Guide to enjoy Tantric Sex

Beyond a fashion, tantric sex is an erotic practice from India based on a Buddhist and Hindu doctrine in which exercises are proposed to integrate mind, body and spirit to achieve maximum pleasure with your partner. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website. Unlike other sexual practices, its purpose is not female orgasm or male ejaculation but the connection of souls through the body in balance and using the five senses. Learn how to practice tantric sex.

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex comes from the word Tantra, which in Sanskrit means “weaving” and refers to the sacred texts written by mahasiddhas (great masters) in the 5th century BC. C, revealed by Buddha. Therefore, sex becomes a deeper connection with the other person, thanks to looks, synchronized breathing, caresses and the use of the five senses to explore all areas of the body, which are often ignored in sex conventional.

Philosophically, Tantrism is the search for spiritual elevation through the body, considered a living temple in which one feels from the inside out to love oneself and the other person. In this practice, it is essential to know and balance the principles that govern the universe, according to the Buddhists, that of Shiva (male pole) and Shakti (female bar), which go beyond the presence of the genital organs because all people have both strengths.

Both come from the subtle energy called Prana, which runs through the seven chakras or energy points in the body that are worked through Pranayama breathing techniques, dance and tantric sex to achieve the power of consciousness or Kundalini energy (spiritual ). To this end, sexual exercises and postures are recommended that help lovers find spiritual, physical and mental balance and harmony. However, this practice should not be confused with the Kama Sutra, the ancient Hindu text.

Benefits of tantric sex

In addition to knowing your own body, your thresholds of pleasure, and accepting and loving yourself as you are, you connect more profoundly with your escort girl. Soon after you start practicing these sessions, you will be able to feel this progress.

  • Knowledge and strengthening of self-esteem.
  • The sensation of serenity and fullness.
  • Decreased states of anxiety and uncertainty.
  • Greater awareness of breathing.
  • Greater connection with your sexual partner.
  • Cultivation of interpersonal relationships.

How to practice tantric sex

Before starting the intimate evening, you must prepare the space to facilitate concentration and connection with the other, without time limits or rushes since both must be focused on the “Here and Now”. Follow these recommendations to enjoy the meeting of souls through their bodies entirely.

Quiet and comfortable space

Choosing a place with no interruptions from third parties or external distractions is essential. It should be a calm and quiet space where you feel comfortable. You can use dim light to stimulate the sense of smell, aromatic candles or incense sticks and relaxing music for hearing. You can also use creams and lotions for tantric massages. In this direction, both people must commit to living in the moment. This includes the need to free the mind from judgmental thoughts, fears, and anxieties. Talking honestly with the couple and clearing any doubts beforehand is preferable. Of course, you should turn off mobile phones or put them on silent and choose a day off without work or family commitments.

Being aware of the breath

To become aware of Pranayama techniques, you must be able to control the rhythm of your breathing. Upon reaching it, try to synchronize it with the other person. You can stand in front of her, look into her eyes and achieve this synchrony. You may not succeed at first, but with each attempt, you learn, and the bonds of trust and intimacy are strengthened. Before, you can practice alone or in company, meditation and yoga exercises.

Eye contact

They say that “the eyes are the window of the soul” because they transmit without fear or prejudice the desire and love you feel for that person. Try looking at your partner; you will discover a greater sense of pleasure and shared intimacy. All your senses will be heightened with the help of sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell.

Tantric Sex Moves

First, you should know that this is not an instruction manual or predetermined sexual positions. These suggested massages and movements begin with and gradually incorporate other caresses you will discover and apply with total comfort and pleasure. These exercises are focused on stimulating the chakras. To do this, your partner should lie down to massage her all over her body, from her feet to the crown of her head, using gentle, circular motions. The person then turns around and repeats the strokes in the reverse direction. At the end of the massage, change positions with your partner, who should do the same. Next, some of the movements will be explained to accompany you on this journey of exploration through the body of the loved one.


  • Massages from the bottom up. You do them gently and without oil. You massage the back from the base up, careful not to scratch with your nails but to do so with the tips. Repeat this several times to help your partner relax along with the breath.
  • Lower back and upper back. Follow the previous sequence, but in the opposite direction with a little more force. You can use the nails delicately. Grease your hands with oil and caress the upper part of the back and the lumbar vertebra.
  • Shoulders and neck. Direct your hands to the neck and massage from bottom to top and vice versa. Next, rub your arms, neck, and face in gentle circular motions. Start playing and daring to increase the temperature, kiss the neck and take small bites.
  • The chest. With oil or lotion in your hands, gently rub your breasts. You can support your weight a little on your partner’s chest. Caress her nipples and feel how her hairs are excited.
  • Yab-Yum position. It is one of the most critical positions of tantric sex because it allows you to maintain direct contact with the person you love. Your partner sits on the floor, or the bed or rug, crosses his legs and keeps his back straight. You sit on top and hug her by the neck. In case of penetration, raise the pelvis and swing your body from front to back.




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