seems hard to believe, there are a number of foods that you can eat daily or frequently, that can help you in this regard. They are staple foods, which are easily found in the supermarket, but which have an immediate aphrodisiac effect.

Below is a list of powerful natural aphrodisiacs:


It is known for the high amount of fiber, magnesium, and potassium it contains, which helps calm the nerves and relax the muscles.


Celery contains androsterone, a male pheromone that women can find very attractive in men. So, if you want to see your partner in a very erotic way, then include celery in your daily meals.


Garlic does not smell very good, but consumed in significant quantities it can be a very powerful aphrodisiac for women. It is rich in allicin, which increases blood flow and overall health. That is why it is a strong and natural feminine aphrodisiac!


Recent studies have found Asian and American varieties of ginseng that help increase libido. It helps to change hormones.

The apples

Apples also have to do with increasing sexual desire. A 2014 study showed that an apple eaten daily helps increase the quality of sex life for young women.


There is impressive evidence that saffron has outstanding aphrodisiac qualities. Recent studies have shown that it helps increase sperm motility in infertile men and may reduce some erotic side effects caused by antidepressants.


Hot peppers stimulate the nerve endings on the tongue, which release adrenaline, a chemical that increases heart rate and releases endorphins. Therefore, eat hot peppers whenever you have the opportunity, for the most exciting nights with your partner.


Figs have a high amino acid content, which stimulates sexual resistance and increases libido in an amazing way.


The large amount of vitamin E in asparagus can increase the flow of blood from the body and oxygen to the genitals. It also contains high levels of potassium, which is closely linked to the production of sex hormones.


Avocado is an Aztec word, which means testicle. It contains high levels of folic acid and vitamin B9, which gives the body a lot of energy, but also vitamin B6, which helps increase testosterone production.


This is the most consumed fruit, which can be eaten in various ways, both in its natural form and in salads, cakes or other dishes. Bananas contain a bromelain enzyme that stimulates a man’s sexual desire.


Seafood contains tons of zinc, an important mineral in the production of testosterone and semen. In addition, it contains dopamine, a substance that increases erotic desire.

If you consider all these foods, the nights spent in bed with your partner will certainly not be boring. Show them how much passion and desire you hide in yourself with their help!

3. The best aphrodisiacs on the market, which you should try for wild nights

If you do not believe in the miraculous power of fruits and vegetables, it is good to consider certain creams and solutions that can be found in specialty stores. Consider them if you want to feel fully satisfied with the moments spent under the quilt with your half.

The commercial aphrodisiacs you need to consider for an active sex life are:


In the vast majority of cases, libido-boosting capsules are 100% natural and are available on the market for both women and men. In addition, they can help regulate hormonal and emotional balance by acting on the stress caused by lack of sexual activity. These pills are given one hour before the start of sex.


Such a stimulant product improves blood circulation and increases the reception of various stimuli. In other words, any touch is perceived in a much more intense way, which is desirable for a grade 10 arousal. These creams can bring orgasm to both men and women. Apply to the genital area a few minutes before intimate contact.


Just as creams and pills have been made, various sprays have contributed to sexual intercourse. Such a spray enhances erotic pleasure, usually based on natural extracts that help increase blood circulation. It must be used frequently to bring about an unimaginable state of well-being.


How often has it happened to you that you get to do something more with your partner from a simple back massage? It is good to consider an aphrodisiac massage oil that awakens even the most hidden erotic desires if this has never happened to you. Such a product leaves the skin velvety and soft and helps maintain a harmonious and healthy relationship.

Pheromone perfume

Very often, people are attracted by the sense of smell. Therefore, specialists have understood how important it is to have perfume pheromones on the market that excite the opposite sex. Such a product has very well-chosen ingredients to arouse erotic desire. It can instantly seduce the person next to you!

In addition to these products, stimulating lip balms, erotic gels, and other aphrodisiacs of this kind.

Finally, it is good to always put the intimate relationship with the next person in the same place with communication and understanding. These elements are essential for a healthy married life with a strong foundation. Learn to enjoy your sexuality and discover the joy of having quality sex with your partner frequently. You will see that you will be a much more optimistic, confident, open, and calm person in this way.

4. Frequently asked questions and answers about aphrodisiacs

What is an aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is a type of sexual stimulant that helps a couple’s intimate life by further stimulating one or both partners.

What are the most powerful aphrodisiacs for women?

Red ginseng is said to be the most powerful natural aphrodisiac for women in the world, with visible effects even after a few uses. If you want to have a romantic night with an escort girl, you definitely should use red ginseng.

What are the effects of aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs can stimulate a person’s libido to a greater or lesser degree. After administration, side effects may occur, depending on the stimulant used. Therefore, a visit to the specialist is recommended before administering any product.

What aphrodisiacs have immediate effects?

Usually, the aphrodisiacs with immediate effects are the ones you find on the market in the form of pills, cream, spray or oil. Although there are many natural aphrodisiacs, they must be consumed for a longer period of time to have a visible effect.

What are the best aphrodisiacs for men?

The best aphrodisiacs for men are tongkat ali, maca and ashwagandha extract.


  1. What do aphrodisiac products mean?

1.1 Aphrodisiacs – The reasons why you should consider them

1.2 Aphrodisiacs – Advice on administration of this type of substance

  1. The most powerful natural aphrodisiacs for people eager for adventure
  2. The best aphrodisiacs on the market, which you should try for wild nights
  3. Frequently asked questions and answers about aphrodisiacs

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